Getting Through The Honeymoon Phase Of Business

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of GN talks I’m your host Emiliano this your host Mitchell and you know just we’re gonna be talking about the honeymoon phase in business roll the intro So just the disclaimer we are by no means a relationship advice channel We are not certified and any 19 year old that thinks he’s certified on teaching life advice like that do not listen to them but a way that I would like to compare a pretty much Relationship and business is through the honeymoon phase now you guys are probably thinking how in the world could you relate you know a honeymoon phase of a relationship to business you would probably thinking that at first too and So say you just met someone in the first few months of the honeymoon phase Hopefully that honeymoon phase lasts way longer potentially forever to each their own but pretty much when you’re first with someone that you know, Those first few months you feel a different type of energy You know towards them then you would later on if you want to kind of expand off that. Yeah, so Pretty much what the honeymoon phase business is. It’s like a relationship honeymoon phase when you first get a business You know you get a little bit of traction You’re on top of the world think if it’s gonna be great, they give you get a Lamborghini a couple weeks, you know Mitch and I had some really funny moments when we were at a honeymoon phase or what like I would I would consider our honeymoon phase would be when we first got a Little bit of traction and Shopify which we did at 17 before he went into having an Instagram page I’m flipping those but pretty much we were doing Shopify. We were getting a little bit profit. I wouldn’t say anything crazy I wouldn’t consider a really a big success but we’re getting enough traction to where we thought everything was gonna go well and we were gonna be rich overnight and That’s what I would like to call. The honeymoon phase is when you first get a little bit traction You just think it’s all up from there and everything’s easy. It’s gonna be no problems but little do You know around the corner with more revenue and you know more numbers and more growth comes a lot more problems That aren’t that don’t exist on a small scale when you’re first doing stuff in the honeymoon phase Yeah, and I remember you pretty much explaining this was at the time where I wasn’t really into business I’d flip products every now and then I would still do a little bit of eBay But I wasn’t really think King what Shopify was dropshipping what Islam, you know running advertisements Just taking her own product off foreign sites branding in making website on and running ads to it And when you told me this idea I started going on YouTube and I see all these people making YouTube videos Or how to make 10k per day doing this doing that I’m like, wow, you know, we’re gonna be we’re gonna have Lambos next week, bro We’re gonna win Rose and I started researching that over and over I was I I great let’s do it I thought I had some knowledge on it. That was when I that was das all the time when I learned that actually, you know Doing something is where you learn it not just through like reading watching videos about it, and we’d hop in a call We started working on it and I remember we had this idea of making Branding onesies. Yeah, and you guys probably know onesies are and we had this really good marketing idea for like I everything’s going great We have this website Beautiful website would compare to other websites, you know, we were really focused on the competition Which we weren’t supposed to do now that we know and yeah We’ll be making a video about that later on So we were super competition focused and we’re like we’re gonna do better than these guys We’re gonna do better than these guys these ones these are gonna blow up everyone’s gonna be wearing them We can be like it’s gonna be international trends. Everyone’s gonna be wearing them. We’re 17 years old We’re gonna we’re we’re thinking we’re gonna have this house. We were already searching for a house is just absolutely naive. Yeah it was Bad, I just don’t recognize Who we were and why we were thinking like I mean, I think you got a couple punches in the face You know put us in their place after that one exactly. And so That’s literally what a honeymoon phase is you first get into something. You know, this is great You get super attached to it. You get confused. You start thinking way more emotionally rather than logically Yeah, I would agree with that in the mahamuni is like a police ship You know you think in full long with your emotions not really with logic so we were when we were in our honeymoon phase we were completely caught up in emotions and logic and it and not logic and what it would do it would basically Make us not see problems that were that we were experiencing and Kind of try like oh, it’s not the diamond dealer Just kind of like push through its kind of put stuff off to the side exactly And I kind of want to transition this advice to people who are currently getting into business those that I’ve been doing it for at Least a few years in a sense probably what we’re talking about, but those currently transitioning into business they’re really thinking get-rich-quick and yes get-rich-quick does exist but for the it’s super rare and Something that I’ve learned that’s very crucial and you guys really need to listen to this The amount of time that you think it will take for you to achieve something Multiply that by two three, maybe even five and ten entire Airport, right? It’s gonna take way longer to achieve something than you would normally expect now is they can actually add the camera might have caught it but I was just thinking about what what I would really Think the difference in someone’s head space between whether or not he would face and you know when they’re thinking logically I think the difference is in the honeymoon phase thinking about the gains that you’re gonna make personally and how much money you’re gonna make And you know when you start thinking you start figuring out that hey You don’t make any money and you’ll get any revenue. You’ll get any growth unless you’re helping people and solving some problems So I think that’s difference between being in the honeymoon phase and starting to think logically is honeymoon You just think about your games, logically you’re thinking about how is this help people? And how does how does that intern weekly revenue each? I think that’s kind of segue into the whole short term versus long term Conversation because when you’re thinking short term, you’re thinking fast money and fast money isn’t really great because we’re think Shopify We never really thought about scaling We never really thought we never thought what if this doesn’t work out, you know We weren’t building any cash reserves on the side. We kind of just throwing money into advertisements throwing money here throwing money there Just waiting for something to hit you’re not really nearly literally and that’s pretty much the importance of just being able to think long term because Well how much you will make in a business in the skills that you actually learn is fully decided by the amount of people that you help and the amount of people that you provide real value to I would say it’s definitely A direct correlation. Yeah kind of going off that Correlation. I also want to say that going through the honeymoon phase is a big factor that determines whether Someone will be able to run a business or be an entrepreneur in the long term because we’ve personally known a lot of people That started a business two months in there into problems lost some money and right away They stopped and I again just focus on school, you know later on going to real estate kind of look, you know Because when people kind of run into these problems they kind of think okay Plan B I’ll just go to school get a job save us some money Real estate stocks and there’s nothing nothing wrong with that at all But it’s just that they get so excited of choosing to start a business, you know quote unquote a lot of people say I want to be my own boss when someone says that it’s kind of red flags a big red flag But that’s the reason you want to do it and I feel like again the honeymoon phase is a big factor that determines Someone’s success in business over the long run Yeah, I’m just and agree and I think a lot of people they quit as soon as the honeymoon phase ends or they find some Type or they incur some type of problem And you know, I think part of the honeymoon phase is you really just haven’t learned your fundamentals yet like there are certain fundamentals that are kind of systemic to every single business you’re ever gonna do and we’re in the honeymoon phase you don’t have any idea what those fundamentals are or You know how to grow a business at all and I think a couple fundamentals like there’s a couple fundamentals like I’m trying I’m trying um There’s there’s so many. Yeah There’s a lot that you just literally learn over time like there are a lot of fundamentals that we have learned I’m sure there are more than 800 obvious that we don’t fully know about you and having grasped and this is also going to sound cliche and you know I’m sure you guys watching this you hear the slob way you need to fall in love with losing and learn to lose because if you don’t You you’re just not gonna be happy and you’re not going to succeed in business I think that’s also part of the honeymoon phase think everything’s gonna be like you’re gonna get a win every single time but every single Ad you’re gonna run is gonna be a win and in reality. That’s not the case I would say the majority or at least half of ads definitely lose money until you find something that does end up winning exactly And then people also have the like which we also had we would have that laser focus for a certain amount of time on one day and would switch and then we’d kind of switch and again this tiny ball syndrome you Try something that’s working a little bit Then it stops working instantly jump into something it don’t try to get at all you just jump that in also going back into losing Once you don’t the honeymoon phase you realize you’re like, whoa, my social life Not gonna fully be there and yes I believe balance is important but again to achieve that level of balance you need to go through a Very very very big level of imbalance in that like for example do my first year of college. I didn’t go out at all We literally like your you were now allows your constantly calls. Just Scott. I take daily 45 hours a day I would go to I would go to sleep My eyes were like red watery just heard and had to get those blue light Is that love those guys get blue light glasses? They will save your life. Yeah. Um, I Literally thought when we first start everything was gonna be while walking the park had to start canceling you know plans with friends plans with family and just be like Oh I got to be working with Emiliano on this and There was a period of time when we weren’t making any money and we were still going going going and at one point At first like this isn’t fun You know Should I be doing this but I want when you get so used to it because you know If you keep going you’re gonna get through and that’s what really decides how well you will do after the honeymoon phase Yeah I feel like one of those annoying feelings in the world is we’ve had we experienced this like things doing now things in the past Is you know when you’re first starting something that you know? You’re eventually going to be really good at the first Bits of when you’re doing that thing is really really aggravating because you’re like this is so hard This is so annoying but you know eventually that you’re gonna be really professional really good at that and for instance We’ve felt that feeling when we’re first running ads We felt that feeling you know, when I first started learning a little bit of code I’m still I’m still intermedia wouldn’t consider myself advanced But there was also that feeling When I first started coding because I really went from being like this is so hard to you know Now I feel a little bit comfortable exactly and I could speak for it on that on for example sales yeah marketing because with sales of all I enjoy talking to people but the conversation is completely different when you’re you know want to sell them on something one and want to talk to them on why they should for example buy your product and it also Becomes much more different when it’s no longer in person and much more digital because for example running advertisements Whether it’s Google ads through YouTube where Facebook ads on Instagram You know people don’t go on social media with an intention to buy a product They go on social media to see what their friends are doing to post about their life to show the world this is what I’m doing and You know you need to Know how to target people and create really good content in order for people to go on social media Run into your content be like, oh, wow. I want to see what this person is offering and then, you know speaking of advertisements I feel a lot a lot of why people think you know everything is gonna be easy and they get to the honeymoon phase is because of all this different social media and all these in Insertion alike these courses nowadays people think they’re gonna buy a course You’re just gonna find instant success and think it’s gonna be a Lambo tomorrow and we were in that phase for a little bit I can definitely speak for that because I remember three months into our first adventure. We bought a Shopify course and This course, so these guys know how to market they know how to do great contrary they’ll be like will show you this this this this is how much money you’ll make and Dude, sometimes people say guarantees. Sometimes people give guarantees which is super super sketchy Never if someone is ever guaranteeing you something stop talking them. Just stop talking unless they’re like some huge bank or the government. That’s Like FDIC, yeah, and people just they show testimonials they start showing testimonials and you’re like, oh great, you know This course is gonna work and then someone takes it they don’t get the proper results and you know They message the person what’s wrong like, oh, you gotta keep testing testing testing yada yada yada. I believe that there’s a big difference between doers and teachers and Those that do both are the ones that will get their clients the best results Because they actually know all the ins and outs of the businesses but there are a lot of people that have gotten maybe a few sales for example on certain platforms and they start charging people to Start teaching it and these people are gamers. Also, they I don’t know why and then they took this course with you know, a lot of excitement in their souls dinging and then again, I think there’s also huge pandemic nowadays of people who buy courses to make a course and the same exact thing I feel like that’s definitely out there nowadays like people be like oh by my Shopify course and then what you don’t know is they bought someone else’s course just copied it and then Did basically just pump their numbers do a lot of ads lost money. Then they’re selling course on that We like to call that reverse engineering and the reverse engineering is great, but depends how you use it Like for example say someone has a great website that you kind of want to mimic and turn into your own that’s completely fine We’ve done that we’ve done some good aspects at that sites. You want to go look what people that say For example, you say for example you as the viewer you’re trying to get into real estate You want to go learn how to do it from? Those that are at the top of the game because they know what they’re talking about and they could solve a lot of your problems And really help you. Skip the learning curve but there are people that do it on Ethically which is a great example of what you just mentioned Yeah, I think I like coming back to what I said earlier. I think a lot of people getting caught honeymoon phase just social media honestly, like people see all these people traveling like going blam boys and what they don’t realize these people have been at it for a Lot of years there until we travel and we post some sometimes post to fly stuff in Instagram we mail don’t realize we’ve been doing business for probably about almost three three and a half years now, I’d say and You know people just don’t understand that and think within their first six months even the first year They’re gonna get results like that and you know quite frankly just not the reality. Yeah It’s because people rent cars for $200, I record a bunch of videos and pretend Is there a lot of people like that yet? And I’m not gonna lie we fell for that. Yeah, we Were first starting we were a lot of moved phase we fought for stuff like that My course is we buy it we’d be like all these could work and we just do a lot of that. Thank you So yeah, I think that pretty much wraps up what we wanted to go over um guys take what we listen take, you know, really take to heart what we spoke about today and You may be someone that’s getting into business and you’re seeing advertisements of people with expensive cars all this great stuff we’re like selling a lifestyle that you necessarily might want to live and Be very careful with what you’re seeing because socially the media can easily fulsol. I’ve seen how people are able to manipulate it Yeah, I mean we have a couple examples of friends that we know of that, you know Just kind of business and buy all these courses or like just different stuff they buy and stuff like Bitcoin I think they’re gonna get rich immediately and it’s not that early Yeah, guys go ahead and subscribe like comment. Let us know what you thought about this video again Our social media platforms are in the description below. Feel free to message us on any of them We love networking and communicating with new people. And yeah, hope you enjoyed this episode and we’ll see you in the next one See you later

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  1. The content has been great from the start, I believe its definitely important to have the things in mind that you want to get, like if you want a lambo, but know you have to work for it, and also how you said the problems that come with being an entrepreneur, is definitely something to expect when becoming an entrepreneur, as well as losing, and thinking logically. You guys hit on some amazing points that I definitely relate and agree to.

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