How to Deal with Negative Emotions – Distress Tolerance

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  1. Dr. T any individual leaving their familial household undergoes separation feelings, when a psych client , having isolation issues, has to leave their trusted caregivers, what exactly do they endure ? you could do a video chapter of this–

  2. God, but you are so absolutely aesthetically pleasing to look at! Alright, I'm finished again. But I did have to get that down on the record just one more time. And thank you for this video. You've just introduced me to a new concept. One that is wholly relevant to someone like me. And thank you for filling in some more of those crucial gaps in my knowledge and understanding. As always, my best to you.

  3. I loved this video. I am taking a mindfulness course and this video perfectly compliments it. I am a recovering emotional perfectionist. UGH…I'm 58 and finally ready to let it gooooooo

  4. Thank You 🙏 So Much!!
    This really spoke to me, because my son was telling me the other day that it’s ok to hate & it blew my mind because I was raised in an Evangelical cult, yet left at 14 & while I raise my children out of that cult, that cult is in me. You can take a girl out of a cult…
    I would say to my children not to use the word hate because it’s “too harsh” & then my son looked me in the eyes and said it’s ok to hate because it’s normal. He said it’s ok to hate. It doesn’t make him do anything wrong. It blew my mind. Of course it wouldn’t make him do anything wrong to feel. I love when my children teach me, because it’s such a great experience to see them grow in teaching me. So, I thanked him and stopped saying that patterned phrase of “hate is too harsh a word” anymore. This is such a great way to explain what he meant & I’m so grateful for how you are helping us all who have been so brainwashed 🧠 by the way a “Christian Woman” is supposed to act. We act like humans. Thanks for helping me see through the Evangelical fog that raised me second class & silent. God Bless You! 🕊💖🙏

  5. When will your intrusive thoughts video be coming? .Thanks for all the great videos.

  6. I laughed so hard at “I’m going to bury myself in a pan of brownies and pick out my eyebrows” because that sounds like exactly something I would do 🤣

    Thanks for this video, and all the other great videos Dr. Marks! They are helpful to me and my loved ones

  7. Dr. T some professionals in Psych write articles talking about promoting honesty, talking about a general need for an overhaul in favor of transparency, this could be directed at persons like your audience members, likely being psych clients, maybe having recollections of social persecution, being treated like a target, who could be dragged through the dirt for their attempts at transparency, have you considered issuing a vid discussing clients and whether or not they should "keep secrets" ?

  8. Acceptance is so helpful. I like the observation process. Allowing the feeling just to be there. Then watching them. It works 🌸🌸

  9. Thank you for this video. This seems like a great explanation on how to sit with emotions. I think this will be very helpful for me.

  10. I think eating the brownies and beating down your boss Is far more fun.

    Kidding haha

  11. Oh man this is so good. My boyfriend has been telling me for ages to practice mindfulness and acceptance with my feelings and let them pass. I always try to use willpower to force my feelings down and they always bubble back up in destructive ways. It's so hard to change.

  12. "I hate my boss and I wanna beat him down to the ground" me about my professors everyday

  13. I had an question Tracey. I took Venlafaxine for 2 weeks, and still feel it’s effects on my brain 2 months later, why is that? Please reply thanks. Btw awesome video 🙂

  14. Would it be possible to provide a link to the template? I can’t copy the text

  15. I had a very rich client grab my buttocks,I was kind of in shock at first and about two hours later that embarrassing all of a sudden hit me and I felt weak because I didn't respond at the moment. What causes me to not react at the moment? So what I did I confronted him about his behavior, and he was so scared that I might do something to him…..Mind you I teach boxing. Can you believe this dude paid me twice what I charge and got another trainer? Why would this clown do this in the first place? People are just weird.

  16. I am hoping to be a clinical psychologist one day and your videos are so educational and interesting. You are also such a captivating speaker! Thanks for making a wonderful channel

  17. Omg! The world NEEDS people like you!! Definitely do not hear this incredibly helpful guidance in the “biblical counseling” at church. All you hear is “take your thoughts captive” and “probably need to confess something.” This is what people actually need.
    Thank you.

  18. Loosing my mom has caused me to hyperventilate. Has made me angry, sad and mad. Hearing you speak gives me some understanding…You have lovely eyebrows please don't pick them out…

  19. wow. i came here to ask you to make a video on IED but this pretty much covers it i believe. super convenient! thank you!

  20. I was wondering if u could touch the topic of body dysmorphia. Also, is there any disorders that involved an overall dysmorphic view of oneself in general, not just their body appearance? Also, love u videos, I've been trying to work on improving me for a long time, and part of that is helping others close to me understand. How u explain things is helping me do that. Thanks

  21. This is so hard.. Managing my rage is probably the hardest thong I'll do whenever that "wave" hits.. Cause by the time i realize that what im seeing and over rescting to is not as it seems. .. Ive pissed off every1 close to me which just adds to it anf.. Bleh .. 3days sleep i need once i manage to calm down is nice tho.. If not for the nightmares.. It'll be heaven.. Ive always taken some pride in the fact that as far as self control goes.. Im my verdion of fkn yoda… 😂 But as I am getting older.. This is not becoming easier.. I understand what you want us to do.. But.. If i chose how i react to shit.. That would be way more possible..stop.. Close your eyes.. Deep brearhs.. Think.. Yea.. Ok.. But im not always aware im being a certain "unpleasant" way..😶 How do i own something that has kinda already made me its bitch..

  22. Thank you Dr! Quick question, can do you a video on bipolar anger and how to deal with our anger in a healthy way? Thank you so much.

  23. Dr Marks, will you please do a video on suicide—potential reasons why someone would want to kill themselves, what to do to prevent it, understanding and coping/deterring with suicidal ideations. Additionally, please explain why we are sent to the hospital for expression these ideations. It would be VERY, VERY, VERY appreciated!

  24. Hi! Love your videos. I have a question. Do you think, or maybe know from proof, if taking prescription estrogen (because of a complete hysterectomy) can make bipolar conditions worse for some people? Thanks!

  25. What if someone " fires" me or make me a huge, outrageous injustice, and i supposed to hate him and everything that he respresents ( his nation, his religion, his political oriwntation even his favorite football team ) , but, instead, not only that i can't hate him but i keep loving admiring and beleieving in that person and mostly in the values that he respresents (or respresent him). For example if my priest make me injustice , I still can't hate jesus and the church; if my boss Who fires me used to be a good doctor or aother proffesionist, I can t deny his abilities as a doctor ( but in stead i could end up questioning about my own ones) or give up to all the things that I had learnd from him, I could even continue to send People to him, and I dont understand what this means about me? Am i "extremly wise" or extremly stupid, addicted to certain persons or ideas ???

  26. Hi Dr. Marks. I have heard lots of good things about meditation and mindfulness. But do you know of any information about its possible negative effects? For example depersonalization. I have tried this technique about watching emotions and being separate from them but now I feel like I my experience of emotions and life as separate from myself. Can meditation and mindfulness be bad for someone? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  27. Hello doctor i have a question since i like your video very much on bipolar disorder and my girlfriend diagnosed on it, to keep my question short my gf was first diagnosed with bipolar type 1 and then years later she was diagnosed with bipolar mixed episode. However, recently shes been in mania for weeks and her doctor is concerned since her condition is monotonous. Is that mean she reverting to type 1? Thank you doctor

  28. The feeling of falling in emptiness and never knowing when it's going to end it's like being in prison in your own body.

  29. I appreciate sooo much your professionalism and variety of topics in your videos!! Please consider a 100k sub special collaboration with Dr. Todd Grande! 🙂

  30. This is great that there's the text in the description thank you 🙂

  31. I came onto your videos not expecting much but I actually feel like you have really helped pull me out of some chaotic thinking tonight x

  32. We should not try to get rid of our emotions but rather we need to process them. It's hard though because sometimes they are so strong.

  33. Was told that behind an émotion there was an unfulfilled need behind it…Do we have to fulfill it if the émotion keeps on coming back?

  34. This was a great video. I get so caught up in my emotions at the time and drown in them with racing thoughts. But learning to dismantle parts and understand them are really helping.
    God bless you!

  35. I’m going through a major depression with moderate anxious distress for two months over a person I liked, who was just using me for years which is causing me to experience bad anxiety & physical symptoms just like chest pains, fatigue, Weakness, ringing in my ears, tightness and loss of vision in my left eye. My depression all started with negative racing thoughts as I was trying to go to bed which have never happened to me since that day I’ve just have not been the same, I have anxiety, I can’t use social media, I’m anxious to talk to people and I experience insomnia which it came and go, I also found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency which is at 22 at the moment but my doctor said everything else is fine with me, I really get scared for my health, sometimes when I get stressed I see flashes which a eye doctor said it can be a migraine or not which scared me and lead to give more stress I’ve never been depressed in my life, I just want to be normal again and be the person I was before all this happened to me 😔 I am getting a little better but I’m going day by day do you think I can recover from this, I need advice. Thanks.

  36. How you state these concepts in a very clear, concentrated, thoughtful way is very helpful. It's like reading an entire self help book distilling it all down to one helpful excersize that is applicable to real life that one can apply in real time when difficult feelings arise. Shifting "unmanageable feelings" to integrating feelings into your experience, accpepting them and moving through them is a very helful technique to someone struggling with shedding old coping mechanisms and or addictions. I have been trying to break old, distructive behavior patterns (drinking to numb out, over eating, self harm) to less obvious self defeating behaviors such as avoidance. VERY HELPFUL for me to have visual aides to got to when emotions arise such as the ocean wave. Thank you so much for making these helpful videos.

  37. Dr Marks, I work in a culture where manipulation, intimidation, and bullying are often used by superiors. In fact, they are often rapidly promoted within the company. For example, the last few days a manager has tried to interfere with me taking my legal right for breaks. Sometimes I get so angry when they use their antics on me that I have trouble controlling my emotions. I am almost always surrounded by customers and employees so it is not appropriate for me to express my emotions; yet, my body language expresses it all, if I can manage to keep my mouth shut. Also, my anger seems to fuel managements behavior more. Short of quitting (working on it) how do I deal with this intense anger until I'm home.

  38. Dr Marks,
    I’m in a really better place mentally now and feel as if my anxiety has become a lot more manageable. Do you have any advice on how to make as much progress during this ‘good phase’? Thanks!

  39. I just have been smoking weed and I'm not now and I think it's making my bipolar worse

  40. I appreciate your videos.

    I don’t see the template you referenced in the description. Can I find it elsewhere? Thank you.

  41. I use the scripts for my anxiety and it helps alot. Thanks Dr Tracey Marks! 😁😉

  42. Wow. What a simple way to tackle complex emotions that sometimes I, myself, can’t even describe with words. Thanks for helping us unravel this, Dr. Marks!

  43. Ok today I am choosing not to run to myself sisters rescue. She was very ungrateful and rude to me the last time I saw her. I tried to reach out to her and she did not respond . She's sick right now and so usually I would run to her to take care of her. Mom is taking care of her so I'm not going to do it myself. I still feel angry about our last interaction but will not put myself in a position to be mistreated by her at this time. I know in time we will talk things out like we have in the past. I feel good about taking care of myself thy is time around.

  44. This makes me question me always being positive because it feels like lying to yourself when you get bad news and you just have to think the positive way.

  45. Question: is depression an expression of suppressed sadness, anger or fear then?? I thought it was a physical illness? How to do those intertwine? Thx!

  46. It could be very usefull If you gave some ideas to deal with negative emotions, when people confront you face to face. Not to evaluate the feelings after the conflikt. How to deal with it in the situation?

  47. Thanks for this video Dr. Marks. This is just want I needed. After being diagnosed with T2D last Feb. I am still feeling so sad and depress. Becoming skinny after months of low carb diet is not helping either. I needed someone to tell me that life does not end here.

  48. Thanks for helping us build emotional intelligence. Really good video.

  49. Hi Dr. Marks, I started to watch some of your videos and will definitely continue watching. You are making a difference with a lot of people and I truly appreciate you. All the best!

  50. I cannot emphasis how much value I have got from your videos.

    The mindfulness technique is wonderful.

  51. 😆 My REAL thoughts are… I HATE my boss and I wanna beat 👏🏾him 👏🏾down 👏🏾to 👏🏾the 👏🏾ground! That is so relatable!!!🤣 All kidding aside, excellent video! Thank you, Dr. Marks! 🙂

  52. Is Mindfulness the same as "getting out of your head?"
    It seems like, for me, I'm "inside my head" almost all of the time as if I'm putting 100% of my attention on doing some sort of body/brain scan and picking apart everything sensation or thought that I have.
    I'm agoraphobic, though – there's not really much going on in my house anyway heh. 🙂 .
    Thank you for your videos. They've been very helpful for our family. I really like how simple you keep your backgrounds and any sounds because it is so much easier to focus on what you're saying.
    Oh, one thing I'm interested in is "telehealth." Who is that useful for and how does it work? Would it work for an agoraphobic person, possibly?

  53. Thank you so much for this video. I learned this technique over a decade ago, but a recent concussion robbed me of it.
    I have been loosing myself alot. This video saved me, i now remember. And the more i think about it , the memories and abilities get clear and more clarity is regained. Thank you , you saved me from my private prison. Truth be told, i wasnt to far from the " fine' "

  54. Hi Dr. Marks…finally looking at the BPD list…what about when you can't identify the emotion. I have an emotion wheel that helps but in most cases I find that I try to pin point or own a feeling and months sometimes years later realize that's not really what I was feeling at all. What are some tips to finding the root of an emotion or several?

  55. this is great thank you, I felt as if you were speaking directly to me.

  56. I have completed DBT at my local health center, and I feel that your video is a great refresher of Distress Tolerance.

    I love 'my breath is my anchor'. What a great line, useful for being mindful and meditation. Thank you!

  57. Dr Tracey Marks has created a very informative channel. The direct, easy speaking with understandable verbiage helps to understand every point she makes. I really enjoy receiving the information Dr Tracey Marks presents.

  58. You are awesome. I like the way you talk. Thank you so much for the video.

  59. For the most part I have no issue with my anger I actually use my anger as a tool but most people can't deal with my anger and I've been unmedicated about my anger and everything else but the depression & the bipolar, im unmedicated about the anxiety & about the ADHD no doctor wants to write the prescription for it but I go see a new doctor on 25th who can write these hopefully he will write them. I prefer not to use my anger but I guess I have to I will I'd rather things go smoothly but when it gets bumpy and I'm unmedicated so I will cuss somebody out and think nothin of it! And what I say to people who have issue with it what I say and how I say it well guess what they can build a bridge and get over it btw there's no toll to get over it! Oh by the way Im not sleep very much because they don't give me sleeping medication and no I ain't talking about Ambien because I'm allergic to Ambien so that don't work giving me the right medication for the anxiety helps with sleep and the hydroxyzine for my allergies it helps with my sleep so I'm just totally unmedicated doc I don't know what to do I don't have to wait 5 days to see what this knee doctor says and if you don't give me the right medications that I need that I'm going to have to resort to my old ways of getting attention!

  60. 2nd note for Dr. Marks thank you so very much and I greatly appreciate the videos you do for mental illness it's informative and it helps thank you doctor you're awesome

  61. I think her hair is amazing I love them, remember beauty is in the eye beholder some people will not like some will i love your videos

  62. Thank you so much for this, I already feel better thanks to you. Your videos help me a lot ! 🙂

  63. Linda Warren
    Thanks again Dr. Marks. You are a delight and an answered prayer. I am going to share your site with my new Psychiatrist. I pray he will watch your videos. This one I really really needed. I had slacked off from watching you but I am have started back and I will not stop. This will help me decide if I will be able to work again at least part time and I know it will also help me become the woman I want to become. It's because of the fact that my old psychiatrist medicated me the same way for forty years of my life I have almost missed out on having a career. My life changed but my medication didn't. That caused me to end up in many institutions and even jail and also loosing part of my family. It's because of you that a lot of young people will get to experience life of a greater value if they apply themselves and I myself salute you. You are becoming a legend in your own time educating people of our statue. I am going to be relocating praying that the judge will let me out of my guardianship in April. I wish I could come to your city. Thanks again for sharing.

  64. Dr Marks I've been to three psychiatrists. You are head ( lovely hair btw) and shoulders above all 3. I feel so bad sometimes, and you are always there on my smartphone. God bless you.

  65. Very Beautiful woman and intelligent! So many people need this information.

  66. But how do you limit how much time it takes to do this? I end up avoiding my schedule for amount of days to get over it

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