How To Deal with Feeling Homesick (3 Simple Tips)

– Heya playa, have you ever
been away from home long enough to feel homesick? Whether you’re leaving for a
trip, going off to college, visiting family, or going to summer camp, it could be easy to
start missing your home. I was asked by my friend
Ryan Ching on Instagram and Snapchat to do a video
about feeling homesick, so I figured today I’d share my ideas since I’m on vacation myself. ♪ This is The Josh Speaks ♪ ♪ Watching The Josh Speaks ♪ – As you can see, I’m not
in my normal location. I’ll be away from home for
the week traveling around, and I too am experiencing a
little bit of homesickness. One of the most important
things to recognize about being homesick is
that it may not exactly be about missing your home. It may be about missing the familiarity of everything that you’re used to. When you’re home, you develop a routine. You do the same activities,
you talk to the same people, things seem orderly. But when you go away, you have no choice but to change around your schedule. I know being away from
your element sometimes can seem kind of weird, but that’s okay. In fact, some of the
feelings you might experience while being homesick are
nostalgia, depression, and anxiety. Nostalgia is simply having
a sentimental longing for something that once was. It could be the smell of
your house when you wake up in the morning, meeting
up with your friends every day for school, or
just relaxing in your room on your own terms. Depression is something you
might be experiencing here because things are a little bit different. They may seem more
stressful, more confusing, or a lot less easygoing, and that can make you feel kind of sad. Anxiety is something you
might also experience if you feel like you have less control over your new surroundings. Maybe you feel like you
don’t have the freedom to do whatever you wanna do or even worse, when you go back home,
everything will be different. A good way to calm your homesick feelings is to keep something sentimental with you. That can literally be
anything that reminds you of your home environment. For me, I brought a book
that I’m currently reading and that I keep on my bedside at night. That way, every single time
I open it up here on the trip and read it, I feel like I’m back at home. For you, this could be anything. It could be carrying a stuffed animal, a picture of you and your
friends, or even just listening to music that you listened
to when you were home may bring you back into the moment. Having something like this
will keep your mind grounded. It’ll make you realize
that even though things are different now, home
will always be a part of who you are and no one
can take that away from you. One thing you should always
remember is that if you are feeling homesick, you don’t have to keep those feelings to yourself. If you keep your feelings bottled up, it’s only gonna come out in
the form of negative thoughts. That’s why it’s super important to talk about the things you feel. You can share stories
about you and your friends and all the different things
that have made you you so you can have a more solid
grip on your own reality. Because it’s when you don’t
talk about your feelings that you start to feel like
you’re completely alone in your thoughts, that there’s no one that can relate to you,
and you have no choice but to suffer through these
experiences by yourself. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Feelings should always be
mentionable and manageable. So, whether you’re talking
to a friend, a parent, a teacher, a counselor,
anyone you can, go for it. Remember, you can’t always
control your environment. I know sometimes we wanna
have everything orderly and to our liking, but
that’s not realistic. For example, you might be in
a situation where you won’t be going home for a long
time, and that can feel like it kind of sucks. But worrying about it won’t
make the time go by faster. That’s why it’s best to get a
grip on what’s the most real thing in this moment right
now, the present moment. Try to take the time to get
used to your new environment. Learn about the new area, meet
the people that are there, and do everything you can
to make this new environment your home for now. Think of being homesick like
one of those finger traps. The more you pull away
from the present moment, the harder it’s gonna be. But if you relax, adapt
to your environment, and make the most of it, time will fly by and you’ll get your fingers out. What do you think, though? Do you ever feel homesick
when you’re away from home for too long? Leave your comments below
and we’ll talk about it. Try your best to enjoy
where you are right now. Life is kind of like a picnic. It’s not so much about the destination as it is about planning the
trip, packing up the food, and heading on over there. Everything is part of the experience. If you wanna learn more about
managing negative thoughts and feelings, definitely
check out the video over there on the side or check out
the playlist below it with tons of videos
that will help you out. Enjoy your trips guys. Enjoy your summer. Make the most of it as best as you can. As always guys, love and peace.

100 thoughts on “How To Deal with Feeling Homesick (3 Simple Tips)

  1. Being away from home for more than a year every year working abroad makes me homesick like is what im doing worth it being away from them

  2. I’m going on a Spanish exchange soon. Ik it’s weird that I’m going when I get homesick sometimes, but I want to go expirience what its like to live in Spain. I’ll end up missing my mum Ik I will. I really want to go, but I feel like if I contact my mum often it will make me feel worse. What do I do 😓😓

  3. yes i dont thank i could be an adult to move away from home andLIVE alone

  4. I’m from the Philippines but I went to Scotland it makes me home sick

  5. Homesick while abroad is understandable. But my case is more clinically critical.

    I get homesick the moment I step out of my home or even the thought of leaving home just to go to work.

    Maybe it's the thought that I am a self-proclaimed hermit. Such that any interaction with people or even to see anyone else is so cringeworthy that I am screaming my heart and lungs out.

    Worse still, if I'm on a public transport where people are standing or sitting within my so-called "private space".

  6. I got the job I always wanted but now am not able to settle in a new place I am confused at work. Nor am I focused. The only thing I wanna do is go back home n be with mom. But then I feel like a coward that I can't do anything I got a job n am not able to do it. I haven't been home since 5 months.. I don't know what to do. N my homesickness is leading me to depression

  7. Every time I go to my friends I always end up going home and then they always make fun of me for it but.. When I go to camp this year your not allowed your phone and thats the only this that can really calm me down… Plus everyone always falls asleep before me so then I'm alone crying by myself for almost half the night.

  8. Well I miss brazil so much and I can't go there for the next 3 years or more.

    Just that you know…
    My bigger half family lives there….

  9. I am going to another city for study for 2 years I am feeling homesick give me some advice

  10. My parents just dropped me in my hostel and I seriously feel like I want to cry ..I want to scream I want to talk …but there is nobody
    I seriously miss my mom and dad…I love them …plss can u help me

  11. Thinking about joining the military but being homesick is a problem for me. I just gotta go anyways.

  12. Man i gonna homesick and when going to school i remember my sister and feel very depressed gonna cry help me please eeeeee

  13. I’m going on a school trip and I really want to go but don’t want to get homesick.
    I even get homesick when I’m at my nans. Any top tips please xxx

  14. I'm always homesick whenever I go on holiday with my family and I always want to cry becuse I miss my animals and just my home and I dont know what to do becsuse I dont want to go on holiday becuse of it

  15. I need help because I'm going to a boarding school and the only break is winter break and I'm scared because I went to a boarding school and I cried I missed my mom Soo much and now im gonna miss her i love you Mom❤❤😔😭😭

  16. I m now 16 and I am living In a hostel.. .. Whenever I go back to hostel after holidays… I feel like I'm suffering from anxiety… And I though sometimes become unconscious… I just count the days to go home and by this my studies are getting disturbed… I want help…

  17. I have moved to another country 6 months ago and i really miss my friends and relatives.Its very hard to settle in a completely different environment and people.

  18. It's been 11 days away from home (I'm at soccer tournament selections)
    And there's 17 days more to go.

  19. I used to live in Holland, the country I was born in ( I'm English btw ), once I moved away, I constantly get dreams about my country, I can't help it, I'm 17 but I have to find a way to get back there 😥

  20. i live in school dorm for now. i am at a boarding school form one and i suffer terrible homesickness. yes its terrible being away from my home make me super sad. i cant even think straight and ended up crying in my class and force my parent to let me have day off. the school give you 3 days 2 night day off one every two week. i usually stop crying after a week or after the day off 3 days later im ok. every month has their special day off like the middle of the year we get two weeks of holiday and it makes me super sad to go back ro my dorm because i just missed my routine cant even adapt to my dorm. my school dorm rule is super strict that almost all off them cant even make it. we are forced to wake up 4:30 in the morning and school hours from7 till 2pm and 3pm to 4;30pm for evening prep and then only habe 1 hour of recreation or do sports or relax and then we do what islamic do. we wait from 7 till 9 and then 9 till 11 pm and we can only sleep for about 4 hours. i cant adapt to it and i hope my homesickness will get better for the next year

  21. I agree with lee jee because I am having The same problem

  22. I’m leaving for a summer trip for 3 months kinda nervous without friends and family

    Going to Cali to spend time with other family but wooo

  23. I’m so confused on homesickness when I’m not home I get dizziness and nauseous and don’t want to eat Bc I have a fear that I might vomit I have vomited even when I go on a fun trip I’m excited for like when I went to a concert or went to New York I get sick even when I’m at the mall I don’t know why

  24. i am in cadet college.. and i am leaving my home for 2 months , kind of sad , here i cannot use mobile or computer as i am a little soldier.. thnks josh for the tip. ooooooo, FROM BANGLADESH. 12 years boy

  25. i want my family back……..i want my relaxing childhood back…………..i dont want those frustrating papers on my desk waiting for me to write something on them

  26. this isn’t really that big of a deal but i’m going on a 2 week vacation away from my parents & family for like the first time. & i’ll be facetiming them daily do you think this will
    help me? i will not be traveling alone btw

  27. It has been 7 days now since I moved out for College, I feel very sad, lonely and empty because I don't know anyone from here since it's all new to me, new city and new environment. I kept crying because it helps me ease down temporarily. I just wanna go home really bad but I know I can't because I have to do this for my future. Please help me, because of this I haven't been productive to the point like I do not eat because I don't have the appetite to do so and for some reasons I have feel very uncomfortable and unsafe, I don't know anymore. But I kept saying to myself that everything will be alright and better, I want to recover already.

  28. In a couple days I’m gonna go to a summer camp for 4 days it’s a short period of time but at the same time it’s gonna be the longest and most painful 4 days of my life last time I went i cried a lot and I had a panic attack each day and threw up due to stress and anxiety

  29. I was at my cousins for the summer for a month and I was missing home and my mom said “maybe you need to come home and see mama” and I cried.

  30. I’m gonna be away from home for 2 months now and I won’t be able to meet any of my friends or have a hobby while I’m gone. The homesickness started two days before I left while I was still home! Feels like I’m going to forget everything even though I do this every year.

  31. Ive only been gone from home for 12 hours since my flight and im feeling sad since i'll probably never see my friends again.

  32. I’m from pa working at my uncles ranch in Utah til the end of july. I get homesick and it sucks. But it is what it is.

  33. I know it’s been 2 years but idc. So I love my house, I love chilling in my couch watching Netflix and gaming and talking to my bros. When I get out of school and enter summer, I don’t want to just go on a vacation quickly, I like to spend some time at home, doing what I like, and then yes, I’m ready for a trip. I don’t struggle with depression or anything, but last week I traveled to Europe ( I’m still here) and the trip is fucking 54 days. This has been the LONGEST trip I’ve ever had. There’s 44 days remaining. I’ve been in Barcelona and now I’m in France. The thing is, I love knowing places and traveling , but this trip is too long, I need my fucking home dude. My mom kinda feels the same way sometimes, but to anticipate the return home would be extremely expensive. So idk here I am, in the hotel. At least I have WiFi

  34. I thought I was homesick whenever I went to school because by lunch time I would always want to go home but now I really feel homesick most of the thing mentioned in this video happen to me

  35. I can't eat. I feel like I need to vomit but I don't really need to vomit. I miss home because I feel more free at home. I'm depressed. I don't even want to get up. All I want to do is lay down in the couch under the fan watching youtube. Last night at 12 I took a 14 minute nap. I stayed awake til late 4 am and I really miss dad.

  36. I personally recommend keeping your mind occupied
    Help I'm going in 2 week to a camp that last for 5 days
    Last year I cried 16 times

  37. I can realate so much with the Familiarity! Seriously. I have a big issue.

    I dont feel confortable at sleepovers, neither when its at my house. Idk, i hate the fact that i cant do what i want, and, well, i like being alone, and i am a total introvert, and i think a part of being afriad or uncomfortable to have sleepovers is because of the introvert thing.

    I have tried so often to sleep at my cousins house. Then my mom would pick me up if i couldnt bare it anymore. And i havent made it once without crying, and begging them to call my mom until they did. ( because we did this to try and train me to sleep with others, so they tried to make me stay ) But i just couldnt fall asleep.

    I really dont know what to do… im turning 14, and i can just feel that peoples think i am childish.

  38. I get super homesick, like its not normal. For instance, I just got back from a 10-day sleepaway camp. That was a NIGHTMARE. Worst experience of my life. I have to go stay with some family members without my mom and dad for like 5 days in a week and I'm so nervous because I'm so afraid that I'm going to get homesick. And I'm not even there yet. I'm literally sitting in my room and my parents are like 20 feet away from me.

  39. Things become worse when you're an introvert like me..I have to stay there 6 months with new people without my family..I can only be myself when I'm with my family🤒😭😭😭HELLPPPP!!!

  40. I’m so nervous I’m about to go to myrtle beach with my aunt my uncle and my cousin. I have never been away from my family for a week. I’m so scared that I’m going to get homesick. I just hope I don’t get homesick since I’m going to be 12 hours away from home

  41. I feel homesick because my mum and dad are on a 3 week holiday

  42. I'm leaving for my dad's house to spend the week there because my mom is going to a business trip. I'm worried about my 1 year old pet cat, Mandy

  43. I fell wrong,im at a sleepover at TN myfriends house, its the middle of the night…Shes rightbeside me…

  44. I live abroad, I miss my home and the country so much… anyone else? … if so, could we talk? Xx

  45. I'm 15 and should be well over being scared to sleep over at my friends house.
    This paticular friend has asked me multiple times and ive always come up with an excuse. Tonight my friend asked me to stay over after the rest of our friends left. I said yes because i felt confident in the moment but now im having like a panic attack.
    I ddont have a problem during the day but when its night and nearing bedtime my anxiety comes out of no where. And for some reason keeps me up at night while everyone else is alseep, so then im laying there homesick and now lonely since it is quiet and i cant talk to anyone.
    I dont think i have an issue with the actual staying away from home, its just when i have to stay away from my mum. It actually got so bad to the point where in year 7 i was so nervous for camp. I had to go to a therapist for it!!!
    Its ridiculous. I should be well over it. I think i would go if it were more than just me and the host because then the attention is all on me.
    I'm thinking just making my mum call for an 'emergency' and then i have to leave early. Even earlier than the other girls so it doesnt look suspecious.
    Oh what do i do?????

  46. I'm working in summer vacation as 15 yo and I've been in the same place for 1 month and I have about 3 more weeks until I get home. I'm feeling sooo homesick

  47. Only been in Ohio for a day and going back tomorrow but still homesick

  48. I'v been forced away from my home and family for the past two years, so thanks

  49. I’m not leaving my home but I’m staying home by my self and I’m terrified it’s only 5 days but’s it’s still scary

  50. I’m 10 and going on a 5 day trip with my cousin but now I’m so nervous I can’t stop crying I won’t miss home I’m just going to miss my mam

  51. i’m in albany on a vacation with my new york family. it’s just me and my mom cuz my sister is 18 and she didn’t want to come and my dad dosent go cuz it’s not his family. we go every year and i want to just go home

  52. I’m 19 years old and still get homesick, even if I’m not that far away from home. I get bad anxiety.

  53. i’m fine with one or two days, but around the third day i’m desperate to go home.

  54. danggg i just got homesick now since i just flown back to my workplace which is different state and far away from my hometown..hence it brought me here 🤧😔

  55. I'm gonna stay with my dad for a week while my mom is I'm Colorado. I hate sleepovers in general cause I get homesick.😭

  56. i am visiting a new country, and i’m WITH my mom and dad, so why do i feel so homesick??

  57. It's really comforting seeing that I'm not the only one who is going through homesickness.
    Btw, I'm on an exchange year in the US so I'm not gonna see my family in a long time.

  58. I've moved to Florida with my kids 3 years ago. My Parents live out here for like 20 years now. I'm from Los Angeles, CA. I miss it sooo much. I'm not happy out here i feel veeery depressed even tho i'm with my mom, dad, & sister i still feel sad. I've been wanting to go bk for aloong time now. I feel stuck and i feel sooo unhappy out here. I want to leave!!! I miss my oldest son that's in L.A. too. 😪😥 I work and im still not happy here.

  59. I’m crying rn,I’m gonna be away from my mom for a year,I’m not missing my house I’m missing the people in my house :/

  60. It’s weird because I’m not homesick at sleepovers but I am at school retreats. What do I do?

  61. It's been a week that I am crying. It's not only about missing your fam but your home familiarity, I feel that. Everything is different and I am here to get my degree. Let's see who will finish whom, the degree or me😭😭😭😭

  62. I go to boarding school and I've been there 4 years but I still get upset 😢

  63. I need help I cried for a week but I more like awaysick born in America but I family lives in trinidad so I go america every year but when get home all the memories from the pass came to the presents if you have any thing to help my situation please put it in one video I 9 years old and my name is Jaden Please help

  64. I’m on vacation and I want to go back, Don’t get me wrong i love it here but i wanna go home

  65. Yaa I'm in hostel I am homesick now 😭😭😭😭plz help me out it's horrible here

  66. Im away from my home every week, I can only go home on weekends it depend only to our principal every night I cry And I don't know what to do I really wan't to go home.And next week we can't go home for 2 weeks I was crying in my room and can't thinking about it.Please help me dude

  67. I am travelling on my own. And i go home on sunday and i am so ridiculously home sick. I have so much anxiety. I know i only have 4 days left. But it seems so far away

  68. All people have this problem only when they are away from home as they are settled somewhere.. But in my case I stay with my parents and grannys .. Only I am going to college from morning 7.30 to night 7.00. But I can't control myself there for 5min . I am bitterly crying and longing especially for mom..I rolled up my three months somehow.. But now it is uncontrollable which led me to depression.. I want to discontinue my college and gonna study via distance education. I know this will spoil my future.. But I don't like to go to college.. I want to be at my home always. Even I consulted a doctor but there is no better solution to pacify myself. I heard many advice's but there is no solution. Is there any curable way to control my stubborn mind which always don't like to do what it hates…please reply quick

  69. I'm going to France with my class tomorrow, wish me good luck. I am really scared. It's going to be 9 days, and I am not ready. But I will be strong.

  70. My family and i moved away from my natal country when i was a couple months old which why i dont understand why i feel like this but for as long as i remember ive never felt like i was at home here (where i live now) . I often have really randoms moments when i feel like i dont belong here, as if i was in a stranger’s house wether it was at school, at a friends house or even my own. It always felt like i was somewhere but not home. Whenever we go on vacation back to the country where i was born i feel instantly comfortable. I finally feel at home and have this constant feeling of relief. I also think my body think of it as home too because i always instantly get used to the time difference when i get there(which is 13 hours time difference) but i get horrible jet lag when i come back. I went back to that country recently and ive only been back for a couple of days but i already miss it so much my heart physically hurts and i cry every time i remember something about it (just remembering how the sidewalks looked makes me cry) . I dont know how to fix this and im not even sure what it is (i assumed it was homesickness) I dont want to feel like this anymore because its so mentally draining.

  71. Im always play games at home, no wonder when i play games at college, i dont even remember my mom lol hahaahahahah screw you mom. Jk, love u tho

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