How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus | NYT News

“We’re going to put out
an executive order today. New York State on pause — only essential businesses
will be functioning. 100% of the workforce
must stay home. This is the most drastic
action we can take.” “Everything is
uncharted territory. Nobody knows what’s
going to happen in the news any minute.” “I think I’ve been
asking a lot of how we could have prevented this.” “Am I going to see
another depression like my grandfather
saw in the 1920s?” “Over the past few days,
New York City has taken a lot of
important measures. I’m just worried it came
a little bit too late.” “I think I’m scared of
having to see more death and from reading stories
from abroad, having to make decisions about resources. And I’m worried
people in my life are going to die from it. A few days ago, I had to
watch a patient basically slowly die. I just felt helpless. This is the first time I’ve
really seen people that I truly don’t know how to help. And they are coming in
so sick that everything I’m used to doing
to be able to treat them, I can’t really do.” “How was your day off, Mich?” “It was emotional,
to say the least.” “Why?” “It’s just, like, the hospital
has been insane. And every hour, like,
things are changing. So it’s just, like,
trying to keep up with that while trying to
read about what I should be treating these people with,
while people are rolling in the worst — I don’t know. They say in 18 days it’s
supposed to get really bad. I guarantee you
tomorrow we’re going to have like 1,000 more. The numbers are
going to go up.” “That’s no problem at all. Thank you very much. That’s very nice. Thank you. Sounds good. See you then. Bye. Well, I have been working. A lot of people are not,
which is hard. This place used to
have 30 employees, and on Sunday we let
go of 90% of the staff. We want to reopen so we
can rehire people, you know? It was really hard
to let everyone go. These are people that
are at the level, they’re not wealthy,
you know? This is a very harsh reality. And actually what the job is,
is smiling through stress. And this is hard
to smile through.” [Rain falling] “It’s go time here at
the community kitchen. This is the time where
we have to ramp up our services to be
very sensitive to how people are feeling. People are coming to
us feeling vulnerable. They maybe work in the
restaurant industry. People who work in Broadway and in a lot of the
behind-the-scenes, they’re coming here saying, well, I don’t have work. So those industries
are the folks that are the first ones that
we’re seeing come through. But we’re preparing to see
more people come through in need.” “All programming
at the senior center is suspended for
the next two weeks. Stay safe and
have a good day.” “So this is not
business as usual. We don’t know what’s
coming up if people have to stay in their homes
for a longer period of time. And we want to make sure
people are getting food, especially since a lot of
industries are out of work. We are expecting a
lot of new people, and we are going to be
ready to receive them. This is all very new for them,
and some of them are feeling guilt or shame coming to an emergency
food program. So we have to remember that
we do this all the time, but for them, it’s
something new and something that they feel
anxious about doing. We’re just getting
them registered. They’re getting food. That’s our main priority is
people are getting food.” [Sighing with exasperation] “I’m not supposed
to touch my face. Hold on a second.” “I have prepared
myself already, mentally, multiple times,
to go back to Oregon and leave this entire
beautiful dream behind me. So many people, including
many of my friends, are working at bars,
at restaurants, which are now closed. And now we’re all
at home, wondering, Can we make it another month? Can our families afford to
pay their mortgages at home? Do we just need to
go back and start working, just so we can help
our own families, the people that we love the most, stay in
the homes that we grew up in? It’s hard to think
that my mom or my dad are never going
to see retirement. The best things that we can
do right now as a community is just to give ourselves
over to something that brings us true happiness. Because right now,
it feels like it’s about to get very desperate.” “This is only something
that we can get through if we’re working together. There will be so
much suffering, unnecessary suffering, if we’re not really
looking out for each other and if we only think about
ourselves and our well-being. We have to be thinking
about each other.” [Birds chirping]

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  2. Future is so uncertain for all around the world! This is a new world with a different perspective, we are learning to live thinking about others and be a real society. Hard … yes, but needed, yes! Indeed ❤️🙏🏻🇵🇷 My heart and prayers for all. Stay strong and blessed.

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated. Pray for all New York. Be safe and healthy. Love N.Y.
    Listen to my plea of desperation with COVID-19.

  4. Everybody keeps talking about how critical this is, but you can’t find ANY videos or photos of over-crowded hospitals. That is real f*cking suspicious. Show me the dead bodies! Show me the funerals! There aren’t any! Where are the dead bodies?!?!?!?!

  5. Ya y'all are trying to come into our State of Florida !!!!! Stay home !!!!!!

  6. I don’t want to seem petty, but this is something that has been irritating me for a long time. Why when they say New York, do they never include the state, just the city? There are millions of other New Yorkers who are never mentioned by any news outlet. It especially hurts now during this crisis, while I realize it’s centered in the city has still impacted the state enormously. It’s bad enough to have to pay these huge taxes, but these companies could at least recognize us.

  7. Kudos to the artist guy, his painting actually looks like art, a rare thing these days.

  8. I’m in Northern Italy. People: STAY AT HOME!!! try to reduce grocery shopping to once every two weeks , if you can less often, and when you are outside ALWAYS wear a mask!!! If you can’t find them, MAKE IME! I’m making them to distribute. I’m half Chinese, get info from China and Taiwan

  9. So there was a pandemic simulation that happened in October 2019 in NY called event 201 that "predicted" that a virus would contaminate people in an exponential scale and at least 64 million people would die in the first 18 months. Why is the situation so bad if there was a simulation that occurred couple months before the breakout? If they didn't learn anything from it, what was the real purpose of that event?

  10. New York is Not on a Lock down? People are allowed to Leave NY like people left Wuhan China Sick – Wtf – Get the rest of the Country Sick – Cuomo!!!!

  11. It's a sign to slow things down. The endgame for capitalism was always going to be communism.Have some of that Murica. Take your Government medicine

  12. NOT ME US. We can do this. We are strong. We are capable. We have each other. We must do everything in our power to stay safe and not spread this while finding ways to serve our families and neighbors during this hard time. If we come together we can save millions of lives and make sure that we don't let needless suffering happen. Wear a mask, gloves, goggles and only go out when necessary. Sterilize everything before you touch it outside. Wash down everything you bring home or leave it in the bag or box for several days before you touch it. Be careful. Most importantly connect with your family, your loved ones and your God. Now is not the time to turn our backs on what is right.

  13. If this thing is spreading like the flu and has much of the same symptoms and outcome as the flu. Everyone should be doing the same thing they would be doing any other flu season. Keep clean and distance yourself if you’re susceptible to sickness or may be sick. The flu also doesn’t have a real vaccine, but this is new and panic is good for business. People are easy to control when they’re afraid. Hello, Upcoming Election 👋🏽 People who know what this is aren’t afraid. There is no reason for anything to shut down or test run Martial Law. Wake up ppl.

  14. Come on america you're going to make it! Future is more uncertain than ever but we'll always stand up again. After the storm sun always shines again.
    greetings from north of Italy

  15. This is affecting everyone worldwide but I can imagine it hits in a different way some than others, this will shape our lives hopefully for the better, I can only wish us health and a shift in our priorities, less money, less things, smaller houses, more communities, less work, more time together, more consciousness less living in auto pilot

  16. I'm afraid I'm might be living out on the street I have no job and no money although I do have a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck!

  17. Western democracy criticized China’s lockdown for hurting personal liberty. Now they are doing the same and nobody judged them

  18. Selfish New Yorkers are ignoring their home state quarantine and packing planes to spread the virus across the country. In just one day, Monday 3/23, 190 planes from new York landed in Florida alone. Ignorant and selfish don't begin to describe these folks. Florida's governor and the president have ordered these people leaving New York to self quarantine for 14 days but who thinks these ignorant people who ignored their home state quarantine will follow one from Florida or the federal government.

  19. hello I was at the hospital and I was not see any kids or busy in side the children's hospital for treat in but the bad experience that my daughter and me we have that day 3 /20/20 that was rude unprofessional doctor and miss treat my daughter make in her fell angry and my self to so they never do any test for see what is corona virus to my daughter and to me so I go to one to file a complaint to this children's hospital Maria Ferrero hospital in Westchester and to sue the doctor nurse for liar to me and to provoking my daughter to get angry and for not answer all my question and abusing us all the interior time so to be sick is not corona virus is a trauma to us and to all the world

  20. America is world largest economy then also people are crying because of hunger common govt should help them

  21. Stay strong my NY brother and sisters. The city that nevers sleeps will come back to life very soon.

  22. Globalism has failed. Its time for local nationalcapitalism and a white renaissance. The social studies where a academic bubble too that only survived thanks to cooperatism and subventions while there is actually no market for them. Those people losing their jobs should help on farms to feed the nation and start to learn something usefull. Patriots need to protect their close ones.

  23. Just like when you catch cold and having blocked nose or runny nose and you use antihistamines,in this disease also same things happened but in lungs so dangerous but solution is the same means using antihistamines.cetirizine,loratadin,fexofenadin…at first time possible.
    This virus acts Like a key and locks an enzyme but it can not lock it properly for every body so many people catch it in mild form.
    This virus locks an enzyme in lungs called ace.
    Angiotensin converting enzyme.
    This enzyme has two works both of them stopped by virus.
    First making Angiotensin2 a vasoconstrictor,second destroying bradykinin a histamine.
    Abundance of bradykinin histamine in lungs results in angioedema of lungs,dry cough,difficulty breathing and in severe cases may cause death hence antihistamines are life saving.
    Stopping angiotensin2 production results in low blood pressure,no aldosterone release and high potassium levels so using great amount of liquids.
    Solution will be antihistamines cetirizine,loratadin,fexofenadin….at first time.
    High amount of liquids.
    Bradykinin blockers or brokers.
    Vasoconstrictors like epinephrine,norepinephrine.
    Using aldosterone and monitoring potassium levels and reduce it if it's high.
    Antiviral and antibacterial drugs.
    Especial care for patients with respiratory problems and patients on anti hypertensive drugs.

  24. i dont like to see others pass away. Here are techniques to ELIMINATE Corona
    -clean debitcard/wallet
    -car keys
    – phone etc

  25. "The city that never sleeps" is pausing everything and this shows how serious it is.

  26. I just hope all you guys help each other and don't rely on corporations for help – they don't care unless you let them enslave you.

  27. Dark times For us New Yorkers….. No work = No income, how long this last will see how much we'll pay for the damage

  28. 5:04 that's probably the first time someone really asked her how she's doing. What an angel. She just holds all that in, day in and day out. Who knows what else is going on in her own life, her own personal problems. But she puts that all aside to do her best work, serving people. I wish I could be as strong as this girl. A true hero of humanity.

  29. people arent worried about being sick. theyre worried about going broke.

  30. I as well as many who dedicated their time to actually get valuable information and study the published materials saw this happening back in December even in January the information was out and available for anyone to read online and some of the studies were available. Why every government person had denied the important info that would have helped to prevent so much of this spread and would have kept many healthier is beyond any of us.

  31. A military virus attack on China will lead to the U.S. collapse. They'll lower the standard of living in the United States.

  32. This thing will leave only the upper middle class to rich, elites to take over the cities

  33. they should make food banks put the food into peoples trunks & let them drive away never leaving their CARS like my city has done..crowds of people grabbing those food boxes are spreading the sickness guaranteed

  34. The elites have been planning to switch the whole system into digital money for a long time. Many have said there is a coming crash this summer. And you will see a huge transfer of wealth (to the bankers/elites), people will lose jobs, people's assets wiped out also. But this time they don't want you to blame the bankers, they want you to blame a virus and China, so that's why it was engineered (also agenda 21).  See Cryptoviewing youtube videos. They have been posting videos about a virus relating to the coming finance switch since 2017. They also want to wipe out US debts. Because of failed economic policies, US owes astronomical debts that they can never pay back. It's all happening very soon. PS. Don't put digital money in the banks. Research! Knowledge is power.

  35. So with the common influenza virus, which kills about a thousand people a day worldwide nobody bats an eye.. but with this virus suddenly everyone loses their mind? It's funny and sad how the mainstream media and government can so easily change people's perception of reality. It's even worse when the people are literally begging the government to put them under martial law. 1984 has definitely arrived.

  36. Did any of our politicians (particularly the Republicans) give a sh** about poor people before coronavirus? Sad how it takes a pandemic to get people to wake the f*** up to the sad reality of many of our fellow citizens.

  37. वो मेरे घर नहीं आता..
    मैं उस के घर नहीं जाता…
    मगर इन एहतियातों से तअल्लुक मर नहीं जाता…
    *Be safe*🙏🙏avoid hand shake follow indians..

  38. The epitome of privilege, a White liberal female with a hipster scarf on crying over a virus that is literally as deadly as the COMMON FLU. 😂

  39. We are no longer a country that depends on or resorts to prayer.
    Granted – prayer may not "save" a person from this illness, it can strengthen and sustain us in times of fear. Peace is a very powerful, un-utilized weapon in the battle of spiritual/physical warfare.
    Find your prayer closets saints. =^..^=

  40. By coming to south NJ and using up all our resources thats how some are coping. We don't have enough for ourselves let alone others. Stop being selfish and stay at your primary residence instead of using us for our resources. If you are starving or have a medical emergency we will help but if not GTFO of south jersey.

  41. Look as that savage at 0.57. . Right up close, talking loudly and no mask.

  42. 6:56 “The only way to get through this is if we work together. Otherwise there will be so much unnecessary suffering… if we are only looking at our own well being”

    2002 Crabwood, UK.
    A crip circle had the following message:
    “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. There is good out there. We oppose deception.

    Much PAIN but there still time.

    Conduit CLOSING (Trumpet sound).”

    You can’t tell we were not warned. We just didn’t want to hear and the conduit finally closed.

  43. stupid people still using i need to feed so i wont stay at home, not realizing the worse will come if they dont just stay at home for 2 weeks, really idiots of the world

  44. Chinese Communist Party must be forced to pay a heavy price for what they have unleashed upon the world through their direct actions & their inactions.

  45. Time to move out of big cities and have self-sufficient homes where you collect your own rain water, have solar power, grow your own food, raise your chickens etc………………………………………………..and depending on your job as your sole source of income is just stupid nowadays.
    Things definitely gotta change.

  46. That's why Italy's government put economic helps to businesspeople, you can't ask those people to just not work, they know it's a "work or starve life" they had chosen, there's no smart working for them. Those helps are not much, they're just enough to keep having an home, facilities and buy groceries but together with others have made possible for everyone to stay at home. Love from Italy, these are hard times indeed the governments have to step their games up.

  47. Just let them work. When they get sick, most will survive anyway, then they will develop immunity from it, i assume.

  48. Humans going extinct they mad about jobs 🤣 don't worry Trump letting you out Good bye.

  49. We havnt had real problems in a long time. And so many people try to avoid problems therefore they don't know how to deal with them when they arise.. unprepared

  50. Oof the girl at the food bank trying to smile but then just breaking down really got me. This is scary for all of us and I’m glad it’s being taken seriously here in NY, but I really hope the rest of the country (such as places where people are still having beach parties and whatnot) really opens their eyes before It’s way too late.

  51. I don’t know why people are surprised it says in the Bible that things change drastically and that we are living the final days, start reading your bible get ready this is just the beginning so get ready for more accept Jesus as your savior today before is too late

  52. They don’t wear masks in Europe. No wonder it spread faster than anywhere else.

  53. A lot of people who burned all their bridges are dying in their apartments…. alone.

  54. Stop making bioweapons in lab.. dnt use sci. To just destruction.. use it for humanity use it for nature

  55. That coment,from the stree t vendor is a very big problem,I you are dead then noting matters,

  56. They say Heroes is everywhere, here is a few of them the food bank volunteers.

  57. Yet Jesus has been telling YOU what’s coming and to be aware of your disease called SIN but YOU will be too late again.

  58. Everyone acting like it's the end of world…. thought that was y2k or in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ended or when the bird flu came around. We have seen worse and I'm sure there will be something worse than this virus in the future only thing we can do is prepare for the worst.

  59. Thats what you get for not having a healthcare system and calling it "socialist" and not wanting to pay taxes. The US will probably be hit the worst of all countries, due to the egoist-capitalist societal structure and lack of basic social security. It will be horrific. And this while you're lead by a child in a mans body.

  60. Yes, use your hands with gloves to touch the phone and in turn put it near your face… extra steps for the virus but it will like the challenge


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