How To Deal With A ✦Narcissistic✦ Wife

Warning. If the topic of psychological manipulation
and emotional enslavement of women offends you, I want you to stop watching this video. And if you want to continue, you must agree
never to use this knowledge to hurt women. Deal? Great. Let’s start! OK, here’s a question for you… is your wife
a narcissist? Actually, scratch that. Here’s a better question:
Are you stressed out, messed up and sick with anxiety? Does your marriage make you feel like you’re
walking on egg shells? Or worse… are you shit scared of your wife? If the answer is yes to any of these questions,
there’s a good chance you’re married to a narcissist. Now here’s what you need to realize:
Narcissists are DANGEROUS. I’ll tell you why narcissists are dangerous
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Clicked LIKE? Great. Let’s continue! You see, narcissists are dangerous because
of this following reason. Some of the absolute worst people in the world
have turned out to be narcissists. You know, cult leaders, serial killers, con
men… And if you think your wife suffers from this
mental illness then you need to be careful. You see, narcissistic women are known for
being extremely manipulative. They are experts at charming and seducing
men. They can lie with a straight face and will
make up wild stories just to get attention. In short, they know exactly how to make you
feel like a million dollars… so that they can manipulate you to do whatever they want. So, how do you know if your wife is a narcissist? Well, if you have a wife who… • Gets angry at you for no reason… • Acts like she’s better than everyone
else… • Is obsessed with money, status and power… • Tries to control every little thing you
do…and • Seems to have an endless appetite for
attention and validation… …then there’s a good chance she’s a
narcissist. That’s not all, though. Sorry, but it gets worse… Because here’s the most dangerous thing
about narcissism. Most narcissists are pathologically self-involved. They believe the world revolves around them. They have almost zero empathy for other people,
and a total incapacity to love. Big red warning sign there, right? Now I hate to break this to you, but you really
MUST know this… If you’re sure that your wife is a narcissist,
then understand this – There’s a good chance your wife feels absolutely
nothing for you. It also means she will feel nothing about
cheating on, lying to or betraying you. Fucked up, right And guess what? That’s not all. All this, added with narcissistic rage, can
be a deadly combination. Ultimately, what you need to realize is this
– Marrying a narcissist is a dangerous, draining
and exhausting experience. It can be downright horrifying and soul destroying. At this point you may think therapy or couples
counselling is the answer… Nope. Narcissists are notoriously difficult to treat. Why? Well, they think they’re above therapy. You see, these people see themselves as superior
to everyone else. Get them to admit they have a problem? Haha, good luck with that. Plus, narcissists will ALWAYS blame other
people for their problems. Worse, your narcissist wife will manipulate
the therapist to make it seem as if YOU are the bad guy…
…that YOU’RE in the wrong… and she’s the VICTIM. Which is why you need to be careful of going
to a therapist. So how DO you deal with a narcissistic wife? Make no mistake… being in a relationship
with a narcissist can be extremely damaging. It can mess you up for life. One other thing to remember:
Narcissism can be caused by a traumatic past. If you’ve known these people it’s difficult
not to feel sorry for them. (If your wife is a narcissist there’s a
good chance she’s had a really hard life.) Here’s the thing… you can’t “cure” narcissism. It’s just not possible. As much as you love her, realize you really
can’t make her a “non-narcissist” overnight. And you know what? If you do try to help, there’s a good chance
she will end up blaming her problems on YOU. The best thing to do is let her hit rock bottom. And to be honest with you, if things get really
bad, you should seriously consider a break or even divorce. On the other hand, maybe you want to make
it work. You’ve gone too far to throw it all away. You love her, and she’s truly the one for
you. If that’s the case, and you want to save your
marriage, you’ll like what I’m about to tell you next, so continue watching. I’ll tell you all about this Anti-Narcissism
“Mind Hack” that has worked for me, but before that, I want you to know this:
I know enough about psychology, hypnotism and women to fill up a ten volume encyclopaedia. And I’m not telling you this to brag. The reality is that I know way more about
narcissism than most shrinks. My personal mentee network of some 10,000
men (many of which have narcissistic wives) will testify to that. And here’s what I know that mainstream psychologists
don’t… Due to the split in her personality, a narcissist
wife is extremely suggestible. So gaining access to their subconscious mind
takes almost no effort at all. What this means is that Mind Control techniques
like Fractionation are brutally effective on them. We’ll talk about what Fractionation is next,
but here’s what you need to know for now – To deal with a narcissistic woman (and get
her to respect you), do this… 1. “Hack into her mind” and appeal to her subconscious
2. Get a direct connection to her mind, and
3. Take almost complete control of her subconscious. This sounds somewhat “technical”, but guess
what? Fractionation will do all this for you, and
more. Pretty exciting, right? I’m not saying it’s a “magic bullet” solution. (In fact, nothing is.) And yet, if you’re about to sign divorce
papers, it’s worth a shot. Just remember that your narcissist wife will
not admit that she has a problem. She will feel you’ve wronged her, and you’ll
be screwed over without mercy. That being said… There is a chance you can make your marriage
work… as long as you’re willing to be BRUTAL and COLD. (And yes, you need to be rather cold-hearted
to use a Mind Control technique like Fractionation. It’s not for lily-livered pussies.) You need to solve the “narcissist wife” problem
right here, right now. And you can do this by using Fractionation
on her. Here’s the good news: you can learn Fractionation
today for free at Derek Rake’s Online Masterclass. In that Masterclass, you’ll discover how to
put even the most difficult woman under your control, dominance and authority. And you’ll do this using nuclear grade Mind
Control tactics. Look out for the link that now appears next
in this video. Click on it, and follow the instructions on
the page that comes up. Do it.

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  1. In this video, you'll learn how to deal with a narcissistic wife and turn her into a woman who is completely subservient to you. Comment below and let me know what you think, OK? 🙂 For more Mind Control based seduction and Emotional Enslavement techniques, go to –

  2. This is a better video and as i thought you are getting better at this keep up ❤

  3. Your video hits home with the voracity of a hungry lion. For me, living with my narcissistic wife has drained many years of otherwise fruitful life, and of so many enjoyable experiences. Now, being of very advance age, I no longer see the point in trying to improve anything. Basically, I have given up. I am a broken man. I hope other husbands watch you video and move on to save themselves while they still have the strength and the means to rid themselves of such malicious growth.

  4. This is 100% accurate. Thank god i took my step and got rid of her. You will never be happy if we have this kind of people in our lives.

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