Hedge fund traders say Friday will be a big test for market: Gasparino

80 thoughts on “Hedge fund traders say Friday will be a big test for market: Gasparino

  1. Tomorrow could turn out to be the Black Friday of this generation. Do keep a close watch on the suicide rate that could also spike.

  2. Why didn't anyone care in 2019 when over 80K people died from the flu? No airports closed, no stock market crash, no panic… nothing… DONT BUY INTO THIS SCAM! They are using this to purposely crash the economy to get rid of Trump..

  3. i cashed out EVERY THING, FEELS GOOD TO BE LIQUID. This horror show has just stared. im not waiting for the market to go back to 12k

  4. Something doesn't smell right about this whole virus pandemonium, the timing of new fed chairman position, funds rate conversation. It just seems odd. Wondering if a crisis could be coming. It seems like big things are going on behind the scenes in preparation for a downturn that only a small group of chosen people are aware of. I'd say there's atleast a 25% chance that Coronavirus is a black swan event that, combined with a failed 2008 recovery and tariffs, may pop the "everything" bubble.

    In comes socalism and bitcoin to blow the bubble even further so it pops again maybe.

  5. The irony of saying you don’t want to be long going into the weekend… that means you’re not a long buddy

  6. I cashed a percentage but keeping some just in case.
    But I'm not letting go of crypto.

  7. Almost 3 trillions $ was whipe out from US stocks market Fed's prints new 50 bilions $ into stocks market.

  8. Sold everything today. I believe this is just the beginning to something major. Best of luck to all.

  9. If this wipes out half of people’s savings then the market is done. It will be many years before people trust the stock market again.

  10. The Fed needs to stop bailing out wall street. The investment market needs to learn a lesson of diversifying supply chains.

  11. China economy starts working full powers in next 30 days after conavirus epidemic quarantine ends .

  12. Tomorrow will be the last day of evacuation.

    All on board the last plane will leave Wall Street tomorrow afternoon.

  13. All Europan and South Korea automakers stop working because parts supply shortage from China

  14. Stock prices are 5x reality anyway. A couple of thousand fake Fed points evaporated back into nowhere–just where they came from. So what? Try working to get money fg hedge funds. Get a real job!


  16. Traders are having a great time, everyone who calls,

  17. Monetarism never works. only prolongs the distortion and makes it worse. A correction sometimes tastes bad, but markets are rejecting malinvestment that has been occurring for years due to fed price distortion.

  18. Oh BS! All of the stocks that have gone low – so long as they are decent quality stocks – are a buyers market for making money on temporarily depreciated stocks. Big opportunity when it goes a little lower, or buying even now before the buying begins and the prices rise.

  19. Gasparina was so full of s**. Reducing rates again is not going to do s** to help the market.

  20. Gasparino you're full of s*** about Milton Friedman you probably never read his book.

  21. Austrian school economics predicted ALL of this crack up boom nonsense that statists in both parties caused but capitalism will be blamed because the Republicans abandoned capitalism in 2008

  22. I think when they realize more people dont invest in the market that do its affecting less people than they are aware of the majority

  23. The Dow is going down faster than a trump mistress in the parking lot
    Of a jewelry store.

  24. Know many in the market don't sell buy those stocks always been way out of your league 200 a share stuff because 100% it will go back up why people make millions

  25. Opinion:
    first – I haven’t heard anyone talk about the normal market slump that happens in January and February EVERY year. Just talk, talk, talk about fear surrounding the slump. I find that very annoying.
    Second – I don’t believe the “fear” trading is about the corona virus. I have watched many in and out of the american government go to great extremes to prevent the current direction of the USA. We all know that big money movers can easily affect the stock market. We all currently know an american citizen who has spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars running for President. If this person is willing to openly spend this kind of money to overthrow the current direction of the USA, he has plenty of cohorts who are willing to do the same. This same person brags about using his money to control the outcome of elections including 3 political terms for a political seat restricted to two terms.

  26. I sold. I sold but even though I lost my gains, I still broke even. And I just started investing in January😂

  27. Margin stock buying was at all-time high before the plunge! This is the margin buyers being knocked out of their position by The Margin Clerks..probably no rebound until they are unwound…

  28. Did anyone really think they’d let trump run on the economy?

    I predicted this years ago.

  29. So if they sell can’t Monday the big wigs buy back cheap before the market opens.

  30. If it crashes then the dumb people who live on hedging and betting . It's like a casino. I did not bet on properties or stocks in 2008 . I survived.

  31. The good news is we'll be getting rid of that fuckwit in the white house over this.

  32. Why sell just hold on! The market will recover when China opens factories starting next week

  33. The stockmarket is legalized robbery and would be illegal if lawmakers weren't cut in on it. The share price has nothing to do with the actual value of the company, its all bs designed by insiders for insiders.

  34. The market crash was predicted last year. So here it is. It now over until the fat lady sings she is held up at the border

  35. Great time to buy the hysteria and fear! The smart money wants the dumb money to sell cheap so they can buy up the shares and ride back up.

  36. This is all about fear. Sell the exuberance and buy the fear. The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets. Buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy.

  37. Lots of bargains now. Energy especially. Exxon paying 6% dividend. Occidental paying 10%. Grab them now. They are way out of favor with the fund managers due to political correctness but they still make tons of money and will continue to do so for decades to come. Buyers now will be rewarded with high and growing dividends and stock buybacks.

  38. Fear, program selling (trailing stops) short sellers are driving this market down below fair value. Either start buying or just give up and start dying. If the market collapses to zero, we are all doomed anyway. I'm betting on new market highs within 6 months.

  39. "Don't want to have long positions going into the weekend" ?!?! What the hell does that mean. All of us retiring 30 years from now have nothing BUT long positions… unless you are a gambler. I've been a buyer this week as bargains present themselves. If the market drops more tomorrow… guess what? I'm buying MORE!

  40. It's always a good day to buy stocks – could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Or not. But ignore the media and the Dems, they want panic not profit.

  41. The awesome thing about hedge funds is the people "managing" your money get paid even if they lose every cent you have, and they get paid very well! I can't imagine having a job where my performance doesn't affect my pay!

  42. Syria attacked Turkey, Russia Warships on the move, spread of coronavirus in USA, and the Stock Market is in a freefall. Great Job Vladimir Trump! Make America Trump Free Again, Anybody But Trump Nov 3rd 2020!

  43. Good, once the market crashes and Companies stocks tank. Then finally people of the Middle class that have had their lives all but destroyed by Wallstreet and Corporate will be able to buy stock for a change. Truth is Treason in the Empire of lies

  44. Chinese wanted to rattle market for giggles, way over blown? They know their bribes through Democrats Bloomberg and Biden exposed and Americans not happy about it?

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