Happiness At Work

is actually also something that’s been
talked about a lot in Denmark for the last five to eight years and we actually
have a word for it in Danish won’t necessarily use it but just to say that
when I translated into English it goes on to happiness at work and I think we
all have a common understanding on on on what it is but actually it’s also the
only language in the world but we have a name for happiness at work the first
time I googled it and tried to google translate it when I did that into German
but suggests it might strike so and we talked to her right now is when when I
go in and translate it is our choice and that makes sense yeah but for the for
the first time I did five years ago it was about four hours why so there’s
nothing to do about that so I’m looking forward to having the the next 45
minutes together with you hopefully to share hopefully to inspire I haven’t
told work with organizations and tons of lectures on happiness at work I’ll try
to bring some of the best examples with me to chat with you today what is happiness at work at the first
thing just to clarify what are we talking about next after that it would
be why why are we even talking about happiness at work shouldn’t be just been working and go
home and then be happy but not the most important how to do it and there is also
a little bit of work for you because in order to make a difference you’ll also
have to do an action so we will be working a little bit what is happiness
and weren’t any suggestions glad positive action satisfaction about
about what you do yeah how many of you are thinking hate
my heart I’m going to do yeah yeah there is a difference about yeah ok I’m going
to work that’s ok I’m thinking yeah this is the best thing for me Monday morning
and Friday afternoon don’t damage the weekend also just to ship it out but
yeah there’s something to it that we acted really are excited about it and
actually not only about the work but being at work and the satisfaction I’ll
get back to that because that’s a factor as well to feel happy while working and
likely no matter what sector you’re in no matter what your job is as long as
you’re happy while you’re doing it and I will come back to how we can apply that
even more because a lot of us is actually pretty satisfied about work but
how to increase it but before that I tried to call why because we need a
motivation to work on this why well for starters research shows that companies with happy
employees perform twice but good at the bottom line so companies with happy
employees earn more money why because when you’re happy while you’re working
you think more creativity you are more effective you actually take better
decisions about the hormones accident in defence but open man that we talked
about yesterday and the day before that a great impact on your ability to do a
good job and that’s why if you’re happy at your workplace your company actually
on my money for you managers must be interested in you being happy while
you’re working or if your monitor you will have interest in your employees
will be happy you will learn more money we have another worry is one of the
three most important things in order to be happy in life in general which Libre
dollars we worked for eight hours we have eight hours of free time so a tower
that they is actually pretty much out of a day whatever you’re awake
approximately $16 have today but we’re spending all workplace I don’t make it
the happiest times or at least try to do it happiness of work is the best cure
against dress dress doesn’t necessarily come out of
having too much to do at your job stress often comes out of you believes in order
to not being able to do all your tasks so what do I tell myself I got the said
that yesterday that the thought is coming the first so when I’m behind with
a lot of my time asks what do it all myself how do that influenced my
feelings how does that how does that influence my job and my way of cold
working with my co-workers because that actually is very important as well more happiness at work can reduce the
number of days the employees are sick or how fast you have staff turnover so that
although back to the home loans actually chemistry and physics but when
you’re happy you not feel that much I know understand then mark we have some
sectors who have more sick days than others and when we do the research they
are also the most unhappy employees at work but when you’re happy also tend to
actually come to work not if you really seriously sick you stay home and stay in
bed and the happiest workplace also have a politics that that’s what you should
do don’t come to it what class if you have people don’t come if you or your
children are sick stay home take care of them come back when you’re ready when we
have that environment at a white place gives me also a little bit of sheik
Eunice actually perform when I’m there but when
I’m home I have to take care of myself have to take care of my children in
order to perform when I’m there the most the three most important things
missing when you have a lack of happiness at work it’s either you’re too
busy how many of you are very busy at work ya back to look thinking about it
because we cannot allow tons of work to do and I’m now a lot of people have a
warrant work week at sixty hours and they’re pretty happy with their work and
the work life balance and everything else but when I stop thinking about hey
I’m too busy I cannot do my job I can’t do my taxes codify want to then it
influenced our happiness at work then we are too busy busy we could be too busy
that’s a huge difference complains but we have colleagues the
other colleague is so lame or can the assignment came into light to me or
you’re too late at work or meeting every time she’s always the latest 11 she is
lazy or we could never actually count on the when we have an assignment from ex
colleague but if it’s never a property that is a really really bad for the
happiness at work when we stop talking about each other like that she’ll say
thank you very much for the help good job but we actually remember that that
becomes a character that we recognize recognition each other let me say hey
it’s a good job and if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have gone so far or the job
would have been good that good but israeli also about the hormones but
if we recognize others we have the Occitan floating around and it’s our
brain is a little factory of home loans and a lot of we actually did decide for
us off what the factory has to produce I have happy thoughts on negative thoughts
you’ve done a lot of different exercises that good morning thing with younger
yesterday morning good morning you’re handsome bids in there they have a good
morning or what they want he said but the smiling and a split that when we
have smiling and doesn’t know its pay for it producing although Mon 5th grade and
happiness just float around and when I’m every I can go around and putting all of
the others with happiness and it’s not like that I’m talking about happiness
like fooling around but when I’m stopped on the positive thinking when I’m
starting on smiling to myself for getting into the office saying good
morning of the lot of different way of saying good morning and that influence
really really much on the environment amongst your colleagues and is your
responsibility come back to that there is your own
responsibility not anyone else you’re not the boss not the management not the
company not the college your responsibility no one else mainly
because it stopped without thoughts last night yesterday that being present
taking leadership making your own decisions how do I want to go to when I
get into the office I could get in cyclone warning or actually was saying
nothing like this that in the morning but that’s a huge huge difference and
the good morning that you did with us this morning with dias sometimes they do a good morning
exercise it’s not necessary because we did it but that was on my level 5 good
morning a number 512 number one number 12 in the
morning I’m afraid I actually look good morning before dawn good morning good to see you actually
have a little comes to it and number for I don’t go around the clock work as a
good morning nice to see you so we look in the eyes I actually say say something
nice to my colleague and i touch them not to go on in the ass or something
sexist but again back to the moment when we get a compliment and we actually have
physical but we touch each other normally go back and get some good
things good morning this morning and I know that we don’t go around every
morning every colic and my book were closed its when people come back from
vacation good to see and that’s really mice that have been gone for three weeks
and yeah that was a nice welcome back on work getting my coffee and saying hi to
the to the colleagues and just relaxing sitting down now I’m ready to work so
thinking on on what level you say good morning tomorrow when you and tell you
or your office or where you’re supposed to work tomorrow it has a big influence
on the colleagues around you and what you said that come back that’s why it’s
your responsibility the bus and the company has the
responsibility to create a framework that enables employees to work what do I
mean by that suggesting to be here yeah yeah yeah doing things is not necessarily all we
have different table some meetings are standing up at a bar dusk so meeting is
walking around to a walk and talk get out get a fresh air actually
actually exercise while we having a meeting now and I actually like you too
to comment on my ideas on the net project could go for walk with me but
then we actually have the ability and its ok in the company to have a meeting
like that that could be an example that they create the environment it’s for us
to use it to say hey now we go for walkie talkie give him feedback on my
project or whatever they do stuff together that we are
social together that we do something that’s not just what related or sit down
by my computer my office but it actually do something together because when I
know you and we have done some team building together it’s easier for me to
say hey I actually could you lend me a hand here we’ll look at this prospectus
like to have another couple of hours on it that’s much easier when we’re done
team building so yeah that’s that’s back to the the framework of the management
puts it down that’s something we do every month at my workplace every
Wednesday morning we do sports together I’m in the sports rear engine so but but
it’s paid for when I do sports in that hour together with my colleagues and it
takes Chun who is in charge of what we’re doing yeah so that also an example of a
framework that we do something together thank you and happiness at work comes out of both
the company politics strategist visions culture and what you and I do at the
very moment you step into a workplace or the small actions throughout the day the
company that set the framework but it’s for us to fill it out and make the most
of it how many of you have have cake weekly at work ok that’s it then that’s what they need
that that’s a dangerous thing yeah we also have this thing is what it means
coziness we do that very very much but lots of what places in Denmark once a week with it down for coffee and
cake together and just talking and take stern of whose turn it is to bring the
cake in Turkey get through you are not happy about but
no but yeah that’s a good example and I believe that every culture has a
different thing yeah thank you everyone that we have a huge breakfast meeting
with other people in the weekend yeah that’s also a very good example of
having a framework and actually have an action that you have to do it to
participate yeah when we actually have have the
framework and we have something going when this all responsibility to
contribute contribute and be there because otherwise it’s it’s not fair for
our colleagues and maybe the management of thinking you know you but why bother no one coming and then they will see the
efficient to go down creativity how well it doesn’t come by myself that
I can guarantee you have been working with a lot of companies and it takes
hard work it’s not done by a lecture in one hour by me neither action and it
needs constant focus when I thought I could talk about the
subject for days but when I saw it up and think tanks and things out of it
comes down to result in relations create you happiness that mean that we know we
need both things I cannot stand it was they say I have to lay wanted results 11
relation I cannot cope by standing on one leg by the result I do a very good
job I reach my goals are a lot of money for the company I customers happy
everything is great but if I don’t have anyone to share it with or actually
interact with customers it was nothing so I need to the relations as well I
need to do team building I need to to collaborate with my colleagues I need to
have someone to share it with I need to enroll my customers or
suppliers but I cannot do that alone if I want to stand on the relationship in a
car doing having beer having our team buildings comedy club in on the tail a
leg in the world’s and we don’t get any work done we need the result as well so
we need to work on both like you need both banks make them and throw up you
know when I’m just stop talking about it goes when we look at the results be sure to set goals and milestones
before because then you don’t know if you reach your goal in art and make them
Vishal have any example of making your gold visual only things that we have to
do it this year two strategies and a regional thing we painted on the wall
there and we are signing and putting something will do all the one wall
covering all our strategy the missions in the office and actions as well yeah
yeah thank you please help close and we thank everybody for their cooperation
good one people closer to us and you could actually give some special
person is regulation in front of the other social 11 bringing bringing
something no matter how many stops we do have on the on the shoulder everyone has
an important role in the project I’ve been working with a company who is very
visual about how many sales so they have goals may throw down and in a cylinder
of gas so every month and then when I had a failed I put it down there so it
grows and the stands right when you get it into the office and they can see if
everyone can see them then the images throughout the months one thing as I
have them but remember to celebrate them both the small ones and the big ones I
work with a company when they have sold for $1,000,000 around then see you there
are two CEOs and they are making a dish in pain is called million big beef and
just do but they they stand out in the in the factory all and i truly give
lunch to all the employees are the places they order to go there when I
have a big order some have a bill laboring on every time there’s a sale
but almost all the small things in my company we we had a new computer system
to register and everything doesn’t make much sense for us but it’s it’s decided how to work with
it and we find it really difficult but instead of always bragging about hey now
I don’t know this now this is some kind of do that now I can not find that file
then we celebrate every time that we actually reached a new goal or a I found
out how to do that we have a flag and we’ll just say you have affected a light
travels to several times a day but don’t show that that’s another another weight
turning the focus from negative and what the system doesn’t can get it can do a
lot of things we just don’t understand it we just have to learn so by having
the focus on what we actually succeed on we have another environment we have
another way of thinking about it and we are more happy and we are more when we
in to this system like yeah well if she can do it I probably can as well and
maybe come to my desk come on let’s let’s work on this together so both the
small and the big victories and goal setting is very important for us again
this is them but that women and almond they are just happy to float around but
we need to get them started this is one of the race to stop the hard times and
also can be just just a little cake or something like eight thank you very much
for the help or or for yourself hey today I had this list of tasks or
this big project went out of the house or milestone in the project that means I
have a cappuccino coffee or I can have a sweet just little things to cut yourself
on the shoulders again goes around and the factory up here the brain that
produces all owns it doesn’t strike it’s not ill sometimes it really but hey
it just it can go on go on go on go on to get something to work with small
recognition yourself or do it to your colleagues because I only when we
recommend calling and say hey what a good job thank you very much for the
help or actually just bring a coffee coffee and but you want or took the
printer paper from the printer with them small things like that small kindnesses
that is unexpected is really a visit from me was giving and the one receiving
double up 10 use it myself but have that they have small successes I can work on
a big project long development development strategies and a company or
in a club but sometimes I forget to clean out my mailbox to call the dentist
to clean my desk to call and follow up on a client so I have sometimes they are
small successors have all these small things and it feels really good to do
that this fifteen times a day and sometimes we have the big projects and
then there’s just small milestones it takes us two weeks to have a small
milestone so if they are small successes I put them in regulatory just as they
continue this year sales will depend depends on what work
you are in and in my field our successes it’s an hour yeah and fitted a.m. to whatever fits
you because this is not a recipe that fatal so if it’s an hour or so after a
day but but remember sometimes just to let yourself to say let’s use pretty
nice that it could be called the dentist and make an appointment cuz I forget
that so yeah that was weird thoughts when we look at relations the other leg Clayton has one set your learn more
about another person through one hour of playing then through a whole year of
conversation that’s why we do team go that’s why we do picnics that’s why we
do the other things but playing is a lot of things we could do team building once
a month some do it once a year some do it every week but also the little things
of playing around with my friend actually don’t call call go so the show
they pick up the phone for other companies and they said by the home
phone every day and they really know the importance CEO of the smiling in the
telephone but when you sit in the office those 2030 go sitting picking up for
different companies sometimes it feels hard to keep smiling day so they jump
around they play around a lot of that company so so once a month or whenever
they feel like it like we could meet tomorrow have really happy it doesn’t
matter because the client’s can’t see them but in the office there that is
that there will be no silly glasses or dress-up days dress up like your
favorite cut soon and then I posted on Facebook and the current you will like
it hilary is about it and when they every
second month I invite all declined to the office to Friday be something and
they have something to come to say about they are building relations playing in the arm is to be happy to
smile on the phone but also the client’s have something to talk with them about
and why the year they have this cake cake cake competition with all the girls
competition compete about having the best cake and they of course invite the
client’s in the end of the work they do come join the nine of them posted on
Facebook and you could go in like the case even though they had you know they
are considering the other part of the country saying hey that one looked nice
I like that one so so the answer I can they play the fool around another
company where the receptionist sometimes put on a red clown nose and everyone
smiles and hey it doesn’t take anyone anything else great deal of courage to me just to play
around just to be there sometimes just look at our kids and that helps me
sometimes less ok well not that silly we we have a laugh and we have a good
course because on the bottom line we learn more money so don’t be afraid or
have been sown I have my daughter with me on the office in the office this
summer we didn’t have much to do so well that could be ok and she had all of
sudden all the gymnastics schools out in the whole of the office and the kitchen
area but that meant that my colleagues when they came at just jump around from
one thing to the other or she said hey could you do what was the call yea well aware and yeah we didn’t have
that much to do at the office the office was opened we had what to do but it was
a nice day of working and sometimes we should invite our children to the work
to to inspire us so yeah mattresses or something that they can you jump or
jumper with us doesn’t take much but again the home
won’t get going to get coffee walk backwards or spit on my feet but it
works if you dare to do it alcoholic that’s also should we go for a
walk take this or come by the coffee say hey
I have a spare our does anyone need my help I know some of the teams at my work
they meet daily at the after lunch and saying well my day is it yellow green or red green yellow red
like the traffic light red maybe I have a colleague whose green who says yeah
well I finishing up my daily task in half an hour I can lend you a hand with
something could be a way of it and then again the unexpected healthiness or
kindness really get the accident going social activities like team-building
life we talked about playing around going for a run could also be after work go to a violent estate have family
picnics or kind of stuff what do we do at your workplace of social activities
but we are games so you meet up after work and do with your games yeah that’s ok with management that’s
fine yeah yeah sure you’re laughing again the break on the real smile yes
this year because in a moment you will be working OK the hour yeah cuz now you’re done I
would like for you to sit in groups of three hey what can I do and my workplace
and hate this goes for the JCI chapter as well done this in a lot of di tap
this as well saying hey how do we create more happiness and I’ll check them more
energy more passion so that we actually go through without projects and I know
that some chapters some organizations just go over there for many experiences
here the whole weekend and this gives me a lot of pressure and a lot of joy but
also come to chapters that a fifty years old they are kind of little bit tired
and they actually do have some of the members that’s been there for fifty
years even though they’re seniors now this you’ll join the check to me is that
will we’ve done that tried that no no no idea and I come on do something and they
only made up for the chapter meetings they don’t then our children they’re not
on the convention floor level so it also goes for you take a chapter so groups of
three the question and what could you applied
to all your workplace small or big to create more happiness believe it was so kind to lend me his
cock ok it’s really nice talking but I also know that we have a program so just
like riding whoever gets the cock gets to share an idea that you could
implement your workplace so I thought the cock so why did you talk about unites really live just when you say
something but I and III thank you very much yeah I guess what
games video games their program some of your idea to do if
they have done for something so small things of recognition maker yeah yeah
they are doing would they even though but even a
factual situation better results yeah yeah so what you talked about so
create your own table in different ways ya quote flowers thank you like 130 forgiving positive feedback thank you
thank you are sharing and caring around the last task is now what would you do
at your workplace one thing that you will do tomorrow are doing the next week
or at least put into action what is the one thing that you will do
to create more happiness a deal workplace could be a good morning could
be positive feedback could be inaugurated as it could be
arranged the social activity could be anything but the one thing that you
would do if not Monday then at least that it’s from the yeah give you one
minute to write it down when you write it down there’s a bigger chance that you
like to do some action on it we saw that yesterday ok I wrap up what nights live in talking
and I’m sure that we are having on but I wish you a very great day at work
tomorrow and lunch would recommend that you share your deal I don’t think that
you need a topic of talking about that and we we don’t know how to talk over
lunch after this fantastic days but you could say what are you gonna do tomorrow
at your workplace because when we also talked it out loud assignments that it’s
a even bigger Jen that we actually do and one last thing I would share with
you is not acted it also how companies that don’t have a car at the meeting
leader but then I am talking whole or talking fish or some kind of thing that
i truly goes around in the meeting that if you want to talk only talk when you
have this one but a kind of fun way to sterile the order of the talking and
it’s much easier for the for the chairman of the meeting to say you don’t
have a dog wait your turn it becomes very very busy oh and we can smile smile almost makes you happy yes thank you very much for
participating face get in touch thank you for having their

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