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  1. Love your channel!! FYI- it’s not good to Fry with extra-virgin olive oil. It will be very heavy and I read somewhere that it’s not the healthiest. You should fry with oils that are see-through and light..Also extra-virgin olive oil does not have a very high cooking temperature and will not brown the food as nicely and will burn quickly. Extra-virgin olive oil is used for mostly dressings and marinades.. Keep up the great work! XOXO


  3. Just want to say thank you to your hardwork on youtube and as a RN! It must be very stressful right now so we all appreciate your effort and everyone else’s too!!

  4. Both of my ex boyfriend's cheated on me. I was loyal to the both of them.

  5. Omg yyyaaasss your making me soo hungry tbh In my head and when I talk to the TV as if am taking to you and you can hear me 😂😂 I call you mama cus your soo much like my mama lol I know that's probably weird but I love ya💖💖💖💖💖

  6. That food looks so bomb😋 I would just add more seasonings. Salt and pepper on chicken just can't do it for me and my fam lol they say its disrespecting the 🐓 💯

  7. Long as u both have the attributes of God, marriage will suite u well❤️ plus that looks "so good"…. Hayyy hayyy💃🙌💃

  8. You have a beautiful voice…. ur so beautiful and so sweet …. luv your videos and food looks SO GOOD 😊

  9. Please do a mukbang with ribs, shepherd pie and BBQ wings with a story about your first time 😉

  10. Stay safe everyone and may you all be protected by the full armor of God!!

  11. Totally off topic where did you get that blouse from it's so pretty 👍🏼

  12. That looks soooo good I make a very similar recipe to this! Can’t wait to make it again. Love your videos. Also people are too crazy buying all that stuff at the grocery stores! Leave some for the rest of us…!

  13. Girl when that right man find you, he is going to be truly Blessed and so will you , you're going to make a wonderful wife to the right man ,with your pretty self and can tell you have a beautiful spirit 🙇🏽‍♂️🙏🏼😊

  14. Yum! I love my pasta saucy just like that. Mmm…and the chicken looks so tasty. Mmmmmm.

  15. cheering me up during this scary time.. love you forever! <3 stay safe out there and god bless you

  16. I have been married for ten years, I am 30 and my husband is the only love of my life. We fell in love at first sight and when you know, you know! I couldn’t imagine life without him or our two sweet children. I don’t have any advice, just when you know the right person walks into your life.. they’re staying for the long run. Marriage isn’t for everyone. Marriage is work! But when you’ve found that person, your person it’s easy 🙂
    I know ten years doesn’t seem like a lot to many people but to me I am thankful that everyday I get to wake up next to my best friend!

  17. Super Premium Gas!!! Yaaas not everyone can afford or even deserves SUPER Premium Gas but when you get it, You better Accept it and Cherish it!!!!

  18. Men are loke kuds. You hace to caee for them and make them feel loved. But, my grandma always said that love enters through the kitchen. And that is exactly hiw I won my husbands love first, and it was signed, sealed and delivered by making him the most loved and cared for man in the world. He is not going anywhere. 🥰

  19. My good sisters lash was hanging on for dear life 😭😭😭 I enjoyed this video ♥️ I love me some chicken parmasan

  20. First I must say I try all your dishes secondly I enjoyed this topic a lot, I believe I fall in love for the person I love love and love to be love 💕 you will find true genuine love you will know when it’s the right one

  21. That looks so good!! Gonna have to make soon!! Well when our local grocery stores stocks back up on meats

  22. My personal experience is people fall in love with whatever they can benefit from you. So as long as they have a need they'll want you around. So sad

  23. me and my mother love you, God bless and continue to be your wonderful self.

  24. Miriam first time writing! You are such an amazing and beautiful person both inside and out and far more! Love you and have tired-so many of your recipes and always come out on top😂. . I made this dish the other day and it was bomb. Com Not to the tea a few different ingredients because I love to cook as well. Hey boy 😂🤣 funny I’m goofy as all get out… Love it do you and Love will come. He will send you your Romeo.

  25. Miriam as an experienced older man I feel that you should take your time to be in love that comes from the heart and when the heart is broken you want to give up trying different ways

  26. Well, speaking of relationships, and excuse me if I'm out of line here, but Miriam you have a Youtuber that's smitten with you. He has a channel called Rayshawn & Jeremy. He mimics you a lot, but in a rathr fun loving way.

  27. OMG that looks so delicious…I wish I could’ve taste some. Love your channel!

  28. That “Hey Boy…” reminded me of BLACKPINK’s Whistle 👀👀👀

    Just me?? 😂😂

  29. I love the idea of love and being in love too ❤ you're beautiful and I agree with your views as well. I like the idea of marriage, but not sure if I would send be successful or want to be a wife. #interesting

  30. Miriam, i'm sure with your Personality and great Attitude would make a good WIFE. That Parmesan Chicken looks SO GOOD!😊

  31. Heyyyy…..can I get a role of that toilet paper though….heyyy heyyy heyyy…..😂😂😂😂

  32. I’ve been craving this since last week…I’m 6 months pregnant my husband is away and I’m Jamaican but I love all types of food and I try to make them but my mom is staying with me and she’ll eat it when I make it but she will not learn how to so she’s definitely not gonna make it for me…imma have to support Uber eats tomorrow

  33. Hey Miriam. Food looks delicious! I can agree with you on the relationship point of view. I love LOVE too.

  34. I love love. In my experience I always give more than I receive. After years of this, I can no longer give unless I get married. I can't do it again without feeling the love I know I'm giving!

  35. It's never to late, I'm almost 52 & found the love of my life 6 1/ 2 yrs ago and hopefully in the near future, we'll make it official. Just stay patient and be true to yourself. God bless & be safe during this time the world is going through.

  36. Dont go to Wal mart cause it's nothing there!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 💀💀💀 You are so right the shelves empty

  37. Looks great! Stay safe also girl. I know you are a RN with this pandemic going around. God bless you 🙏

  38. Dont go to
    WalMart because there's nothing there, nothing. Marketside lemonade is good.

  39. All them carbs 🥺 how do mukbangers eat so much? Kind of like you train yourself like the hot dog eating contestants?

  40. Most times women fall in love first because we are more emotional. And your correct. Men do fall in love with how a woman makes him feel. Woman can fall in love with a guy just giving her attention. Men look for qualities in women naturally I feel like. A man can have many women but will marry or show love to the one who has the qualities he seek in a wife. Even if he doesnt plan to marry he will always keep that woman close to him if she allows.

  41. You are probably one of the best, calm and so lovely mukbangers I've ever stumbled upon in Youtube. A good distractions from corona and some entertainment during lockdown.

    Love from Malaysia!
    It's so … GOOD!

  42. You sound like me!! I agree men love a woman who can make them feel good. I've been in love three times. The guy I'm in love with now he's the only one that reciprocate that support and make me feel good. I'm not clingy at all but I'm very flirty. I think it's the Aries in me

  43. I cant wait til they restock on the chicken so I can make this 😫 love you girl

  44. I wish I had you as my neighbor. I have a woman neighbor who sings in the summer, but I wish that woman was you, because you have a beautiful voice, especially when you sing 🙂

  45. Can i come to your house with this Coronavirus stuff going on I’ll bring the toilet paper and water and all that u just handle the food

  46. Yes i feel the same way but us women do fall hard at time and we need to be' careful because they will Play on it to the fullest because if we got they back this means in anyway but u are sweet and kind and As a woman our souls tell us who good and who aint our heart is what gets us hurt because at times rather that man is good for us our hearts will keep us there meanwhile out souls telling us to run the other way

  47. Yes girl , you did the dance ,love it love it,everything looks yummy , tfs

  48. You're definitely the type to fall in love first, you're made up of pure love, your heart is beautiful, and that's what you always give to others without knowing. You're a phenomenal woman.

  49. You must be an Aries ♈️ because you sound like me when I’m in a relationship.

  50. I wuv you. Thank you be well and find that man… Soon. He'll be a lucky guy.

  51. Every time I watch your videos…it’s like I just wanna be in the video so I can have some😂Love your videos tho

  52. Your food look amazing! I haven't had chicken parmesan chicken in awhile! I agree with your perception of love but I also think when a man knows you'll do anything for them and you're in love they take advantage of it… I didn't give in to my now husband so fast and that's what he was used to… although I was very interested he didn't know that! And now he's my husband… I married my bestfriend… and I always want to be around him even he gets on my nerve and he always wants to be around me. We do everything together… No we're definitely perfect because yes we definitely have our arguments like every relationship does but it's never anything major.

  53. Meriam can I come to stay with you ? Because I want to eat all your food tht you cook 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. I love you so much just a breath of fresh air always so positive I hope your channel keeps growing🥰🥰

  55. Thank you sooo much for your videos!! Much love to you. I am truly a fan and I pray many blessings on your life. I pray one day I get to meet you in person (hint hint) 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. The lemonade in the cold section of walmart always sold out.. That lemonade is liquid death …its so good

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