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  1. I work in a nursing home. And so far no cases Thank God. I take precautions, hand washing, wearing a mask. Please pray for all of us health care workers around the world.

  2. The heart that’s meant to love you will do the very same thing that you do for him

  3. I love Quartet Gospel music as well! And yes there is a difference between that genre of gospel music and Traditional gospel music! The Canton spirituals, Tim Rogers & The Fellas, Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs, and The Alabama Gurlz, The Truthettes, &Lisa Knowles &The Browns are few of my favorites! Check em out when you get the chance🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  4. We are good thank God and I’m good only missing going to church tho but our church is streaming so that’s good love your videos

  5. You was suppose to do the dance before the so good part. I was waiting for that

  6. I love HARD too…I know EXACTLY how u feel !! Luv u too!! 🤗❤️

  7. It's like the burger is listening to this music while you're making it so tenderly and it's like……aaaaoookey! …that beacon, put it right there, riiight there! 😁😁😁

  8. I live in Brazil and our president is a complete idiot doing birthday parties and saying that we have control of the situation when everybody can see that no. I’m scared but I believe that God is bigger than this.

  9. Did you get covid 19 then? Or come in contact with someone who has?

  10. Hi l love you, but dont agree with marrying someone just because u don't want anyone else to marry them, you should marry someone because you don't want to be married to anyone else.

  11. Shes is such the lovleyest person in the world and she makes the most delicious food!!! i really adore your chanel!!!!

  12. You are just darling to watch! My children and grand children love your tasty creations that I duplicate! I must make this yummy burger for them! Thanks!

  13. A man who doesn’t want to marry u but doesn’t want any other man to marry u is being selfish and that’s not love

  14. I'm the same exact way when it comes to loving hard. I'm ALLLL into it and who I'm with. The gift giving, the catering to, the cooking for, running errands for, the whole nine yards. My everything and all… I 100% feel you and the advice you were given about getting chased a little bit. I've learned this the hard way.

  15. Your videos are so…. Good!! I love watching you cook what you eat it just feels really good to enjoy somthing you created your self. Keep these videos coming girl!

  16. No ma’am, Gurl you let HIM go in and satisfy you!! let him cook for you, run your bath water, and give you a massage…. it goes both ways! My husband , we take care of each other he loves much harder then me🥰

  17. Heyyyy how are you I just stumbled across your channel and I’m loving it already, hamburger looks delicious. I’m now your new subbie 🤗. I’m a new youtuber and I’m excited about putting out videos.

  18. That cheeseburger looks so good. Luckily my son is a toddler so I can keep him home during quarantine and he doesn't get antsy. People are going crazy at these stores. We were well prepared before the pandemic. Praying for everyone and their safety


  20. What must I do to be quarantined with you?!?!?!?! I ate the burger through the screen. SO GOOD! You're a breath of fresh air. Stay safe <3

  21. I love how she’s get hype over her food yummy bites take 📝 😂🤦🏽‍♀️👋🏽

  22. Hope that everyone finds a way to pull thru this pandemic and finds a way to make ends meet. My heart and prayers are with everyone during this tough time. ❤️

  23. Girl if i became a billionaire girl i would hire u!!! Lookkkkkksss Amazing!! Yummm

  24. I'll just continue to watch from afar cause I'm hopeful that I'll still be able to go on all my trips this summer. I can't be gaining 500lbs before August. Buttttt i can live though the vids

  25. I just fell in love with your personality. I dont want to go into the details because you gone make me cry too. Sometimes its that one thing about someone thats makes you put all defenses down and completely accept. I've been visiting your page here and there. I didn't subscribe because I wanted to make sure I supported a youtuber that I wanted to support. You my dear???…… today today you have a new subscriber. Sister girl alllll the way from Los Angeles! Woohoooo!…. anyway stay safe…stay blessed… and stay oh SoSo….GUUUUDDD!

  26. Be careful in doing these mukbangs ppl are getting sick w lots of health issues eventually ending up in hospitals w serious consequences😥

  27. You are such a pleasure to watch; so kind, sweet and funny! Stay safe and thank you for being so uplifting and optimistic. Let’s not give up hope. Solidarity is key. And if anything one of the few good things that will come of this is that we’re investing in togetherness. Much love and light to one and all.

  28. My son and I watching so he asked if I could make this meal for him tommorow… So it's going down here in Mississippi tommorow 😂. By the way we love you here❤️

  29. You're a very nice beautiful girl.😍😍😘

  30. Holy shit now thats a burger! I love the cooking part, so relaxing and cute with the background music 😍 i need to try making that fried onions!!!

  31. Im out i=of school until April and we have a curfew…..but please open a restaurant and let me get a job there lol your food looks sooooo amazing

  32. Ciao signora, ma non sarebbe troppo se lei mangia così in quarantena non so se li farà bene !!

  33. I live in an island in South Pacific, 4 cases now, they cut all the flights etc, working from home now.. cr EATING ALL DAY LONG damn need to stop that hahahah, Love you and stay safe you and your family !!

  34. May God keep us all safe and healthy and away from Covid-19. Too many lives lost. Miriam you bring light into our home as we are all under quarantine. Much love.

  35. I think that your theory is correct. They don’t want anyone else to Have her so they marry her…I was thinking about the small businesses too☹️

  36. Oof looks so good! Can you do corned beef and cabbage? Didn’t see it in your videos. Apologies if I missed it!

  37. Thank you so much for addressing independently owned businesses … America was built on the backs of these

  38. How can you eat like this when you are a nurse and you’re supposed to be preaching health? Makes no sense

  39. This to shall pass when there’s a will there’s a way stay prayed up❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. When it comes down to relationships you don't want to appear thirsty. Remember that you are the prize. Don't do wifey things when you are just a girlfriend let him chase you girl the chase is fun be a little mean guy's like mean girls. They like women whose not going to take no mess and not so passive

  41. I'm an introvert so it's our season. I don't even have to think up an excuse for why I'm not coming through. I still do the primary things like going to work, the grocery shopping and dollar stores. I work in a human service field so my job is ok. I miss going to bible study.

  42. Caregivers and Nurses Drs they are hero's gettin in an riskin their own lives thanks Miriam for Sharing positivity and entertaining me with your talents I know your a nurse and have many skills love ya everyone stay safe💝🌹

  43. I’ve been doing really good, but I’m really bummed that they extended my spring break. I miss my friends ☹️ But I cant complain at least I’m still healthy. 😁

  44. I'm in quarantine in the country of Jordan, where there is martial law. If you walk outside, you face a sentence of a minimum of one year in prison. And I just got stuck here while visiting. It's been an interesting time to say the least. Thanks for uploading it takes the edge off for sure

  45. After this video, I want to date you now hahaha talk about the ROYAL TREATMENT lol…anyway, another great video, Miriam keep em comin!

  46. Hay Honey i 💘 the homemade oniin bacon 🍔 and 🍟.The only thing we can do is Abs Pray each and everyday.Stat blessed and well 💘 you.

  47. I enjoy watching you all the time. I need love your spirit and your heart.. And you keep me hungry!! ❤️ Stay safe and stay blessed ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Looks yummy Thank you for the easy to follow recipes especially at a time like this😉 Kitchen here I come🏃🏾‍♀️

  49. I watch ur videos all the time can u do some good breakfast idea's like French toast thank you for ur videos!!!

  50. Im here Miriam! For it all, front and center. So Good. Love it! ❤🤗☺️

  51. Too much! The price of this kind of great eating is too much pay. Trying to lose the pounds later, UGH! Stay at Home orders – I am stir crazy!! But eating good on Keto!

  52. She definitely spent a lot of alone time as ah kid playing by herself talking to herself lol

  53. Girl, you make my day. I'm laughing all the time and I think you dontvknow how funny you really are. Yes, you are a beautiful soul, who deserves someone who wants you more than you want them! Trust and believe that you are truly amazing and God has you always. The man you're meant to be with, has to be ready to stand in love, and KNOW that you're a Queen. Don't believe that you won't have love, cos you will. 😀

  54. I'm a nurse. Been working 9 weeks no day off. We will not get one until the spreading stops. I am a 30 year working nurse and too old for 72 hours a week. I don't know how much longer I can hold on. Please pray for me and everyone working thru this difficult time. Food looks delicious. Thumbs up

  55. A bacon cheeseburger sounds so wonderful right now; but I am pretty sure the store doesn't have any of the ingredients to make one at this point. Nevertheless, I do not mind living in Quarantine – as the homebody that I am, I just wish there wasn't such tense circumstances. While I am expected to work from home, in the meantime, I plan on working on two writing projects and learning what I can for my own business. Faithfully, learning to have quiet time, praying long & sincerely and reading the Word. Stay well everybody & pray earnestly!

  56. I'm a substitute teacher so I'm sooo bored during the week! Ugh. Need more activities to do

  57. I appreciate your channel because you actually show us how to cook it and prepare it vs just buying food already bought and eating it on camera so kudos to you it looks fantastic!!

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