How One Business Cut Their Social Media Workload By 80%

– Hey, what’s up busy people? I wanted to pop outside really quick and reply to a question that
I’ve been getting a lot, which is how do I cut my
social media workload by 80% and then still get results? Or increase my results? And I have one client that was sort of the
beginning of all of this, and they legitimate, and it’s not 80% for everybody, sometimes it’s 50%, which is still amazing, but they legitimately cut
their social media workload by 80% and just saw their
revenue keep going up. And I wanna share their story to kind of answer your questions as well as what you’ve been
asking about my upcoming course, the Five Minute Social Media Method, in this video, so that your social media can reach it’s peak potential, okay? Let’s talk about this. (upbeat music) Alright I’m here at Gas
Works Park in Seattle, where I live, well, I live in Seattle
not here at the park. And I just wanted to tell you all about this company that I work with, where we cut their social
media workload by 80%, and it’s all of the
principles that I developed in what I call the Five
Minute Social Method, and the whole idea is
to just narrow it down to the best parts of your
social media marketing, and get rid of the rest. So many of us have been listening to all these different experts
and gurus for years and years and say ‘Try this, try this, try this!’ and we put it all together, and we go ‘Why doesn’t it work?’ ‘Cause, for one, something that worked for somebody else doesn’t necessarily work for you, and two, sometimes we end up
trying two conflicting ideas that basically cancel each other out, and then three, we’re just spending so
much time on so many things that we don’t get anything, we don’t go all-in on anything. So this was sort of the
first client I worked with, and I didn’t call it this
back then a few years ago, but what I now call The
Five Minute Social Method, which I’m teaching in an
advanced course coming up, but I also have free training as well, and I want to share how to get on the early bird wait list
for that in a second, but here’s what happened. I went in to this client, and they were a chain
of ten retail locations across two states. And they were desperate, they had been posting
on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, I think in the first meeting somebody said ‘Should we still have a MySpace page?’ and I was like ‘No! Of
course you shouldn’t have, no you don’t need a MySpace page now for your type of business.’ And so what we did, is we said ‘Okay, what if we just focus
on the things that work?’ and so we looked at all those things, and we just said, ‘For now,
let’s just focus on Facebook. Nothing else, okay?’ The goal for the business,
and this is the first step, is you gotta figure out your goals, they wanted top of mind awareness, so that when somebody
needed this business, they were the first
company they thought of, and then two, they had a
very specific messaging that they wanted to get out
there for their business, and this was important too. So we built the whole
strategy around Facebook, they eliminated everything else, they started posting less, they started focusing
on just those two goals and nothing else, and within weeks, the amount of time they were
spending on social media had gone down by 80%. And it’s not 80% for everybody, but even if you get your
social media workload by 50%, that’s pretty good for most of us, right? And here’s what happened when they stopped doing so much work, is their revenue started
going up every single month. And I was elated, I’m like ‘I’m so glad this is working, I’m so glad we got to figure this out.’ And the funny thing is, it started that way, and then they said ‘No, no, this is even better than you think, because the rest of our
industry is trending down, everybody else’s business is down and ours is still going up.’ So, that was the beginning of
my Five Minute Social Method, it was built in an agency then perfected across hundreds of small businesses. I’ve only ever offered
it to one-on-one clients for the most part, and no I’m putting it in the course, I finally figured out the
time to put it into a course, and so if you’re interested
in the free six-part training, or if you want to get
first access to the course when it launches here very soon, go to, you can also find the link in
the description of this video, and here’s what happens, the reason I created
the early bird wait list is because I can only
work with a small handful of students in this course. I want people to get results. I’m not interested in
getting a bunch of people in to watch information and
then not do anything with it. This comes with a ton of support, me working with you, live Q&As, all of that kind of thing. And so I want to make sure the people who really want to get in are the ones that do get in, so if you think that might be you, join the early bird wait list and you’ll get access to enroll a full day before the general public to make sure that you get a spot, okay? Get your name on there and let me know if you have any questions, and once you’re signed up we’ll send you more information about the free six-part training and how to make sure you get a spot in the Five Minute Social
Media Method very, very soon.

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