Gabrielle Union Back At Work After Baby Born 3 Wks. Ago: Why She Isn’t Having Separation Anxiety – D

It’s been less than a month since Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade welcomed their miracle baby, and the new mom’s maternity leave is over Here’s why the transition back to acting has been ‘so easy for her.’    Gabrielle Union, 46, has only been a mom for three weeks, but she’s already back at work after welcoming Kaavia James through a surrogate on Nov 7. Don’t worry, though! She’s not bummed about being back on set of L.A.’s Finest — or missing her baby That’s because the new mom can bring her little one with her, a source close to Gabrielle told Hollywoodlife com EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s totally welcome and encouraged to bring her daughter to set,” the insider said “Gabrielle feels incredibly blessed to have that privilege because this way she doesn’t have to suffer separation anxiety She’s so entranced with her little miracle baby. She can’t stand being away from her ”    Gabrielle’s a lucky lady to get the best of both worlds — and she knows it “She adores working on L.A.’s Finest,” the source added. “She’s very committed to her show and very grateful that they’re making this all so easy for her She knows she’s incredibly fortunate to be able to do it all.” And her co-star Jessica Alba, 37, appreciates it as well! The fellow actress, who founded the Honest Company for babies, looked so excited to have a baby on set in the sweet shots Gabrielle posted to her Instagram story Jessica was right at home holding little Kaavia.  It’s such a relief to know that Gabrielle has been given the freedom to be both an actress and a mom to the best of her ability! She and Dwyane Wade, 36, have waited so long for this little one, and they deserve every second with her    Instead of keeping the early days of parenthood to themselves, the new parents have been sharing photos and videos with fans constantly for the last three weeks It’s clear little Kaavia has tons of personality — and her dad’s face. They’re twins!  Hollywoodlife com has reached out to Gabrielle Union’s rep for comment.

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