Hannity: Major businesses working with Trump on coronavirus

100 thoughts on “Hannity: Major businesses working with Trump on coronavirus

  1. Hahaha Trump just included the UK and Ireland in the flight ban…BECAUSE… he was exposed for not including the countries where he has business. What a Fraud of a President.

  2. Make your body alkaline — baking soda and sponge bath with vinegar– no vaccines required. Don't be afraid; it is the best defence. See Trump's "Calm before the storm" comment although he did not explain. He does what he can.

  3. More government involvment in our Health. What could go wrong? Government already partners with big tech to violate the fourth amendment so why not? Not historic.

  4. Great country where many great minds come together to help the free world!

  5. Here another deadly virus from CHINA. HMMMMMM? Is nobody else wondering what their agenda is?????? Wow 😑😑😑😑

  6. trump now saying 1700 golf caddies instead of google engineers are working on the website

  7. Wow this man does have more then the magic wand.πŸ˜ΉπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ’•

  8. Trump said 15 cases would be gone in 2 weeks…now national emergency….kinda like we defeated ISIS 100%….Their still fighting.
    The less he talks the better off we are.

  9. How long would it take to test everyone in the U.S. for this virus? South Korea has been praised for testing 10,000 people per day.
    At that rate, it would take the U.S. 90 years. Those who are last on the list would be dead anyway.

  10. Hannity what you are saying is insanity. The free market caused this pickle. Why is 90% of Americas prescription drugs manufactured in China? You say we should thank the company's who outsourced millions of American jobs to China. Now their going to use Americans tax dollars to save their asses. American citizens should be outraged and you are a JACKASS. Capitalism at it's finest you bet middle class pays and the rich profit. Wake up people.

  11. President and his team is doing great as always. But he should have more distance among his team understandably. We appreciate that for you are very precious to Americans. Please.

  12. 🀣This is Trump Propaganda at a Level not even Russia or China can get. Unbelivebel. No Words for this .

  13. Has anyone worked out the economic cost IF "open borders" and "free Medicare" for everyone coming to the US? (Policies supported by Biden and Bernie) It would have been a disaster! (Still could be… stampede to the US for better treatment!)

  14. First time I see the President look/sound tired.Lord knows how little sleep he has had.

  15. Hannity has the thickest turd sticks he'll wack you over the head with.

  16. "We need to microchip people to keep them safe… And we are moving to a digital currency to prevent the spread…and we are going to have to vaccinate people against their will to get 'herd immunity'. Don't worry, this is all to keep you slaves… I mean safe."

  17. How can any educated person watch the first 60 seconds of this show and not immediately realize that the host (Hannity) is only interested in spewing rank partisan propaganda?

    Oh that’s right – the very thing that distinguishes Trump supporters is that they have limited educational attainment, along with limited ties to professional organisations (i.e. companies or public/private institutions where one has the opportunity to use logic and observe real leaders).

  18. Wow !
    Happy Friday the 13 th in timing
    Looking forward to those May days …. ahead

  19. This is PROPAGANDA!!! Government should never intervene in the economy!!! When Obama did it they called it Socialism, Trump does it and it's a good thing? Trump is a Socialist! Printing money will hurt everyone!


  21. The budget cuts and reduction of CDC abs NIH staff that left us so unprepared was done to make up for their 2 Trillion tax cuts. Now, The Let's see what they charge for their "Help". Will Big Pharma drop the cost of Insulin from $300 per vial to the Canadian price of $30? Will they pay some taxes to help pay for CDC costs? This is WINDOW DRESSING!!!

  22. About darn time! So it took almost FOUR MONTHS since the virus was announced in China, and the Command in Chief and this network called it a Democratic-based HOAX. Boy, it sure change when Republican Senators got self quarantined. AMAZING break news. I'm surprised this is not another Democratic HOAX!

  23. Schmuck, Last week it was all a Dem hoax to stir up panic. Now that Frump has finally caught up, it's a real thing…sort of. But he still gets the science wrong and screws up his press conferences with scientist having to clean up his mess. And he lied about tests being available NOW. And he hamstrung the CDC two years ago. Let's hope the virus hasn't already gotten a strong toe hold. Hanity, you're either an idiot…or you just don't care about anything but your golden calf's paycheck.

  24. What a great president….this the moron who looked up at the eclipse.

  25. when god gives you corona virus you are obligated to make a corona beer out of it

  26. Some people are getting very rich off of the Corona virus, and that doesn't offend me one bit because I'm not a filthy communist.

  27. What a joke! Our country is doing THE WORST job of dealing with this

  28. Thank you Sean Hannity, level headed honest reporting is what is needed in our world.
    Thank you for supporting our President !

  29. Thank you for your leadership sir! We will get through this, together! America First…

  30. Well you know some people just have selective memory and forget. When it comes to my party they are perfect the other party no they are not perfect. Watching from the outside very polarizing.

  31. Any other president would of bowed to China and the WHO and kept it quite like all the others flus that kills millions a year.

  32. So it started as a left hoax, and now they take it seriously? My god Hannity is a piece of garbage.

  33. America and free market capitalism at its best, led by the Trump administration. Thank the Lord we have a strong president in office. πŸ™

  34. I’m so glad you showed the corruption in the media.
    That’s because Obummer was, and still in, the back pockets of the Deep State who’s behind this virus.

  35. RepibliCONS 'love' God, but HATE people. Amazing how they claim to be Christian, but care for nothing but $$$$

  36. RepibliCONS 'love' God, but HATE people. Amazing how they claim to be Christian, but care for nothing but $$$$

  37. Good report Mr. Hannity. Thank you so much for showing us how much better this country could be if corporations weren't so greedy for endless profit at the expense of the most vulnerable in the first place.

  38. We need a dismantle the press fund, if we each contribute $50 – maybe we can stop this hateful assault on our country.

  39. Hannity has forgotten the meaning of fascism. The merger of business and government on the national scale. Stop thinking with your hearts. And look at the bigger picture. This is fine for this crisis because the gov isn't prepared for it. But this should not become the standard. Gov. needs to develop policies to deal with these things on there own. Other wise every time we have a problem we'll just merge business and gov. at some point it could be like lets just make this permanent. Then where will we be? the new socialist state. that's the danger of public private partnerships. Hannity sounds like he wants this to be the standard.

  40. Whoever hit that thumbs down button can take their own thumb and shove it right up their @$$

  41. Yeah, Trump's leadership on corona has been a -1 out of 10 so far. He blamed the democrats for "the new hoax" (coronavirus). I had arguments with Trump's true believers about the corona hoax! Then he blamed Europe for spreading it to the US??? This makes no sense.

    South Korea has almost 10X LESS people and have tested 20X MORE people to date. They had their first case around the SAME TIME as the USA too. No excuses!

    Now we're expecting corporate Big Pharma to save us? Haha! They are the reason there is so little testing. They have created conservative red tape in the FDA to protect patents and such and NOTHING not even saving Americans lives can come between a corporation and their profit margins. That's why a coronovirus test was $1300. It's free in South Korea because "free markets" work for the people. In America "We the People" come third after the corporate elites and after their minons (all but a small handful of politicians).

    When Obama was president he wrote a lot of "executive orders" and the conservatives were pissing and moaning daily about it: "Obama is turning America into a totalitarian dictatorship!!!"

    In three years Trump has almost signed MORE "executives orders" than Obama's 8 years. Why didn't Trump make an executive order commanding the national efforts to protect the citizens of the USA that are poised to suffer greatly UNDER HIS WATCH!!!?

  42. Who is Patient Zero in China? China, with its 2 billion surveillance cameras, still refuses to answer.

  43. fox news is still slagging biden hoping for a trump win (hannity is trump's cocaine buddy) when biden worked in ukraine with republican backing, the republicans can't win with cheating and are disgraced.

  44. giuliani's son works at the whitehouse costing taxpayers $95,000, trump overrode the cdc bringing american cruise ship travellers to begin the coronavirus outbreak.

  45. Same thing happening in the Philippines, Pres. Duterte being blamed by the liberals, oligarchs, and their bedfellows biased media here. instead of working to allay fear and prevent confusion they are part of the problem. Also, China being targeted as the sole cause of COVID19 and conspiracy theories. derangement is not exclusive to the US far left we have our own version of them.

  46. hannity is lying about trump being on this, trump is boosting corporations again, do you really think walmart and others aren't getting a kickback?

  47. You don't know who to believe the video before this one was bashing the president for Privatizing these tests and for profit..

  48. hannity was not telling you the virus was serious until this week and trump called the virus a disease, virus not disease, and cannot be "cured" as trump says. trump brought the coronavirus to the u.s. overriding the cdc on bringing americans back from cruise ships.

  49. hannity is lying and not a doctor, coronavirus is high fever and dry cough.

  50. Will Walmart stop stocking food & supplies?.. "For Own good".. Agenda 21 depopulation is still real!!! Wake up

  51. The Congressional Bill has the usual Demotard poison pills included – abortion has got sweet FA to do with the Coronavirus and I sincerely hope that President Trump is getting the correct advice about this.

  52. We are now a run away train and there's no way to stop the disaster. Banks are collapsing countries are broke including U. S. the time for survival measures has arrived. While the world sits around to wait for the inevitable, I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Wish everyone the best and now taking care of number one is top priority.

  53. All these companies and CEOs can retire after this on taxpayers, their kids, their kids, etc

  54. Why didn’t he fix the overseas manufacturing before this like he said he would. I’m not sure I can support him after this disaster

  55. 128000 people die in the USA yearly from taking prescriptions as directed.

    Let that set in. The virus isnt the issue…..our reaction to this propaganda is what matters. What rights will the government want to remove now?

  56. im suprised the wackjob democrats arent accusing trump of racism or some other inaccurate crap for taking action. You know, like when they called him a racist for shutting down flights from china.

    β€œhow dare you want to give citizens money!”

  57. Wonderful… if the elections get cancelled trump is in another 4 years…. geeeeees that was easy… Trump 2020

  58. Here's a good sign…The mailman isn't wearing a mask or gloves, delivering packages from China….hmmmmmm

  59. Mar-a-Lago Became a Petri Dishβ€”Filled With Trump ConfidantsRepublican chairwoman is ill and being tested for coronavirus after visiting Mar-a-Lago: report

  60. Why are the major businesses holding back product for the stores. They canceled all deliveries of water, canned goods, meats, etc to supermarkets. How third world is that.

  61. You people are all f&&&ing nuts if you don’t think this idiot is the biggest lying piece of bloviating crap ever elected to our nation

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