Green New Deal: Fact versus Fiction

This to me is an existential crisis. The green generation has risen up. You are talking about zero carbon emissions, no use of fossil fuels? That is the goal. That’s a goal, you could only imagine possible if you have no idea how the energy economy works or how energy is produced in this country. James Meigs, former editor of Popular Mechanics, says the Green New Deal is just not feasible. Renewable is especially hard because it’s so inconsistent. Because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. You can’t just put in wind turbines and solar panels. You also have to build all this infrastructure to connect them with energy consumers possibly very far away, and you always need some kind of backup power. That means many more transmission lines, and bigger batteries to store more energy. You have to mine all these materials for the batteries and those mines are environmentally hazardous. Disposing of batteries is hazardous. Batteries are a lousy way to store energy. Physicist Mark Mills says the ingredients to green energy, like battery packs, are anything but green. You have to consume a 100 barrels of oil’s worth of energy in China to make that battery pack. I have to dig up a 1,000 pounds of stuff to process it. Digging up is done with oil, by the way, big machines, so we’re consuming energy to quote, save energy. It’s not a good path to go. He calls the so-called “New Energy Economy” magical thinking. Wind and solar and batteries now are 10 times better than they were. And then they stopped getting better because they hit physics limits. You have to believe in kind of magical materials to get 10 times better again. In comic books we have that I can fly Tony Stark has that magic power source. Can do things that are unimaginable today, but we know that the physics make it impossible to make solar 10 times better again. We should also make sure we’re spending money on stuff that really works. And right now, we’re doubling down on technologies like wind and solar, that have their place, but they’re not going to get the job done by themselves. But that’s where all the money’s going. Solyndra was granted a 34.5 billion dollar subsidy. Billions in subsidies… but solar still makes up less than 1% of America’s energy, and wind just 2%. And none of that energy is really “clean.” We use billions of tons of hydrocarbons to make the number of windmills that are already in the world and we’ve only just begun to make them at the level people claim they would like to have them to be built. If you pursue a path of wind, solar, and batteries, we increase how much we dig up and move by 100 to a 1,000 fold. There’s a magical thinking that there’s somehow a free lunch. If I pick this energy source, it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t emit anything, it doesn’t consume anything. This isn’t comic book land. Every energy source, of energy, every kind, uses land, uses materials to make the technology and always uses hydrocarbon along the way. Of course, we don’t see that when we look at, say… wind turbines [Wind turbines] They’re beautiful. The gleaming blades. They take enormous amounts of land. You gotta clear cut the forest. These machines kill a lot of birds. I agree that we should bring down our carbon emissions. There’s the global warming risk. There’s also the risk that the oceans become more acidic and start killing off the plankton. But we should also make sure we’re spending money on stuff that really works. Why are we making electric cars? Are electric cars what “really works?” Electric cars are great for the environment. If we just switched to electric cars we’d use less fossil fuels. How do you make electricity? Coal, and natural gas. Yeah. Fossil fuels. Yeah. Exactly. Many electric car buyers don’t realize that most of America’s electricity comes from coal and natural gas. [sounds] People think they’re doing something wonderful buying a Prius. They’re basically burning coal and natural gas from the shale fields. But electric cars will get a lot better? Sure they will. I’ll make the windmills a little better and they’ll get cheaper. Solar arrays will get cheaper. The problem isn’t that they’ll get a little better, a little better is not enough. They can never get 10 times better. But there is one energy source that produces LOTS of power, with no carbon emissions. Nuclear power. Nuclear is the best answer we have right now. These plants have been around since the 1960s. They work well, they’re safe. There has been an explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. SAFE? Fukushima helps prove how safe nuclear power really is. No one was killed. People were killed during the evacuation. The fear of radiation is what killed people. They evacuated a lot of older people out of nursing homes and apartments that really didn’t need to go. One of the atomic reactors at the Chernobyl atomic power plant in the city of Kyiv was damaged. Chernobyl was worse. We don’t truly know exactly how many people died from radiation as a result of Chernobyl. The plant design was idiotically bad. Reporters said that thousands of people living near Chernobyl would die. It is not considered fit for human habitation. Thousands of cancer deaths. She’s wrong about that. The rates of thyroid cancer did go up, but nothing, not even remotely in the range of what was forecast. Those radiation limits are set extremely conservatively. But the word nuclear frightens politicians. There are just 50 people standing between Japan and nuclear catastrophe. All this talk about nuclear catastrophe reveals that people don’t really understand how these plants work. They’re not bombs. A dam breaks, and hundreds of thousands of people probably die. Nuclear plants, their safety ironically is actually evident in their accidents. More people have died falling off of roofs installing solar panels than in the entire history of nuclear power in the US. And yet, from these accidents, countries all over the world are shutting down nuclear plants. People aren’t stupid, but they are vulnerable to fear. Germany says it will give up nuclear energy within a decade. Germany foolishly shut down a lot of their nuclear plants. So what did they wind up doing instead? They wound up burning more coal. France, on the other hand, gets more than 70% of its power from nuclear energy. They pay some of the lowest electricity rates in Europe and their emissions are excellent. But now in America, many people demand that nuclear plants be shut down. In Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont, they shut down their one nuclear plant. Guess what happened? Their carbon emissions went up. So, this supposedly green state, ultra-liberal Vermont, actually went backwards. These efforts at great expense buy literally nothing. We have to get to a 100% renewable energy in 10 years. They want to impoverish all of humanity today to solve a putative problem in the future. I think that’s immoral. If the Green New Dealers win, who’s hurt the most? Poor people. Having energy and food cost more means it’s a higher percentage of the household budget, that’s who we hurt. We’re charging more for people who can’t afford it and we give money to wealthy people in the form of subsidies to buy 100,000 dollar cars, to put expensive solar arrays on their roof, or to be investors in wind farms. So we have an upside down Robin Hood going on in our country to the tunes of 10s and 100s of billions of dollars. That’s a bad deal. So the Green New Deal, even if it were scientifically possible, would hurt the poor, cost everyone more, and make energy less reliable, Yet it’s popular. Majority of Americans support the idea. that includes 64 percent of Republicans and 92 percent of Democrats. Polls show majority of Americans support the idea. People support all kinds of things that sound good. I mean, I would support free apple pie for everyone, but whatever policies we put in place to protect the planet, your first responsibility is to make sure they work.

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  1. The experts that Stossel brought for this one are so far wrong that I start to doubt many of his other experts. 10X better in solar is possible from a cost per kwh hour standard and 2.5X better from an efficiency. Energy storage is also at least 3X possible from a physics perspective and 10X better from cost. The way to argue against the Green New Deal is to just pull up the trend lines and say, "Oh, this is going to happen about as fast as they want without government intervention. And if we remove government intervention i.e. coal and gas subsidies, it will happen faster."

  2. Green energy is definitely possible fossil fuel industry destroyed our world and they cost billions of dollars to build and millions and millions of dollars to run let's go green

  3. Can nuclear power plants be built far underground? At least enough to cut deaths down?

  4. Economic equality would probably make pollution worse. Rich people don’t consume most of their wealth. As a matter of fact, this is a classic complaint by socialists that under capitalism there is UNDERconsumption because everyone is poor
    The only thing that can fix the environment is population decrease through having less kids. The other plans are simply a stopgap

  5. 4:10 'They can never get 10 times better' – he's very confident considering history is full of comments like that didn't age well.

  6. Solar has another benefit not mentioned in the video. You can slap panels all over your roof, charge up your Tesla, and never be dependent on the gas station or national grid ever again.

  7. If someone read the damn bill you'd know it's not at all about going green. It is really about changing the US Economy, making it more unstable to force people into socialized everything. We need smaller Government not larger. A large Government spends too much, smaller only spends what it needs.

  8. But, but, AOC is young and hip! These old guys are focused on boring junk, like "facts" and "reality"! Surely we should choose our representatives based on who has the best dance video, who wears the most stylish clothing, and who has the most cool celebrity friends, right?

  9. Polls show America believes AOC has her head up her garbage disposal. Unequivocally.

  10. In terms of the environmental impact. Coal and Natural Gas are in 2 different categories. Natural Gas is much cleaner than coal which is the dirtiest energy source on the planet

  11. Don’t worry. In my whole life I’ve never met an actual person that believed the anthropogenic global warming/climate change to any degree.

  12. I was just talking about this with my roommate we were trying to figure out how nuclear cars would work lol

  13. I’m not necessarily for all of the green new deal… and not a fan of AOC, but solar with batteries is absolutely the future. Interview Elon Musk as a rebuttal to these big-oil-funded “experts.” Have our government stop subsidizing big oil! Already batteries are a cheaper and more effective way to satisfy peak demand (I.e., replace the dirty peaker plants). Solar has and will continue to get exponentially better. Ten years ago they said no one would buy an electric car. Wrong! Also, why do we need to put up more transmission lines if we generate with solar? This was complete BS. Moving away from fossil fuels is inevitable and in the best interest of America’s financial, security and health.

  14. I really wonder about these polls. How can a majority of people be this stupid? Perhaps they have no idea what the green new deal would do to them.

  15. First Co2 Is not bad for us . We see when there is more Co2 That plants grow faster that is why they use CO2 Machines to make them grow faster. These people are just crazy controlling fear mongers.

  16. Wow Kamala Harris must have some powerful weed. The socialist communist Demorats are unhinged every time they get together at her house they come up with more crazy crap. No car's no McDonald's no making love for babbies are they loonies? Just say no to crack DAM IT!!! Look what happened to Fredo Cuomo.

  17. The Green New Deal is just the emotionally appealing 'cure' for those of shallow thinking. No deep thought at all in their proposed "cure".

  18. Stossel is a greedy capitalist destroying lives. What are your solution. Your videos are anti the little guy and the unfortunate. You don’t make sense. People wake up because Stossel if full of sh*t.

  19. There are lots of great ideas. People love to ignore the consequences of their ideas.

  20. Upside down Robinhood is exactly what it is. Taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

  21. Im starting to beleive the "Green" in GND doesnt stand for what we all think it is.

  22. The GND is nothing more than another blatant power grab by the NWO leftists and their idiot enablers.

  23. Fiction hoax…and these social justice warrior doesn't even know they ate being cooped by globalist to usher in the next over reaching govt controls tax and securitized carbon trading market scam

  24. Remember when John was an actual journalist and not a paid corporate YouTube troll?

  25. The watermelon generation, green on the outside, green new deal, Red on the inside, pro socialism.

  26. Read the Green New Deal (or House Bill 109) for yourself. It is only about 5 pages long. I didn't see any explanations of how they were going to achieve all this "change". The whole thing sounds more like a communist manifesto!

  27. A majority of republicans do not support the green new deal or they’re not republicans

  28. Mr Stossel. It pains how our sie "aleays" gets sucked into Lefist naritives. I'm referring to you. Hannity, Ingraham, Levine,Bongino etc etc That for monrth now you all give credence to the absurd Green New Deal. It is literally so absurd that it is akin to discussing why the moon is not made of green cheese or the earth is not flat. I mean this as a true comparison. It is disheartening to see you all discussing why a 15 quadrillion dollar revamping the whole country won't work- really, seriously. Somehow you ( our side) always go down to their stupid level. Well its news you say . No it isn't. One night of taking about is is sufficent

  29. I don't think physicist voices have been heard much in these climate change discussions. I think they're one of our best assets when it comes to dealing with this issue. Nuclear power is ridiculously safe with enough safety features.

  30. These guys are full of crap about nuclear. They are extremely dangerous in and of themselves and are prone to accidents and human error. These errors are not fixable for thousands of years and Japan alone has contaminated the Pacific ocean for millennia to come. But no one spoke about the atomic waste left over, that waste that is now leaking in the underground burial sites destroying man's most precious material, water.

  31. the new green deal is nothing but code word for big bags of money for the politicians all they have to do is fool us and tell us it is the end of the world I've never seen so many dummies LED so easily

  32. I was never asked if I support this "Green New Deal" crap. It's stupid, just like most politicians.

  33. These politicians worry me a lot more than carbon emissions. You should be more worried about them too.

  34. A fundamental fact humans are composed of carbon, plants aka food need carbon to thrive which in turn produce oxygen. A mind is a terrible thing to waste what the F&ck are they teaching these idiots is school? Nuclear is not the answer, they don’t emit CO2 but they do leak, and the waste remains lethal for more than 250,000 years Fukushima’s highly radioactive waste was deliberately dumped into the pacific which is now off America’s west cost. A nuclear reactor is just a very large kettle boiling water with a very dangerous heat source.

  35. “2 years ago I said climate change would destroy the earth in 12 years. That was 2 years ago, so now we only have seventeen years before the world ends.”

  36. Look outside. We have 12 years. TOPS!! What a terrorist organization American Progressives are. Imagine being an adult and telling kids that. That’s evil.

  37. Batteries may actually get 10 times better with graphene tech. There are more ways to store energy then just batteries. You can pump water to height when you have excess power, and release it when you need more. Yes we would have to mine material to make renewable tech( just like we need material to build a coal plant) but once it's built there is no inputs. Yes electric cars run on coal produced electricity but news flash a power plant is more efficient than a car engine. Quit feeding into oil lobby bs.

  38. The commenters failed to acknowledge that nuclear energy requires long term storage of nasty byproducts. According to Ray Kurzweil the worldwide production of solar energy doubles every two years. Technology advances exponentially and when it runs its course, something else takes over. Nuclear is old school.

  39. All these polls claiming that Americans support the green new deal must be the the same polls that claimed Hillary would win with a landslide

  40. Public fear may play a part for not using Nuclear Plants but I’m sure the Coal and Other energy producing Companies also have a lot of political pull stopping it from becoming our main source to producing energy. Nuclear Producing Energy Plants are truly our only hope for climate change.

  41. Why would anyone vote democrat or Bernie, unless they were the most satanic or the stupidest people alive?! Seeing through them is like seeing through a photo with oily fingerprint film on it: VERY EASY TO MAKE OUT WHAT THEY ARE ALL ABOUT!

  42. Renewable energy is reliable if you use geothermal and hydro power, BOTH OF WHICH ARE CHEAPER THAN FOSSIL FUELS.

  43. These guys are bright to bad they'll never run for office that's only for the dreamers and the stupid

  44. I cannot fathom the level of imbecility that’s infected the left all over the world on this issue. It must have been like this in the 1930’ s in Germany when Hitlermania swept away the rationality of a once proud civilization. The wholesale capture of the intelligentsia especially in certain branches of science is frightening.

  45. Seems that Opposing nuclear power is a crime against humanity given the fact that how horrible our environment is.

  46. GND is phenomenally ridiculous !!
    If you listen to and believe these idiot Democrats, you are an idiot !!
    Alexandria Ocrazio really should be hung.

    GO NUCLEAR !!!!!
    Clean, efficient and cheap .

    Chernobyl is now an official tourist attraction.
    Very few people know the facts about Chernobyl.

  47. ok I don't buy into the whole man-made climate catastrophe scenario but some of the arguments being made by the bald guy are are really dumb, yes in some places energy comes from coal to charge electric vehicles, but it doesn't have to be that way fucking duh, could be nuclear could be solar or whatever else. The heavy machinery being used to extract materials can also be green in fact there's one of those giant trucks now that never needs to be recharged. This is a really stupid argument. Doesn't mean I want a 'green new deal' hell no, but make smart arguments against it ffs.

  48. The only existential threat to anyone in the US are socialists like Bernie. Had to get that out. If these brain dead politicians were serious about eliminating fossils based energy, they would be all in on nuclear. They are only serious about taxing your lifestyle and controlling your every move. How better than to essentially take your right to move about, heat,cool, light your home than to attach a tax to said activities all in the name of saving the planet. C02 warming theory is a fraud funded by corrupt politicians and government entities in order to control the worlds population.

  49. Thorium nuclear power plants are the #1 green energy producer within currently available technology options.

  50. It has been proven that from a mileage perspective, EVs are much more efficient than ICE vehicles, even if the charging power comes from fossil fuels. Charging an EV burns way less coal/gas to get the equivalent mileage of an ICE.

  51. Why did Stossel include some fake leftist report about 64% of republicans supporting the GND?
    That's both absurd and unsubstantiated.

  52. If you interested in the counter points to msot of whats said here with regards to nuclear and the infeasibility of renewables read here.

  53. Ask obozo about how well Solyndra worked after giving them millions. But he did get kickbacks from that insurance scam he perpetrated upon us peasants.


    ‪Climate Change "Problem" Solved – its Natural; Prof Weiss via @YouTube‬

  55. Public Education plays on impressionable girls, and women turn into the same kind of women who got carried away with religion during the 50’s, like Dana Carvey on SNL. Only in a green new deal kind of way. Public Schools are not teaching physics and science at all. And AOC is living proof of it.

  56. The problem is that these journalists have no interest on transitioning the economy and are paid to speak for the power industry. How long do they have to go in their careers. Fukashima proves how safe Nuclear is. Really . Send them to Fukashima to see how safe it is! Claiming that building wind turbines is environmentally destructive and you have to clear so much land is just a complete lie. The land has already been cleared by farmers and miners. Has any one thought about how much land is cleared and land is damaged by coal mining. Have you ever been to a coal fired power plant and looked at the surrounding areas at the environmental damage. Its incredible but is never referred too. Its a wasteland for miles around. These are just deceiving liars.

  57. The environmental movement is a religion. The 2.0 version of millenarism predicting the end of the world and the need for its adepts to "convert" and be saved.
    They even have their messiahs like the green child Greta.
    Sad state of affairs.

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