How To Become A Millionaire As An Employee

Just a few years ago, my opinion about the
job is, “It’s slavery”. I simply believed that it’s a bad thing to
have a job. I was stupid. As I grew up, I understood better. Now, I not only think that getting a job is
not necessarily a bad thing, I believe that you can be happy as an employee. Not just that I believe that you can be happy
as an employee, I believe that you can be a millionaire as an employee. In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you how you can be a millionaire, even as an employee. If you’re new here, consider subscribing
so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. How money is made
In my early years, I usually think that the only way to make a lot of money is to create
products that millions of people are willing to buy. But as I grew up and get to know some employees
who are earning a whole lot of money from their jobs, I changed the way I think. Now, this is what I believe; we make money
by being valuable. Being valuable, that’s the keyword. If you want to be rich as an employee, one
thing you have to do is to be very much valuable, far more valuable than most people. Rising above competition
The first time I employed someone was in the year 2009. Over the years, I’ve announced vacant positions
of my company and almost every time, we received too many applications than we need. The last time my company announced some vacant
positions was last month. Up till the time of making this video, we’re
still receiving an application, after more than 2,000 people have applied for about 10
positions. Let’s think about it this way; why are most
employees poor? The answer is simple, most employees are poor
because the job market is so much crowded that supply for jobs is crazily higher than
the demand. The simple economic principle teaches us that
whenever the supply of anything is higher than its demands, the price must fall. When 100 people are fighting for a job, that
gives the employer the power to pay less than he should. Close your mind and imagine a world where
employers only get 3 applications for 30 job positions. What would happen in such a world? Well, everyone will be well-paid because man-power
is scarce. But as long as employers like me can see 50
people begging for one job, the hope of a high-paying job is lean. But there’s a way out of that and that is;
be more valuable than everyone. No, listen to this; though millions of people
are looking for jobs, truly valuable people are very scarce. If you work hard to become more valuable than
most people, your employer will not just pay you higher than everyone, he will cherish
you like his eyes. What does value mean? For so many years, every neurosurgeon in the
world believed that you cannot separate conjoined twins. But a man would prove everyone wrong. His name is Ben Carson. He is a curious and studious human being. He read everything he found insight, he closed
his eye to many pleasure and study beyond normal boundary any of his mates will ever
be dared. He experimented and prepared himself. In 1987 Ben Carson became the first neurosurgeon
in the world to ever successfully separate a conjoin twin, then he became the world’s
famous. Everyone wanted to listen to him, so he wrote
a book to tell his stories. The book sold in millions? He wrote another book and another book. Ben Carson is an employee but he became a
millionaire. How did he do it? Carson became a millionaire by going the extra-extra
mile. He became a millionaire by becoming far more
valuable to the world than almost everyone in his field. He became valuable by reading the books nobody
read, studying what no one did and daring what nobody did. That’s being valuable to the world. Though value means different things in different
industries, even to a different company in all, being valuable means that you know much
more about your industry and profession that everyone. If you’re a computer engineer, for example,
your goal should be able to perform more miracles with computer programming than anybody in
the world. If you’re in sales or marketing department
of your company, your goal should be to understand more about human nature and what makes them
buy, more than anybody in the world. Your goal should be to know how to sell and
to sell far more than anybody in your industry. Joe Girard was an American salesman in a Chevrolet
dealership. Joe so much studied and understood sales which
he sold 13,001 cars between the years 1963 and 1978 and he became the world bestseller
in which he was recognized by the Guinness book of world record as the seller of the
most cars in a year (1,425 in 1973). Needless to say, joe became a millionaire. Like Carson, people were willing to listen
to what Joe Girard had to say about selling and that made him write books like; which
made him even richer. Again, the formula is very simple; if you
want to become a millionaire as an employee, then, you have to separate yourself from the
crowd. You don’t just have to be an employee. You have to be an indispensable employee. Don’t say it’s tough
Yes, to be among the top 3% who make all the money in your industry is a tough game. But there are no two ways out of it. As I love to tell people; there are only two
ways to become rich and still have some level of freedom. The first way is to be a successful entrepreneur
and the second way is to be an indispensable employee. Unfortunately, none of these two ways is easy,
so if you want to be a millionaire as an employee, you have to make up your mind to pay the price
for such a crown. You must seek to know what nobody else knows
in your industry so that you’ll be able to do what nobody else can do. It’s by being able to solve the problems nobody
else can solve that a company will be willing to pay you the kind of money they can’t pay
anyone else. Making Money Vs. Growing Money
This video will not make sense if the only thing we talk about is how to be so valuable
and get paid a crazy amount of money. You see, making money is half of the money
equation. Keeping and growing money are as important
as making money so let’s talk about that. Let’s assume that you’ll follow all the advice
in this video, increase your value in the market place and attract a company that’s
willing to pay you an unbelievable amount of money. If you think that making a lot of money, you’ll
be rich, that’s not true because money is like a bird. It flies fast and easily. According to Parkinson Law, human expenses
increase in direct proportion to our income so if care is not taking, you’ll spend all
your big checks faster than you earn them. The best way to grow money is to concentrate
on buying assets. You can start this by having a mandatory saving
for a certain percentage of your income. Then, learn about different investment portfolios
like real estate, mutual fund or even starting your own business. The key here is, you have to be aware that
keeping and growing money is as difficult as making it. This understanding will push you to learn
how to grow your money and become a millionaire. The summary of this video is this; you don’t
necessarily have to be an entrepreneur before you’ll become rich. But you have to work hard at being the most
valuable individual in your industry. If you’re a software engineer, your goal
should be to be the best software engineer ion the world. If you’re a pilot, your goal should be to
become the best pilot in the world. If you’re a web designer, your goal should
be to become the best web designer in the world. If you’re an accountant, a lawyer or a doctor,
your goal is to be the best in the world. The more problem you can solve which other
people can’t, the more money any company will be able to throw at you and the richer
you’ll become. And when you start making money, remember
that it’s as difficult to keep the money as it is to make it so learn how to buy assets
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  2. I am from India…and I love your videos….I also want to be financially successful and independent.

  3. My tip : don't spend extravagantly or carelessly just because you have money now, use it wisely to earn more returns.

  4. No, you were right the first time. Lots of Companies hire people at just below full time, don't give health benefits, and fire all these good workers after a set time. This cycle goes round and round. This is how good, hard working people get fired from "At Will" states, and are never able to get ahead. This is where they get that idea that going to school will help….
    What companies what these days…. is cut throat Narcissist Psychopath employees. These are the employees the will defend tooth and nail for their lies, and bad behaviors.

  5. to be wealthy you must have 4 things : money / good social relations / health / freedom & time

    maybe job would give you the first two things but it deprive you from health & freedom & time , the vast majority think to be rich you must have a lot of money that's why they end up saying money doesn't buy happieness

    a high paid job could make you 100,000 $ a year , but in entrepreneurship you can make it monthly or even weekly

    the true wealth is to do whatever you want whenever you want wherever you want while you make a fortune
    money is useless if you don't have time and freedom to enjoying it

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