Hotel Empire Tycoon: Arabian Nights Resort – 5 star rating

hello friends welcome back. hope you all
enjoyed the previous parts of the hotel Empire tycoon gameplay. the previous four
episodes can be seen here. the fifth hotel that is Arabian Nights Resort can
be reached after all the previous hotels are upgraded to maximum and five-star
rating for each one is achieved. this hotel is by far the grandest of all the
previous hotels. situated in the middle of the desert, this hotel has a charisma
of another level. it looks truly magical let’s get on and upgrade this hotel to
the maximum. please subscribe to the channel if you like the content and
click the bell icon for future notifications. first of all let’s see all
the attractions that can be built at this resort. as for rooms; double rooms,
suites and presidential suites can be built. the usual builds like front desk,
housekeeping, restaurant, electrical room and parking can be upgraded. apart from
all these; new attractions like tea shop, swimming pool, arabian ball, ruins and arab
bath can be built too. before building any of these the most crucial part that is
electrical room must be upgraded. after the electrical room is upgraded the
remaining items can be built then continuing with the usual trend
let’s upgrade the front desk and then the housekeeping from maximum guest
satisfaction Wait!! did I see a room cleaner? a robotic
one?? this game has evolved a lot. let’s upgrade the restaurant too. see the size
of the kitchen. it’s almost as big as the seating space. let’s upgrade all the
double rooms; all 25 of them. even the double rooms looked ran in this resort now let’s upgrade the suites. suites are
for the richer guests who can shell out more money for the luxuries. guests in the
Suites can enjoy their own personal lounge and bigger place to stay continuing to the presidential suites. if
suites were grand, then presidential suites are grander. they are for the handful of
elite guests who can shell out any amount of money for the luxuries. they
enjoy the private arab bath, lounge, balcony and kitchen. all for a grand luxurious
stay how can you forget the parking? a grand
parking for a grand arabian resort. now that tea shop. tea shop is the place where
you can taste the tea from all over the Arabia. apart from the restaurant, this is
the only place where guests keep getting attracted due to the aroma. the swimming
pool is another place where you can have fun with whole family. the swimming pool
has a separate area for kids to play. but during the day it gets too hot to remain
outside. so what can be done if one wants to enjoy water at daytime? there comes
the indoor arab bath to rescue. it’s a total indoor relaxing bath, in other
words it’s Arabian spa. now the Arabian ball. this is the place where you can
enjoy the arabian culture. here you can enjoy authentic Arabian belly dancing,
Arabian fire spitters and much more lastly the ruins. the ruins are the
replica of Egyptian culture. pyramids, mummies and Heliographics, all in the
middle of desert will give you the feeling of being Egypt. now let’s hire all
the staff required for smooth functioning of the resort. the timing of
various attractions of the resort can be seen here. see how huge this place is. it
looks even beautiful while the Sun is setting over the vast desert. truly
marvellous. so this is all about this episode and the Hotel Empire tycoon. all
five hotels have been upgraded to maximum making your global hotelier. hope
you liked the series. thanks for watching like, subscribe, comment and share for

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