How Computer Vision Works

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  1. I loved the explanation, but I still would rather build and train my own model.

  2. Thanks Sara for simple explanation of computer vision and API details. A small correction though, evolution of vision as per was less than "billions of years ago".

  3. Highly professional video.
    Just miss an explanation on human labelling assisted by Google (billed or free feature ?)

  4. This lady makes me feel a bit uncomfortable with her creepy facial mimic, but I appreciate the content.

  5. Really digging this video. We would like to use this within our organization for a business transformation course, with your permission of course!

  6. What is the best programming language to learn for computer vision? I'm a college student who is fairly proficient in C++ but am not sure if I should focus more on learning Java or Python to increase my chances of landing a job working in this field after college. I'm an applied mathematics major and have taken several classes in linear algebra, real analysis, complex analysis, probability, numerical analysis/methods and differential equations.

  7. Honestly, Google didn't get the data. Google gave us Google photos with unlimited storage and we uploaded millions of photos from millions of users. You got us free photos backup to we give you billions of photos to analyse.

  8. Even I starts my master's course in CV soon, I couldn't explain CV in my speak. This video gave me a help to organize what is CV and how it works!

  9. It was awesome.. thanks Google.. please let her do more machine learning tutorials.. she's amazing at that

  10. You're just training your model with million users photos , if not how can you train it to that much extent … You guys have large computing power and million users data that's why it's possible to train your model quickly…

  11. Computer vision enthusiasts pls comment below to collaborate and work on a project

  12. This is amazingly inefficient and a surprisingly dumb way to go about image detection.

  13. Computer vision is not just Machine learning ok? This video gives me a feeling machine learning is the only way how computer vision works.

  14. Wow, the model you called a Recurrent Neural Network sounds like a flavor of a project I'm working on. Thanks, I didn't know there was a name for it ☺️

  15. You know how a little kid might see a cat 🐈 one time and in the future it'll be able to tell that other cats are cats. And one day it sees a dog and can immediately tell that something's different. That's what I'm interested in: how do we cut down the data requirement from billions of examples to just one or two? Imagine a self driving car that could appreciate context in real-time despite not having a really fine tuned Neural net that's based on a crazy amount of brittle test data. That's what I'm working on as the founder of an extremely early, unnamed startup. If we don't need 5 billion examples of cars being driven to do a good job, neither should machines. We need to build machines like babies that see cats running and just "get it". That's the dream.

  16. Building your own computer vision system is, frankly, much more satisfying. And you control every aspect of the technology.

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