Giving is an important way Microsoft employees live our mission

>>Giving campaign reminds us
about what it’s all about. It’s easy at a tech company to
get caught up in technology for technology’s sake and yet the point
of technology is people, to make life better.>>Every morning I get up and say, “Can I change
another woman’s life today and get them into this job
in Computer Science?” So, that’s what I do on the weekend.>>Missingmaps is about preparing
and mapping communities prior to disasters happening so
that when the disaster happens, the Red Cross and other NGOs
can get that bottle of water, or that little bit of food, or that shelter kit to the person
in need right when they need it.>>Disaster knows no zip codes. It can happen anywhere in the world. This is such a great mechanism
that we can all come together for one initiative
and give back to accountable.>>If you volunteered those
only $25 an hour which is cool, you don’t just have to give money to be involved and support causes.>>The culture itself is
very much philanthropic. This is really an opportunity to
see Microsoft at its full glory.>>It feels really
good to know that I’m actually helping another human
being somewhere in the world. [MUSIC]

9 thoughts on “Giving is an important way Microsoft employees live our mission

  1. Great job and great people there, sad reality is that I see few corporation like MS doing this

  2. Can i work at microsoft?

    I have good skills.
    But less marks you now indian system.

  3. Hey can I get a job in Microsoft or Google without a degree
    If I learn python,java,ruby,c,c++,c#
    And some 3d modelling and animation and game,app development privately…

    Please tell me ..
    Thank you

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