100 thoughts on “Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of Update 0.8.7 #4 | World of Warships

  1. You can find all actual deals here!

    EU: https://wo.ws/FullAheadEU

    NA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadNA

    ASIA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadSEA

  2. My favorite map is Ocean! I'd love to see it more often 🙂

    IGN: Gunther_Welkin
    server: EU

  3. I hate greece "hole" in one of the cap.

    As for favourite maps: Ocean :-), Sea of Fortune, Mountain Range

    lordbeedoo (EU)

  4. While I am interested in getting Yuudachi, I still don't know, got to see how it works in the game
    IGN; Icarozu
    Serve: North America

  5. so far my favorite maps are solomon island, two brothers, and new dawn, by the way, Yuudachi's camo looks amazing, i'll be glad to have her in my port someday
    ign: aryaloid_1 server: asia

  6. Ign : DBMecha
    Server ASIA

    on greece and crash zone alpha, i like mid range sniping.

    I like greece when i use demoi

    3 map what i like :
    1. Greee
    2. Ocean
    3. North


    POI : raufcool
    POI : Asia


  8. IGN: VIChiefIV
    Server: EU

    Would it possible for the next patch to change the lighting on the Greece to more reflect its southeuropean setting? It would look so much better with the colours being intensified just a tad.

    Favourite maps:
    1. Greece
    2. Two Brothers
    3. Crash Zone alpha

  9. CaptainZub (NA) Neighbors, Brothers, CrashZone, tactics = too aggressive, Favorite? = bad in them all, Unique Captain = not yet. Would love USS Alabama (see her often in Mobile on trips to Orange Beach!)

  10. IGN: Krogano
    Server: NA
    when the submarine come out , are we gonna also get the "Arpeggio" Submarine I-401- "Fleet of Fog" Sen-toku class submarine
    i have earn all of the "Arpeggio" ships and captains

  11. IGN: Rainstormishere
    Server: Asia
    Hopefully yuro will make a new torpedobeat video with yuudachi. Poi poi poi~~

  12. IGN: Praetorian101
    Server ASIA
    IJN YUDACHI is very impressive looking. ah, can you make ASIAN DD torpedo changeable from being DEEP torpedo to swallow torpedo, it had change to duel with destroyer

  13. MY fav ship right now is the gEorgia..what a RIOT to play..second fav….REALLY trying to love my ROMA..secondaries setup….:-000000



  14. POI is going to be on the rise with the arrival of Yudachi.
    IGN: Nedleh

  15. I usually go middle on CZA, sibce it's pretty well protected. As for my 3 favs:
    Two Brothers

    Also please make Ocean more common, it's such a fun map.

    Also poi

    IGN: Cheeezzy
    Server: NA

  16. Crash Zone Alpha needs to be balanced in the spawns. Greece is the better between the two new ones. 3 Fav maps not in any order; Solomon Islands
    , New Dawn, Sea of Fortune.
    IGN Tpaktop2_1 NA Region

  17. I prefer Greece with the 4 cap zones of the 2 new maps. The Islands make it favorable .
    3 favorite maps = The old version of Islands of Ice, Hotspot 4 cap and who can not like 2 brothers?

    I have Phillippe, he is awesome, but the grind was very taxing for a 10 point captain. Halsey and Yamamoto were easier to aquire

    Groo_ NA server

  18. Greece is kinda disguisted me on clan battle cause the A point always being the spot for our DD to sitting there to compete and can't do anything else, in random it's kinda hard to play with ship that needs island cover and had relative flat trajectory like moskva or Stalingrad, Crash zone alpha is pretty okay for me. I have no special tactics when I play on those both new maps tho, just following the games condition.

    I like the Crash zone alpha
    my favorite map : two brothers, sleeping giant and sea of fortune

    and since I can't playing for a many times I can't get into the hall of fame and can't afford to get the Phillipe commander.

    IGN : iFatenight

  19. As a DD main player, I've like Greece how I can use the holes in the rocks to peek through to get site and shots on un-expecting players!

    IGN: Cammie45
    Server: NA

  20. Ocean , two brother , and tear of cruiser
    That's my favourite map
    Ign dmainanda
    Asian server

  21. IGN: WWiiZZ
    NA Server
    I dont understand why you made the french directives (both part 1 and part 2) without giving players who complete both enough of a resource to buy the new commander in the armory. The only thing we get is maybe 75% of the resource we need, the more you keep blatantly showing your game is turning into a money grab, the more higher tier and loyal players will begin leaving. Just take a look at your World Of Tanks numbers. Listen to your community, fix what you have, stop adding new things until its fixed.

  22. IGN: Hamisback
    Server: NA
    Can you increase the drop rates from the old collections I'm still stuck on russian battleships

  23. IGN: ImperialNavy_Unstoppable
    Server: Asia
    Fav. maps: Islands of ice, tears of the desert, warrior's path.

  24. Nice new maps !
    I missed the previous event:(

    Is there any chance of getting the legendary russian commander "Nikolay Kuznetsov" in any other way in the future ?
    IGN: dubysnog
    Server: EU

  25. Every time, I find an island, hide, get citadeled, and return to port. Regardless of the map.

    IGN: epicnoob_yt, Server: Asia

  26. Thought of a great show idea: Inside Out and have 1 developer, one super tester and one CC on the same show talking about how testing ceartin ships is going and more information of the development cycle. While the CCs do a good job we get very limited information on new ships except from a game play perspective and this would help keep the hype train going.

  27. Crash zone alpha is my favorite I like the center rock by its self if you get behind it and just go back and fourth slowly you can do a lot of damage like the French dd's haven't got to play them much but I will complete the entire line of French dd's battle on fair sailing to all players, Johnny 1946 NA

  28. "Greece" is fun… But don't ask me about "Ocean"
    IGN: Mordian_Iron_Guard
    Server: EU

  29. IGN: Ic3M4n_ITA

    Server: EU
    – Archipelago
    -New Dawn

    Greece is very nice map with a lot of places to hide, it fits more the kind playstyle i like.

  30. Always good to have new maps. And they all seem fairly well balanced.
    IGN: Railsmith
    Server: NA

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