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Let’s talk about haters. Haters gonna hate, right? Most people never have to experience hate. Maybe during school time, they got a couple
of bullies. If they’re lucky, they got around this. The majority of people only experience getting
bullied, having haters or getting negative comments in “a very mild” way. Most people try to avoid this at all costs. I want to talk about what it means to be successful? To put yourself out there. What is it gonna mean for your life? And what consequences will it bring along
the way that you have to be aware of? One of the things that will happen whenever
you’re putting yourself on camera, when you’re putting yourself out there,
you’re creating a podcast, writing articles, writing social media posts, getting on stage. Whenever you are trying to stand out from
the masses, one thing will happen: People start paying attention to that. The moment you’re creating, you’re standing
out. You’re raising other people’s attention. The majority of people will act very favorably. To many people, you have such a positive impact
on their life. You’ll get a lot of positive feedback. But a certain percentage of the population
will not buy it. They will just feel, whatever is going on
in their life, whatever negative experiences they had in the past, something will resonate
with you. They will feel that you are there to just
piss them off. “You have made it your life mission to piss
off this one person” This is how they perceive you. There is nothing you can do about it. It’s just going on in their brain. They are projecting all kinds of negative
stuff onto you. You don’t even know what it is. This could be your voice, certain words that
you’re using. Maybe you’re reminding them or someone who
bullied them in the past. Maybe you’re reminding them that when you’re
successful, that they are not successful. Maybe they’re getting jealous. There are all kinds of reasons why this is
happening. But there is nothing that you can do about
it. And you shouldn’t do anything about this! You just have to understand that a certain
percentage of people and the entire population will have this negative reaction to you, no
matter what. The best thing that you can do is to ignore
that. Just be aware – it’s a guarantee – the
moment you’re reaching a certain audience. When you’re reaching 10 thousand, 100 thousand,
1 million people. A certain percentage… Which is so small that you have a very small
chance of bumping into one of these people in real life at any time. You will be guaranteed to show up on 1, 2,
10 of these people’s newsfeed online. It’s just the nature of things. You know what’s happening. They will write all kinds of stuff. I want to tell you a couple of strategies
on how you can deal with that. The first one. You can ignore that. This is gonna be a little bit difficult. People sometimes are getting really aggressive. They’re writing really nasty stuff. And your first reaction will always be an
emotional reaction when this is happening. The first thing you have to remember is that
those people don’t perceive you as who you are. They don’t think the way you do. They might not even mean what they’re writing. Some people just try to provoke you. Some people find pleasure by putting people
down and making them feel bad. Maybe they’re just doing it for fun. They’re thinking how they can hurt that person. Imagine a little child. Someone is three years old. Let’s say there’s a three-year-old boy. And he says: “You’re the biggest asshole! I hate you!” Now, what would you do if you met a child
who is three years old? Would you say “I’m gonna show this child! Who does he think he’s talking to me like
this? I’m going to punch him in the stomach!” No, of course not! Who would do that? Of course, you think about the frame of reference. He is a child. He is a three-year-old child. So what do people do? They don’t have a developed brain that’s as
developed. They don’t have the background and experience. They might be emotionally unstable at a certain
age. You give the child the benefit of the doubt. How do you react? Probably not at all. You’re probably just amused. Smirking. Wow, this is a troublesome child. And then you have a great story to tell. I think this is the best approach to how you
can look at those haters. Just imagine it’s like some little child,
a little girl, a little boy, trying to provoke you. Something isn’t stable. They’re not as developed yet. They don’t understand you yet. They have an overreaction for no reason at
all. You can smirk. And you have a great story to tell: How much has your message impacted some people
in such a way that they feel the need to write such a long message? Think about it. Every time someone is writing a long message,
that means that someone was sitting down you. You have impacted their life so much that
they feel to sit down for half an hour to write this message. Do you think they’re writing this in one go? No, maybe they’re thinking “Oh, that doesn’t
sound nasty enough. I have to delete this!” And maybe they’re spending an hour writing
this. What happens? They write this message, hoping that you will
react. That’s what they want! They want to be validated by you reacting
to them, by you responding to them in whatever message. Maybe apologizing, or aggressively attacking
them back. Their return on investment was that they provoked
your reaction. If you don’t react at all. What happens, they run into nothing. They’re just like bounce into the wall. Nothing happened. They wasted their entire time writing this
message for nothing. They didn’t get any reaction from that. Gone! This is very frustrating to them. Some people might try to write you a second
message or third message to try to force you to react to them. Finally validating their existence. If you have patience you can just outlive
them. At some point, they’re just going to give
up. That’s the second method that you can use
while dealing with those people. The third message what you can do is. And I generally recommend this. You can just block them. Delete their comments and block them. It’s really helpful. You don’t have to see the message again. One day, if they want to write you a second
message, they have to go through a lot of hoops. Get a new account. Find you again. It just takes way more time. On top of writing the message, now they have
to recreate a second account. They have to solve captures to send you more
stuff. I use comment moderation on all the social
media channels where possible. The comments are not going to get published
until I give them the green light. It’s quite easy. You’re not disturbing any of your subscribers
by exposing them to this kind of negativity. The fourth part is getting someone to help
you. Get an intern. Let them sort out the comments and messages. So you only get good quality feedback and
you don’t have to read all of this nasty stuff. Someone else taking care of that. They can block people. They can delete the comments which are not
working. Then you’re just having a much better experience
online. Let me know in the comments. What do you think of haters? Do you have your own hater experience story
to share with me? Let me know what what is your methods for
dealing with that? Make sure you subscribe and turn the notification
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