How to date secretly at work [Happy Together/2019.05.30]

You and Woojong dated in the office. How did you keep it a secret? How did we keep it a secret? But you did it too, Yoonhee. How did you do it? What about you? You shouldn’t be asking this question. I’m more curious about them. – You dug your own grave. / – Right. After the drama ended, we openly dated. You didn’t date during the shoot? We didn’t. By the way, In the anchor department, is office romance not allowed? When you are in a relationship, people would find out right away. We had this rule. When you date someone from the office, one of you has to leave the company. – There was this rule. / – It was a rumor. – Your team was moved. / – It’s not a rule. – Was there such a rule? / – It was an unspoken one. So we kept it a secret. Just before he left the company, we hosted a radio show together. Everyone who listened to the show knew. Everyone sent me messages. We thought we kept it a secret perfectly. But it turned out everyone knew but pretended not to know. How long did you date for? We took a break in the middle. Did you split up? They took many breaks. – They were on and off. / – It’s because… When you break up, isn’t it very uncomfortable? – It was uncomfortable. / – How did you fight that? I told him I wouldn’t go on his radio show. I thought I wouldn’t go back to that show. But since it was my job, I thought I’d do it. And I went there. That’s when we got back together. (They got back together.) We got attached after seeing every week. It’s nice when you work together in the same office. On weekends, the office is empty. – There’s nobody. / – Yes. It was perfect. It was for a perfect date. Thinking back… When you go into the office on a weekend, you think it’s empty. But everyone is there. You think nobody is there. – Behind the sofa. / – “Nobody is here.” There’s one behind the sofa. Someone suddenly raises his head. (When you are off-guard, someone appears.) “What are you doing?” And he slips out like a mole. – It’s very dangerous. / – Right. – That’s very dangerous. / – You secretly kissed each other while closing a door. Nobody saw it. Nobody was watching us. I was hosting “Live Info Show”. Woojong always came to my waiting room. The radio studio was right next to it. When he finished, I was always there. He came every day. You just have to close the door. You can lock it too. You can lock it too. You lock it? Why lock it? (Why would you lock it?) It’s where you get changed. You can lock it. But when you do that, – everyone would find out. / – Everyone would find out. Fortunately, right next to my waiting room was… Cho Chunghyun’s waiting room. He was dating someone from the office too. (He was dating Kim Minjung.) Woojong was in my waiting room, and Minjung was in his waiting room. (The waiting room was a popular dating spot.) It’s… You were in a relationship openly. He wouldn’t open the door. He would take a peak. When Woojong was there, he just went past the room. Everyone knew except for the four of you. (Everyone knew except for the four.) Just you two thought people didn’t know. Everyone knew. So did you kiss in the office? I’m sure. When nobody was around. You are talking as if it’s another person. They did it really stealthily. What I remember is… Hyesung, what is this? – What’s that? / – I was excited. It made me so excited. What is this? We have a beautiful memory. Woojong has left, so we can’t do it now. But when nobody else was around, Woojong asked, “Do you want me to carry you?” He said that in the office. – No way. / – He carried me around the big whiteboard and desks. Really? Girls like that. Right. (Come here, let me carry you) That would’ve been nice. When I meet him, I will ask him to carry me. Me too. Me too. I will just hop on him without asking. When I see him, I will just hop on him. (Hello, Woojong.) I will. Daeun told us her story. But I wonder how it was for the other people. When there’s a couple, isn’t it obvious? When Park Jiyoon and Choi Dongseok were dating, – I knew it. / – How did you find out? The atmosphere had changed. They were close even before, but the atmosphere had changed. I thought they wouldn’t answer if I ask. Go Minjung, who I was working with… – She’s a spokeswoman. / – Spokeswoman. I thought she wouldn’t say it, so I sounded her out. “Since when have they been going out?” She joined the company at the same time as them. You skipped a few steps. I pretended I knew. “Since when was it?” And she said, “I don’t know. Those lovebirds.” So I knew it was true. So I kept my mouth shut. (They were busted.) That’s fascinating. – I keep things to myself. / – He’s good. Right. He’s the man of loyalty. Right. He keeps things to himself. (He feels bitter.) What did he say? He said he was the only one who wasn’t told. Once he knows, everyone would know. When you tell him, it won’t be a secret anymore. He would tell us. There were a few people at KBS with a big mouth. I post it on social media. (He’s just joking.) Please congratulate them. Woojong and Daeun are such lovebirds. Why did you fight hard on your honeymoon? It still makes me upset thinking about it. It was on the plane on the way back. Before getting on the plane, we promised to meet in front of the gate. I wanted to shop, and he had to use the restroom. We were supposed to meet at the gate. I waited, but he wasn’t showing up. We were urged to get on the plane. I said I had to wait for someone. But time ran out, and they said I was the only one who didn’t board. They told me to hurry and board the plane. I said I had just got married and that I had to wait. I told them to go. But they dragged me inside. I was standing in front of the door. They dragged me, and I was even thinking about talking to the pilot. And I found Woojong sitting in his seat. – No way. / – Really? Why? – I was shocked. / – Why? So I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I thought you already boarded.” He shouldn’t have made the promise. – So we fought. / – That’s bad. I cried the whole time we were flying. I cried until we went home. You were supposed to meet at the gate. I didn’t know how I could count on him. – Oh, dear. / – I cried so much. – You just got married. / – Yes. – It was our honeymoon. / – It was your honeymoon. – That’s bad. / – You were trying – to keep the promise. / – We couldn’t communicate. “Just married!” I fought so hard. – Just what? / – “Just married.” – “Just married.” / – “Just married.” I shouted that I just got married. I think people fight a lot during their honeymoon. We also had a fight during our honeymoon. It’s an interception. You intercepted again. – It’s… / – But it was natural. It was very natural this time. – It was natural. / – You are unbelievable. We got on the plane to Jeju Island. I was sitting near the window, and my husband kept staring at me. “I know. You adore me.” (I know. You adore me.) How lovely must I look? He kept smacking his lips. “Right. He must want to kiss me.” Oh, my gosh. “Can we change seats?” I asked, “Why?” “It’s my first time boarding a plane.” – It was his first time. / – He was fascinated. Yes. When we changed seats, he didn’t even look at me at all. – did he just stare out? / – He stuck his nose. “This is so cool. How can such a heavy thing fly?” “How…” I felt sad about sitting in the alley seat. “How can such a heavy thing fly?” – “This is fascinating.” / – That’s upsetting. – Yes. / – He looked out until his nose got flat. That’s sad. He should’ve done that on the way back. He shouldn’t have done it on the way to Jeju.

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  1. Tayangan talkshow keseharian publik figur yang sehat no gosip.. no rumor.. buka bukaan tapi ga malu maluin dan jatuhin harga diri. Semoga di Indonesia bisa ada talkshow kaya gini format nya

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