How To Deal With Evil In A Person

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facts and today we will talk about such a problem as how to deal with evil in a
person a couple of thousand years ago one man was nailed to a wooden cross
only because he called and asked people at least sometimes well at least from
time to time to be a little kinder to each other
why are we so angry what is the reason for our cruelty and hatred for each
other and is there really some kind of absolute evil that seduces people from
the path of good and compassion pushing to violent cruel acts it is a widely held misconception that
man is inherently a bloodthirsty beast and that he is naturally prone to
cruelty and violence this is partly true since a certain range of our actions is
programmed by the instincts that are formed during the evolution but
nevertheless most of the human actions are the result of the influence of
society and the environment that have surrounded each of us from the first
years of life indeed looking at the cheerful and laughing peanuts it is
difficult to believe that a little later they will turn into evil callous and
indifferent people unfortunately our environment is polluted not only with
harmful substances but also with an incredible amount of hatred and terror
that adversely affect all of humanity from birth we all have the beginnings of
good and the rejection of evil however the fact cannot be denied that if
children grow up in the midst of violence and cruelty then in the future
they themselves will do evil on the expanses of the savannas of South Africa
lives and amazing people of short stature these are the pygmies they are
unique in every way but the most striking thing is that they lack the
very concept of evil as such it is impossible to believe in it but among
them there are no fights murders Wars violence etc they do not even quarrel
with each other how did the pygmies manage to do this the secret of their
happy life in which there is no place for meaningless hatred lies in their
attitude to their children pygmies simply adore their offspring they never
shout at them do not insult them much less subject to physical punishment if
the child leaves somewhere without demand then upon returning the father
will not wait for him with a face twisted with anger and will not growl
through his teeth where did you hang around well take off your pants now
you’ll get a belt rather they will hug the baby kiss say that they were very
worried and asked them not to do this again as numerous studies have shown in all
societies where a tender and affectionate attitude towards children
is widespread there is an extremely low number of crimes primarily serious ones
like murders also among us there are those in whom the desire to torment maim
and kill their own kind is inherent in birth the horrific crimes that they
commit make many consider such people the fiends have held they are called
Psychopaths how is a psychopath different from a normal person the most
important difference is how he perceives other people a normal person
looking at other people fully realizes that they are just like him sentient
beings who have the right to life and happiness for a psychopath people are
not individuals but objects it is characterized by an abnormal obsession
with some idea therefore a psychopath can kill an innocent person without the
slightest twinge of conscience if he is not lucky enough to stand in his way
the psychopath perceives this as removing obstacles just like removing
stones from the road neuroscientist Jim Fallon is studying the brains of people
prone to killing he found out that such personalities differ from everyone else
not only in their worldview and manic obsession with some ideas but also in
the anatomy of their brain the situation is aggravated if the genotype of such a
person contains genes that contribute to antisocial and violent manifestations like any River has a source so evil
always has a root the seeds of hatred dropped into the human soul in early
childhood will give their bloody seedlings in the future every year
thousands of people turned to psychologists for help in an attempt to
understand the cause of the contradictions in their lives in most
cases the reason is the same lack of love and understanding on the part of
parents people grow up become independent individuals but children’s
grievances and fears still occupy their consciousness and do not give a normal
life many never manage to completely get rid of them and people transfer the
mistakes of parents to their children and those on their own and so on to
infinity absolute evil is an abstraction people came up with a goat with long
horns and bat wings in order to dump all their weaknesses and sins on it yes
indeed a scapegoat want to defeat even first defeat him in yourself and most
importantly do not let him even touch your children and perhaps one day the
evil will disappear just as the darkness disappears under the Rays of the Rising
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