Green New Deal: 500,000 New Homes for Australia – Adam Bandt and Mehreen Faruqi

Right now, across Australia
people are feeling the pressure People are feeling anxious because the basics of life, like housing
are no longer guaranteed. We are in the middle of a climate emergency
and a long running inequality crisis. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of people
on the waiting list for public housing right across this country. We know the number of people
experiencing homelessness is growing. More and more people are in
housing and rental stress. and we’ve got young people
unable to find meaningful work. The situation is getting worse. There’s a recession
looming on the horizon so we’ve got to stimulate the economy
to invest where it matters. To make sure that everyone
gets a roof over their head and that we create new jobs
especially for young people as we tackle the inequality crisis
and tackle the economic crisis. We need a Green New Deal. The best way to do that is through
a construction-lead recovery to build half a million
new homes across Australia so that everyone can have
a roof over their head. The Greens will build
500,000 publicly owned homes in cities, towns, and regional
areas over the next 15 years not only are we going to
tackle the housing crisis, not only are we going to
tackle homelessness, but we’re going to create
44,000 jobs including 4,000 apprenticeships for young people to get their start in life, get a Trade
and set themselves up for the future. We will work towards making
public housing available to everyone. This is totally affordable. There’s never been a better time for Australia to borrow to invest
in the infrastructure that we need. It makes economic sense,
but also makes social sense because it tackles inequality
and it creates new jobs. The Greens plan will give everyone the
dignity of a secure and affordable home. That’s what the Greeen New Deal is about: tackling the inequaliy crisis,
tackling the housing crisis and creating decent jobs
especially for young people as we make Australia more equal
and stop us sliding into recession. Housing is a human right. The Greens will make sure
there is a home for all.

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