16 thoughts on “How the PG&E power outage is affecting small business owners

  1. All they need is a tiny quiet inverter generator that uses about a gallon of gas each ten hours .. why not?, 2000 watts .. so easy.

  2. Oh dawrling,, realize that you are in chumps economy now,, your economic status
    is no longer of importance….. Isn't America Great Again!😃!

  3. Boo Hoo. The Satan Worshipers can't get dried placenta blood tonight.

  4. Please stay where you are at and don't move to a different state! California is Awesome:(

  5. oh dear, money grubbing business people will suffer. Oh no, my crap no insurance job didn't work out.

  6. Humans are causing a major extinction event and you want to
    talk about breeders needing to feed their infants.
    I stopped wading in the shallow end of logic along time ago.
    In case you don't understand, that's the problem, mindless reproduction.

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