How it Works: Fire

In the previous episode of How it Works,
we told you about HE shells and the way they deal
damage to ships and their modules. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the
main reason behind HE shells’ popularity— their ability to start fires. How it Works A fire aboard a ship is very dangerous
and can deal serious damage. In our game, they can start only after a hit from
a high-explosive shell, rocket, or airbomb. There’s no other way. Even if an HE shell
explodes near the ship and its modules are in the damage
area and lose HP, there will be no fire. Now let’s return to our Fuso. A high-explosive
shell hit the battleship and it doesn’t matter
if it penetrates armor or not, the probability of causing
a fire will be calculated anyway. However, there’s one exception. The chance of fire is not calculated if the part of the ship
receiving the hit is already on fire. In our game, there can be only four
fires aboard a ship simultaneously— one on the bow, one on the aft,
and two in the central part. By the way, the Fire Prevention skill
decreases this number to three, so there can be only
one fire in the central part. Let’s get back to our example. If the part of Fuso hit
by an HE shell isn’t burning already, the calculation of the
fire probability occurs. All HE shells in World of Warships
have a chance of causing a fire. It’s measured as a percentage
and depends on the caliber, amount of explosive matter
in the shell, and the ship’s nation. You can see it in the Port. However, all ships in the game have a base coefficient
of anti-fire protection, which depends on the ship’s
tier and hull (stock or top version). You can find this coefficient on the
Wargaming Wiki in the Fire article. Apart from this, let’s equip
the ship that’s shooting at Fuso with all the modifiers
that increase the chance of fire, and improve the anti-fire protection
of the battleship at the same time. Let’s calculate what we have now. Multiply the base coefficient
of Fuso’s fire protection by the coefficients provided by
Damage Control System Modification 1 and the Fire Prevention
commander skill. Then we multiply
the obtained result by the sum of the base fire
chance of Pensacola’s HE shells divided by 2
if the Inertia Fuse skill is learned, Victor Lima and India X-Ray signals and the Demolition Expert
Commander skill. So, the resulting
chance of fire is 11.8%. Now, let’s dismount all the modifications
from our Fuso and retrain its Сommander. As a result, the chance
of causing fire increased to 13.8%. As you can see, if you don’t improve
the fire protection of your battleship, the difference will be
slightly higher than 2%. This seems insignificant, but if your battleship
is hit by 100 shells in a battle, it’s 2 fewer fires on average. A fire doesn’t harm modules
nor does it damage a ship’s parts; it directly “burns” the HP indicator. How much HP a ship loses
during a fire depends on its type. Aircraft carriers lose 1%
of their full HP value per second, all other ship types
lose 0.3% per second. Another important
parameter of a fire is its duration. Destroyers and cruisers
burn for 30 seconds, aircraft carriers—for 5 seconds, and battleships—for 60 seconds. There are exceptions, though. For example, Graf Spee
burns for 45 seconds. Alaska, Stalingrad, Azuma,
and Kronstadt burn for 60 seconds. It would seem that these
numbers are not so serious, but one fire takes away
5% from carriers’ total HP, 9% from destroyers and cruisers,
and 18% from battleships. As you remember, the maximum number
of simultaneous fires on one ship is four. So, a battleship can lose
72% of its HP in a minute, and our Fuso will be left
with a mere 15,988 HP. That’s why you need to and
should reduce the fire duration. For example, the combination
of the India Yankee signal, Basics of Survivability skill, and
Damage Control System Modification 2 will reduce the duration of a fire
on our battleship to 35 seconds. As a result, even after four fires,
Fuso will be left with 36,544 HP. Don’t forget about
Damage Control Party either, especially since it’s impossible
to set a ship ablaze when it’s active. However, you can’t
extend the duration of a fire, even with the most intensive shelling, which is why you should aim at a ship’s
center or aft if its bow is on fire. But as soon as the fire dies out,
feel free to return to the bow. And remember that fires don’t spread
on a ship independently, they need help. Apart from inflicting serious damage,
fires cause additional problems by increasing the detectability range
of a burning ship by 2 kilometers. Torpedoes are similar to fires
by their damage mechanic. But we’ll tell you about them
in the next episode of How it Works. Click the bell icon
if you don’t want to miss it.

97 thoughts on “How it Works: Fire

  1. 当たれば必ずしも火災が発生する訳ではないのか……

  2. It's easy. Just spam H.E shellez. It's the go too method anyways.

    Also, is it it me or wasn't this episode already done before?

  3. Fuso: gets used as a target

    The players who like Fuso: How many times do we to teach you this lesson Old man

  4. Let's be honest. No one is gonna do these calculations in a face pace game. Lmao!

  5. shoots 350mm steel plate with 150mm HE
    World of Warships: It definitely didn't penetrate but it somehow created a fire through the armor.

  6. 1:26 "in our game there can only be 4 fire"

    1:40 showing Fuso with 5 fires

    me: seriously?

  7. Its easy you need to hit the deck or a weak hull with a highly flammable shell

  8. At least they know battleships get rekt hard by HE spammers unless they are kremlin.

  9. Chance of fire is all down to RNG. I had a game in the Gearing where I put 183 HE-shells into one target. Result: One (1) fire.

    So that was a lie.

  10. I don't mean to sound cynical but with the current HE spam meta and lack of actual intelligence within players to use AP, and therefore – think , I feel this is really relevant…

  11. trying to convince people to spec for fire resist in hopes to stop the complains of smolensk since they wont be touching that overpowered paper ship

  12. Hey World of Warship,
    Maybe you can start a new kind of videos like HOW TO. For example it seems nice to me to see how to aim better or for example how to win more often. Such things like that.

  13. Your math is off. You forgot about the 100% change of a fire being set, the second you Damage Control goes on cooldown.

  14. I just use AP at short distance. HE are more fun-they destroy the enemy slow but safe.

  15. Total DMG to Carriers: 24% of base health, fire duration 60 seconds…

    Hold up WG (⚆_⚆)…

  16. In the game when actually used There are no specific number values specified in the game, such as setting up parts, including Captain Skill. Now this boat will How many damage numbers are there? How much can the ship be repaired? At least tell the numbers in a nutshell. Will it be good?

  17. HE popularity si not because of its fire probability , its because its 0 skill ammo in most cases…
    A CONQUEROR can hit any bow in BBs for 15-20k consistently with HE… why would anyone use AP ?

  18. Step 1: play conqueror , step 2 set shit on fire , step 3: own the damage meters Step 4: win

  19. 4:25 I like how you use the same bar length for both the 60sec of BBs and 5 sec of CVs. I guess using the correct length would have highlighted too much the fact that CVs take for some stupid reason way less damage from fires than other classes.

  20. Eyy wargaming can we get a sound update. A few of us are tired of all the guns sounding exactly the same. Like izumo has the same gun fire sound as yamato dispite 50mm difference

  21. How to get RNG using Bismarck, simple, be a legend that knows it and you done :))))

  22. Does any of the "how it works" information apply to the console version. Because I know that is very dumbed down in comparison to PC

  23. The shown wiki stuff for BB / CV isn't up2date / from an old table. CV fire duration is limited to 5 seconds and doesn't go up to 60… Please doublecheck your material before releasing false information, you did the same with the Puerto Rico where you showed the PTS dubloon values instead of the live ones.

  24. now you how its stupid is shell falls on armor near water line
    yeah its fire🤣

  25. That CV fire duration is ridiculous – they aren't immune to fire. If you need a fix, why not give CVs manual damage control?

  26. Fire prevention should decrease to 2 fires! it costs 4 skill points

  27. So, overall which skill is more useful for eating less fire DMG? Fire Pevention for 4 skills or Basic Survivability, if you can't have both?

  28. 2 fewer fires per 100 shells is so small. Didn't realize it was this small of a margin.

  29. Hope now bbs on my team wll get the FP skill for 4pts… insted of die like a

  30. Let me introduce my fellow friend: Napalm shell, coming soon on world of warships

  31. Nothing has made more people stop playing WoWs than the unbelievable frustrating fire system. When someone shoots HE shells at you, then you burn. There's nothing you can do about it. No captain's skill and no module will prevent that. Smolensk, Atlanta, Worcester, Colbert, etc. etc. etc. will hit you with ~8 shells every few seconds with each shell having a ~20% chance of setting a fire. Do the math. You burn, burn, burn, then, when your Repair Skill is finally off cooldown, you repair and do not burn for the duration of the Repair Skill, which is about 10 seconds, and after that, the next HE salvo sets you on fire again. Burn, burn, burn. No player skill needed.

  32. It looks very nice but the problem is that worth nothing. My favorite ship was Jean Bart and i loved it so much but now there is in the trash. I have full survival skill capitan with anti fire upgrades but even so, every ships make fire me. Battleships, light and havy cruisers and some destroyers too. Playing with battleships in high tier battles are unplayeable.

  33. Does Fuso look like an instrument of abuse to you? Leave that poor BB alone and use Smolensk as target practice instead.

  34. "Its 2 fewer fires on average" for 100 shells? You think its gonna matter when every game its about 800 or 1000 shells? Ever heard of half the ships in the game. We got Worcester, smolensk, minotaur, colbert, atlanta, the russian bb line that has accuracy better than a destroyer at max range, we have all the aircraft carriers. You think 100 shells is all your gonna get, when it's so many it doesnt matter.

  35. For some reason when I saw the thumbnail, I almost thought that the ship that was on fire was the Titanic.

  36. Carriers burn for only five seconds…. unlike historically where the fkers burned for days on end because of all the flammable shit in them. Fuel for the ship, fuel for the planes, ammunition for the secondary mounts, ammunition for aircraft etc. Yet a battleship will burn for 60s because reasons? Like holy shit you’ve taken CV’s the most broken class in the game and made them objectively tankier that Battleships the most heavily armour class in the game. CV’s get 60s damage control and it’s not like they need it anyways because they only burn for five seconds, on top of having armoured flight decks and they’ll bounce AP shells and are practically immune to all small calibre HE spam.

  37. Love the game but I think HE is used way to much, ships that have no need for them will use them just because they will always do damage.
    And HMS Conqueror is just retarded, a BB that will spam nothing but HE because it has a much greater fire set chance than a damn cruiser!. 48% like wtf Even when faced with a nice side on shot they will more often stick with HE rather than AP/.
    Other BBs barely reach 35% that's a hugh damn difference and it really turns the Conqueror into a HE spam.

  38. Wg really seems to hate the Fuso. In every Video the Fuso get attacked xD

  39. thats bullshit this game whas programmed to make money not more nothing in the game is perfekt nothing. as if someone stands behind the mounten…. all this good gameplay whas from gamer there become provision for marketing the game example scharnhorst premium back then thanks to the torpedoes today only because of the costs and the captains you can put on it

  40. for this one..i think Conqueror would have been appropriate; its the BB version of a flame thrower. Stop abusing poor Fuso so much and start using some of the in house meme ships.

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