hey guys it is Cara and if you’re
watching this video right now chances are that you have just gotten back a pretty
bad test grade based on the titles video or if not chances are that you’ve
probably experienced a bad grade in your lifetime and you will know it feels
pretty sucky I’m making this video today because whenever I get a bad grade back
I feel like I need someone to just shake me and say it’s ok you’re gonna be fine
hopefully if any of you guys have been going through this it can help you guys
in some way and just know that you’re not alone in this that there are so many
people who are feeling the same way and you’re gonna be ok I first tip is to
remember that you are not your test grade you are not defined by some letter
or number on a piece of paper in our society is very easy for us to be
brainwashed into thinking that tests are the end all that they determine our
intelligence and our aptitude and our ability to follow our dreams but that’s
not true the lips are you do really badly in class that is similar to the
career that you want to go into don’t think that because you did badly on one
test or in that class that it means you can’t ever go into that career because
trust me when I say that colleges and jobs and what not yes it might be a slight importance but
there’s more out there they’re going to look for how passionate you are
extracurricular is that you’ve been involved in what you bring to the table
beyond just being able to be a good test taker and it can be hard to remember
that because in school it feels like tests are everything but they’re not
also know that your test group is not a reflection of your intelligence some
people are just really good at taking tests and some people are in tests
really only look at certain ways of thinking I always think back to this
picture of all these animals lined up like a fish and an elephant and a tiger
and then there’s a monkey at the end and the teacher says alright you get a few
climb the tree the point of that picture being pat the monkey is going have the
easiest time climbing the tree and that’s not a really good way to test
their intelligence because if it was in a pawn the fish when Excel if it was in
a rainforest you know trudging through things health and mana done better you
know there’s just there’s different forms of intelligence and you need to
remember that some people have some types of intelligence and others have
others don’t let yourself believe that you’re a stupid person because you did
badly on tests I feel like a stupid person is the type of person who does
badly and has given up and that’s it and then just say alright well never gonna
try again that’s a stupid person but if you’re the type of person who when they
get knocked down gets back up and says I refused to lay down and let this failure
become Who I am then you’re a smart person another thing to remember is so
much more than grades when you look at this and thirty years to look back and
think oh man that geometry quiz got a 50 on that God is probably not I
really doubt it unless you’re just a super nit picky person but I doubt
you’ll even remember you took geometry in the first place life is so much more than grades and
tests and essays you know there’s people like relationships that you have the way
that you experience the world can feel like the end of the world when you go
out great it can feel like everything’s coming down every dream aspiration
you’ve had for yourself the whole identity is just falling down but don’t
let it you’re better than that you’re stronger than that and you’re going to
be okay you really really are you’re going to be OK hopefully this video can
be helpful for you guys and if you have any questions or you have any advice for
people going through this stuff leave it in the comments below but other than that they were so much
for watching if you like this video please give him big time and remember to
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are in the downpour below but other than that thank you guys for watching and
I’ll see you next week by

100 thoughts on “HOW TO DEAL WITH A BAD GRADE

  1. I have a 94 in science and I know that shouldn’t be bad but I’m just so sad I’m crying right now. It brought my GPA down and I worked so hard on the assignments and I don’t know how my teacher is going to think of me now. I sound really stupid but I suffer from moderate anxiety and depression and I’m having like a panic attack right now.

  2. If you live in Mauritius you will know what you will let a piece of paper decide your faith

  3. How I think about it is
    "What are your parents going to do, kill you? Hit you? No. They might yell and you might get in a bit of trouble, but one stupid grade isn't going to put you in jail"
    I'm just super stressed cause I got a c on a test

  4. I know this comment is two years late but I just got a really shitty grade I’ve gotten straight a’s since third grade and I just don’t know if I’m gonna make it this time and I haven’t told my parent yet because they expect more than this and will find an excuse that I got this grade like my phone but in reality grading just changed in Maryland and it’s hard on everyone in my school and the whole state really. And I worked my ass off for so long to get a good grade on this test and it didn’t pay off. I guess studying for 6 hours doesn’t help after all

  5. You know how sometimes you know something is irrational, but you're still thinking it
    That's me rn because my grades .07 from an A (worst grade I've ever had) even though my worst grade will be dropped and I get a few points for honors

  6. But I have to score really high to get into the college i want to go to, its not just that i feel bad, I HAVE to. But with my grades.. its gonna be hard

  7. i got a 65 on my reading test and i felt crushed. this showed me the world beyond tests.

  8. it feels so weird. last year I was doing so good. my grades consisted of a's and b's, I am usually a very average grade student. It is extremely difficult for me, I keep missing out on dates and forgetting things its shitty. I went to school with a high fever (I didn't even realize I had a high fever until first period had started and I couldn't get myself to tell any of the teachers) and on that day I had a social studies test, the one subject I was failing on. My grades are worsening and its marked half way through the quarter. My dad understood me completely getting a C last quarter but my life just feels like falling into the end. I need to get myself to be a good student.

  9. Hi, everyone! Thank you all for the incredible comments on this video! I'm so glad this video has helped some of you — know that I'm rooting for you all! I made a PART 2 of How to Deal With a Bad Grade. If you want to see it, check it out here: or go to my channel!

  10. I had really good grades. But I got 4 bad grades. And boom. My mom would just beat me up. Nice

  11. I'm a stupid person cause I think grade is my life if I mess my grade my life will be a mess too

  12. thank u sm!! I got a 45 in math oops a daisys
    Btw I’m normally the class topper so….

  13. I thought I did really well in this geography write up and the next day I walked past my geography teacher and she said that I missed a huge chunk out and tomorrow I'm going to get my grade

  14. Our test is today ……..thats why im watching these video because i already know that i can get bad grades😂😅😶😐

  15. I got a bad grade today bc my teacher caught me cheating. I really had to, since i was absent on the day the teacher explained that lession and i had no idea. She said id get a F for that, even though she just signed it and said shed tell my mother

  16. remember this: those grades wont give you a job,someday you will not even remember those bad grates,besides they only reflect your memory not your creativity not your intelligence and NOT your worth

  17. i got a 72% in my last semester. and i feel like crap i hope i can make up this semester

  18. I got grades in my 60s on 2 of my midterms I studied so hard for them and I just know my parents are going to scream at me until I cry

  19. My grade was a 62 I previously got a 91 but the two tests were 72 and 75 and 85. I want to commit non living.

  20. I got a c on a math test, and it was my first time getting one in a really long time. I’m really afraid to show my mom(but I have to because the teacher wants a signature from your parents, and she also emailed them that test results are back), because I already have an extra curricular math lesson that my mom pays for. I feel like trash, I can’t believe I got a c on a test when I have extra math lessons! I’m also so scared of what my parents will think, after spending all that money for math tutoring and then me coming back home with a c.

  21. I just got the worst grade ever on a test and this was such a help!❤️❤️❤️

  22. I dont know if my crush like me back but today i was going to anawer questions and when i goes crush smiled at me everytime i smile to him he smile to me

  23. Doing terrible in biochem 2 and inorganic. I think I'm just burnt out tbh

  24. Omg omg i got a 45/95,but its jus a class test,but some people got 13/95,but my teacher said there is 1 person is the highest and everyone guessed it was me,but i was not

  25. Well,i dun feel sad myself,but jus very scared,my parents might kill me

  26. (I saw a comment) and when i did my test,i thought i was going to ace it and i was confident,and when i saw my grades i was shock i had never ever got such a bad grade b4,but this year for me and everyone is a super big jump

  27. I just got an F on an assignment in a class in which i have a C

  28. Today I got bad mark at math. It's really bad, no one in my class get bad mark like me. So I found some video to help me feel better, and I found yours. It helps me so much. But I still hate myself and I really disappointed. I hope everything will be ok soon.

  29. I feel shitty that I studied a lot and thought I was gonna get a good grade, but in the end, it was way worse than my hopes. 🙁

  30. And all it does is make you an employee that works for 49 years until you die xd. I hate school, I really do. It's the only reason everyone isnt rich it's the reason people think rich people are greedy or the government sucks.

  31. Yes thanks So much I got such a bad grade today in algebra I studied but test anxiety got me thanks!

  32. I hate it when I get a bad grade in English class for my writing and my parents want me to practice but there is no damn possible way I can study for some pop up exit ticket!

  33. I don't understand…I got a 5 at physics,my favourite subject,If I would have remembered just "Le=🔺L x k"I would get a good grade,THAT'S WHAT I HAD TO REMEMBERED,HOW DID I FAIL?HOWWWWWW?

  34. How can some people be so inspiring? I know I'm commenting late, but, if you see this, can you make a video on a topic about teachers, if you're interested or just curious about what happened, please reply and I'll give details, it would really help me…


  36. I found out I have a C in reading
    After getting 9/20 on a test

  37. I got me first C of the year and I hate it because me elementary grade was a C and D average and I was doing so good with all As and 2 B and I don’t what to go back

  38. I had two tests today and one of them I got an E and other one I got a d. What the worst part is that I studied so hard for both of them I literally would stay up so late at night just studying over and over and over again and I still receive those grades. My friends are so much smarter than me and they can do any tests and just get A's on them the only thing I can get an A on is world cultures because that's the only thing I'm good at. Although your video helped me a lot.

  39. I cried after class because everyone in my class is so smart except me..I always get bad grades and even cried while watching mommy is mad and i feel stressed..I hate myself😭❤️

  40. I feel like a Pac-Man in a maze just trying to gobble up good grades

  41. You are one of the kindest person… thank you for your help 🙂🙂

  42. i got an 3.5 out of 10 on a math test and i had to repeat a grade
    i felt suicidal

  43. I had a sub and I didn’t finish my quiz and I asked if I can finish on Monday and she said yes and now To is Monday was a new sub so I’m not sure if I could finish and I just did half of it 😭😭😭😭

  44. I could got a 48 on my matth quiz. My mom signed me up for advanced math in 7th grade when I’m SUPPOSED to be in regular 6th grade math. I’m getting straight 50s and can’t do anything about it. I just got done 2 hours and 45 minutes if studying the day before also. No matter how hard I try I can’t and my mom yells at me that “I don’t try”. So I have no choice but to just accept the fact that I’m failing and my mom took away all my electronics and is using my money for useless tutors.

  45. I rushed through my test, and I mest up. I am 4 points away from failing. And I’m scared. I do not want to fail.

  46. Thank you so much for considering making such a video , I cried a lot in the middle of it although I was trying to hold myself and stay strong , but I’m really better now , and I’m motivated to do better the next year since these were my final exams , thank you so much.

  47. Ik this is old but I need someone's help, i got my first F in Chemistry class… I always got A's and I'm just so so sad 🙁

  48. Ok guys, story time:
    Yesturday I had math exam and I didn’t tell my mom about it, cuz I knew she was gonna be like ,,are the results out,,? ,, what did u get?,,. So I hide it like a little secret. And today I see my grade. Are you interested what I get? Yes I get D+. I was shook😵😵😵 I wanted to kill myself. And today my mom calls me:
    Mom: Hey Lisa! Do you had an exam in math?
    Me: Ummmm, why are you asking?
    Mom: Just Tell me!!!
    Me: Yes😢😢😢
    Also me: Who told you that?
    Mom: One of your classmate’s parent!!!
    And then she ends call.
    Then I go to the bathroom for wash my face and then she calls again!
    Mom: I am gonna kill you when I am gonna back home. NO PHONE! NO TV! NO FRIENDS!
    And guys I am waiting for her to come and I am so scared. I can deal with grades but, what about my mom???😢😢😢😭😭😭😵😵😖😖😔😣
    Thank you for reading

  49. I understand it but my parents don’t and they always shout at me bc of a bad grade. 🙁

  50. My parents took my phone away, ( I'm typing it in a laptop) they yelled at me about how they are paying for my school and I am just soaking the money in water and they asked me what I was thinking when I wrote the wrong answer I mean DO I SEEM TO REMEMBER WHAT I WROTE A MONTH OR TWO AGO!!? I worked my friggin ass off and they just don't know how much I'm hurting inside. They just think I don't care about my grades at alll.

  51. I sadly got 54 in science I was happy until the teacher said that a pass is 55 😭😭

  52. Gosh this helped a lot I bawled my eyes out before this😊💓

  53. Thank you for making my better because I got scolded for getting a D in my science class and I felt like I was I was useless and a failure

  54. I’ve been getting below a 70 on my math practices, which are 10% of my grade. I just got a D- on a practice and I feel bad because I haven’t gotten anything below an A on my report card since elementary school.

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