How Family Sharing works — Apple Support

Family Sharing makes it easy
for up to six family members to share Apple subscriptions,
like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+,
and Apple News+. On top of that, family groups can share
App Store purchases and an iCloud storage plan
all without sharing an Apple ID. One person,
the family organizer, is in charge of setting up
Family Sharing. They manage the group settings
and features and can add kids to the group by creating an Apple ID
just for them. The family organizer can invite
up to five other people to the Family Sharing group. And every member needs
their own Apple ID to join. Family Sharing is set up on everyone’s Apple devices
automatically. If purchase sharing is enabled, everyone will gain access
to purchased music, movies, TV shows, most apps, and more. That way, the group can share
individual purchases while using their own Apple ID. All subscriptions
and new App Store purchases will be billed
to the organizer’s account. But don’t worry. Personal content stored
on each family member’s device won’t be shared. Photos, videos, messages,
and files will remain private. And if you don’t want to share
certain apps or other purchases, you can hide them
from the rest of the group. If there are kids in the group, Family Sharing includes tools
designed just for them, like parental controls within
Screen Time and Ask to Buy. Ask to Buy
lets the family organizer or another adult approve
purchase and download requests. Family groups can share
iCloud storage too, giving everyone enough space
to store photos, videos, and files without having
to purchase separate plans. The group can share
either 200 gigabytes or two terabytes
of iCloud storage. Family members won’t have access
to each other’s files, but you will be able to see how
much storage everyone’s using. To make it easy for your family
to keep in touch, each person can choose
to share their location with other members of the group. And if they do choose to share, each family member
and their devices will appear in a single list
in the Find My app, making it easier to track down
a misplaced or stolen device since the whole family can help. That’s how Family Sharing
can help groups stay connected and share their favorite content
with their favorite people. ♪

51 thoughts on “How Family Sharing works — Apple Support

  1. Hey Apple, in a world where family members live in different countries how can this work ? Thanks !

  2. Thanks apple can you talk about Apple wallet and when will more apps will join wallet.

  3. And what about if I’m in a family but I want to have my own debit card and make my own purchase, without anyone in the family can use my card cause I’m not the organizer.

  4. Hey Apple I got a question, is it bad if I leave my Apple Watch connect to the charger for an example like 3 days without using it?

  5. Now I got the clarity over the topic of family sharing thanks for making this tutorial video

  6. You're suing people for repairing their devices? You worthless shits. You steaming heaps of rancid vomit. We should throw your CEO in jail. I bet he is eating some woman's baby right now.

  7. That 9 people who is jealous and cant afford family sharing
    Expecting dislikes now

  8. for devices, i saw that there was an option to erase them, what if someone i am sharing my location with erased my iphone?

  9. I like the idea, but I do not like the limited control of purchasing. For example, I do not want every adult to be able to make purchases.

  10. Yah so 6 people can be on one account and at the limit of 6 people so about 36 people

  11. Hi Apple
    Please please please we need next iphone generation soon in this properties :
    1-The Sound of speakers and microphones in real best full HD quality clarity 3D surround system .
    2-The camera in Six wide lenses real best full 8K , 100 megapixels quality clarity , 960fps for video
    3-The display screen in real best full 8K quality clarity , 240hz .
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    5- The CPU processor is in real best speed , performance , power strong quality , Huge

  12. im using iphone 11 but my massage apps memoji not working i cant open the camera option plzz give me soliution

  13. Hey, Apple support! I set up family sharing and I enabled sharing purchases. But I am not able to share the apps and games with the members in my group. How do I fix this?

  14. So a while back I set up Family Sharing and one member declined to use iCloud storage by accident. How can they undo that?

    I have an iPhone XS Max. After 1 month the warranty ended, this problems began: • The display, or part of the display, does not respond or responds intermittently to touch
    * The display reacts even though it was not touched
    The Iphone even calls and send messages alone!
    In Apple’s website, I found this:
    So, they know exactly what the problem is and what need to do to fix it.
    I bought my Iphone in USA and now I am in Brazil.
    I went to a Apple Support Store, I called Apple Support 4 times, I chat on Apple USA Support and everyone told me the same: “we are sorry by your experience, but about this I can not do anything”
    They say there is not a usual problem, that could happen with anyone, any device and if I want to fix it, I have to pay for the display replacement.
    Ok, could happen to anyone, to any device, but right now I am the one with the unusual problem.
    A problem they said It is usual with the iPhone X but not with the iPhone XS. But if is usual in iPhone X, why when happen to iPhone XS Apple can not replace the display? If I knew my iPhone can not be use after 13 months, I would never buy it. I am a loyal client. I have Macbook, iPad. Why Apple does not care about it? Why can not replace de display? Can not give some discount to buy another one? Why does not care about the client? Now I have a iPhone with ghost touching, I almost can not use it and Apple will not do anything about! #appledoesnotcare

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