Grand Valley employees say why they love working at GVSU

I love working at Grand Valley because it’s
not a chore to come to work, I love it! I like working at Grand Valley because of
the people. I like working at Grand Valley because I’ve
never had a day of work. I come in every day and love what I do. What I like about Grand Valley is that it’s
student centered and that we’re a teaching-focused institution. I love working at Grand Valley because it’s
a family, and we’re here for the success of our students. They know the importance of equity, inclusion
and diversity. The community is deeply supportive of the
university. We’re here because the community wanted
us to be here. Everybody in the chemistry department, I’ll
say 99 percent are actively involved in research. I mean high cutting-edge research. People publish in good journals, people get
grants from the NIH, from the NSF, and our students are very eager to get involved in
research. Grand Valley is a special place to teach. Its students are exceptional, but to have
higher administration support in every activity we do is a very special thing in our industry. From campus dining, we have benefits obviously
for employees that allow us to have wellness coaches, health coaches, fitness classes in
the buildings throughout campus. So, I always really appreciate the opportunity
to embrace health as a culture here at Grand Valley. I’m not in the corporate world anymore,
but working somewhere that I love and also having amazing benefits. I support myself and my child and I never
have to worry. If the benefits were not good, I wouldn’t
be sitting here after 18 years. We generate a lot of students, and those students
want to stay here. They want to stay here because they like what’s
happening here in West Michigan. I really enjoy the opportunity to be a handful
of miles away from the lakeshore, but also immersed in the culture of downtown and be
able to have activities, theater and concerts and all the great things that downtown has
to offer. I love working at Grand Valley for the opportunity
that I get to participate in the journey of these students that come to us from different
communities, and their parents are dropping them off here saying, please help my son,
my daughter, be better once they leave here. The Laker Effect is to always set a good example
and to always help somebody, I think is what the Laker Effect is to me. To be a Laker as a professor, it means being
engaged with students, making a difference to their learning experience, and being engaged
with the community that we serve. If you want a place where you feel satisfied
and fulfilled in what you do, and have an environment that the administration appreciates
what you are doing, and the students that you are working with actually appreciate your
work, then this is the place to be.

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  1. I hope I am lucky enough to be part of the cast when this video is updated. (Hint hint). Anchor Up!

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