23 thoughts on “He’s been working from home for eight days because of coronavirus. How has it gone?

  1. My husband has been waiting for his employer (major tech company) tell everyone to work from home. He finally stopped waiting and told them he would be working from home. I’m only 36 but suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and likely wouldn’t survive this. We stocked up on a month’s worth of food weeks ago. Every time he goes into work unnecessarily its putting me at risk and he’s not going to keep doing that. We are very lucky he has a job where he can keep working from anywhere he has internet. But every job I had before being married and getting sick… that wasn’t an option for me. And further- I likely wouldn’t have kept having a jon to go to and a paycheck to collect since they all depended on consumer spending of some kind- something would be his very hard in a time like this.

    I worry so much for the people who’s lives will be destroyed by the economic as well as health impacts of this… and our government’s reaction is just pathetic.

  2. This is not a big deal, many people can't believe other's don't work from home.

  3. Last year I worked from home for two weeks from the real, regular flu. So effin' what.

  4. Oh so you're just gonna delete that other video like it never happened then?

  5. It must be nice 🙄 to work from home. I should ask the hospital I work to let me give patients care from home. What a freaking nonsense.

  6. People that support a trust fund baby POTUS that golfs with some work on the side talking about "real work", "hard work" and other boo-hooing.

  7. It appears to me that they think that we should feel sorry for them. GROW UP!!

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