How to deal with break ups (and the best way to find a new partner)

breaking up is always for the best you’re probably triggered but hear me out the only reason people break up is because
something’s not working you’re breaking up the things that’s not working
so that the individual pieces that made the couple can go out and find things that do
work for everyone think about it this way it makes the net happiness of the world higher so if you’re with your partner and say you’re
like 100% happy with her and she’s like 40% happy with you that’s a score of 140 you two break up, she finds someone and then
there’s both 100% happy with each other, that’s a score of 200 you’re probably gonna be at a score of 10
for a little while but you’ll find a new partner and then both of you will be at 100 there will be a net score of 400 okay that’s a lot of happiness for the world so if someone breaks up with you, it’s gonna
suck in the beginning but you just gotta think of the bigger picture drop your own ego it’s not about you, it’s
about everyone and you’ll realise that because you’ve broken
up, everyone including yourself will be happier in the future and the best way, this is the best way to
find someone new you have to do shit with your life as long as you’re focused on a goal and you
have a dream and you’re just hustling and doing shit and
keeping your energy up and keeping you excited the more shit you do the higher you raise
your vibration without sounding too hippy here the more goodness you attract from the fucking
universe if you’re out there and you’re doing shit
and everyone sees like whoa this guy fuck he’s lit as fuck man he’s doing all this
shit, he’s masking shit happen it’s fucking cool because you have that good vibe, that good
energy going you’re gonna attract the right people and you’re gonna attract the right
partner for you eventually so just keep doing your shit, follow your
dreams just do something you’re excited about that way it’ll help you to move on, it will
also help you to get the next person to be with you in a better, gooder relationship and that’s another reason why I find following
your dreams and having a goal is really important because as long as you’re kind of doing something
that works towards a goal you feel really good and when you feel good, good shit happens
to you law of attraction all that shit if you’re feeling good inside, everyone is
gonna be like oh that guy is feeling good, I want to feel
good like him, let’s go to him and see what’s happening but if you’re feeling shit no one’s gonna
be like aw well I don’t a piece of that cake because that cake looks shitty you want to be a nice attractive looking piece
of cake so go out there and work on yourself do cool shit and you’ll get over it in no
time and you’ll be better as a human being like a fucking phoenix rising from the ashes
through the rectum of the universe

5 thoughts on “How to deal with break ups (and the best way to find a new partner)

  1. You had a youtube channel and I didn't know?!?!?!? WHat sup!!! Also the ending song……was that from Gurren Lagann?

  2. Whoa, this guy. Fuck. He's lit as fuck man! LOL Tian you ALWAYS speak the truth man! Before my break up several years ago I was just a raw egg but now….now I'm becoming a delicious piece of cake!!!! WITH FROSTING!

  3. Here's a question: does doing what you love for a living always wind up feeling like a job in the end or are there ways to combat this?

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