How To Deal With Bullies & Haters

Probably a big part of the reason why
you don’t have the success you want right now is cause you care too much
about what other people think Right? And so one of my mentors he said
“I would rather be weird than be alone” Which is kind of cool, like, whatever you’re more
committed to is what you’re going to get so if you’re more committed to looking
cool and being suave and just being the guy that doesn’t need to walk up to any
girls and maybe have one say “no” to him or make him feel bad right, then that’s
what you’re going to get, but if you’re more committed to “No, I really want to
master this part of my life, I want to have a great woman in my life and I
understand that the same way most guys aren’t the quality that a top quality
girl wants, most girls aren’t going to be the quality of top quality guy wants”. And so
if you want a really high quality girl you’ve got to be prepared to, you know
they say “kiss a few frogs” right, as it were. You’re gonna have to go meet some girls
that aren’t quite what you want. You’ve also got to go get the skill set down
where you actually even have the ability to be able to walk up to a girl and meet
her because if the girl of your dreams is out there and you haven’t had any
practice or reference experience or built up the confidence that even do
something like that, it’s irrelevant because you can see the girl of your
dreams, you walk up you do an approach and you’re so nervous you mess it up
or you go on a date with her and you mess that up because you don’t know how
to move a date forward properly or you don’t know how to, you get her number and
you don’t know how to follow up on the phone because you haven’t practiced
right? So it’s what are you more committed to, are you more committed to “I’m
worried that…” look, I’ve had times where I’ve walked up to a girl in a nightclub
(as I’ve done a lot right), and there’ll be some guy when it didn’t work out right
and I go “Ugh.” like, walk away, she’s like “Go away” or she’s just like, being sh1tty
right, and you’re like “Ah, whatever” and then some guy standing there is like [mocking]
“Ahhh, you got rejected” And you’re like “Yeah cool bro, like
how many girls are you talking to?” And he’s like [stumped]… right?
Because he’s not doing sh1t. And so one thing you’ve got to
understand is if you don’t have haters if you don’t have other people
criticizing you, you’re not even making enough of a fuss or doing anything cool
enough that you’re even worth noticing because it doesn’t matter how good you
are anything, you could be the ‘President of the United States’ which we all know
about like, he gets so much frikkin’ criticism, you could be the top
politician in New Zealand, you could be the frikkin, you know celebrities, you
could be a musician like, everyone, it doesn’t matter how good you are anything
you’re going to have people they’re going to hate on you and criticize
you. So if people are going to hate on you criticize you anyway you
might as well at least be doing something cool and getting what you want out life Funny example always cracks me up and for you if you’re watching this on YouTube It’s so funny because some people who
watch this are on YouTube You, you f#ckers that comment on my videos and you put like ‘thumbs down’ It doesn’t matter how good the video that I make there’s always going to be a percentage of people that give it thumbs down or people that write comments like
“Oh ha, look at this bald guy. Haaa! Bet he’s never had a girlfriend” like all this kind of sh1t I’m like “Ha, cool” right it cracks me up
I love reading those comments It’s so funny because it
means that I’m actually doing something and you, for fun sometimes I click on
these people And I look at their, their YouTube account right and they’ve got like “Oh, no subscribers, no videos!” So this little b1tch is sitting behind his
f#cking computer Going like “Oh, I got a freaking give this guy some shit” It’s like, “Well where’s your stuff, man?” You know? You’re not even frikkin’ trying
anything yourself So it’s like, what are you more committed to? Are you committed to ‘looking cool’ and having no one criticize you? Or are you committed to being a guy that it doesn’t matter how awesome you are you’re always going to have critics… but, that’s a good sign that you’re doing something cool?

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  1. I like it said to me straight and simple. Thanks. Now i need to digest what you said. Probably play it over and over to put it into my subconscious mind and be part of my personality.

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