How to deal with Yasuo

If you ban Yasuo because you don’t want to play against him, that’s perfectly understandable. But if you ban him because someone on your team wants to play him and you don’t want to play with Yasuo This applies to any champion really, but I just want to say that you’re a piece of shit. Hi there! My name’s Dong Huap. How do you deal with Yasuo? YASUO. I mean since his conception, everyone considered him overpowered I mean this is not even.. it’s not even a question really I mean WTF you have a champion that has double crit chance Oh, what the fuck is that right? But in high elo Yasuo has not been considered that overpowered He is still considered super super busted and basically the God carry in mid to low Elos How do high elo players deal with Yasuo so well? And how do lower elo players have so much trouble with him? I’m going to look at Yasuo’s strengths and weaknesses How you can properly abuse him and punish him and how you can beat him when he gets Super far ahead But first what what is Yasuo? What can we compare Yasuo to? Yasuo is a spoiled shitty brat, that’s what Yasuo is. He is a selfish, narcissistic child who only gives a fuck about himself. He’s always split pushing, never groups with the team He’s always taking everybody’s farm, he thinks all the gold is his gold. And the way you deal with Yasuo is the same way that you deal with an over spoiled brat. Let’s look at the worst-case scenario first. What is the worst-case scenario when playing up against Yasuo? The worst case scenario is that the jungler camps you and you die to all these ganks. The jungler has good CC, always on time, always gets a kill, and he just makes your life miserable. When a jungler camps for an enemy Yasuo… that’s basically having an enabling mother; A mom that just cannot say NO. MOM! I want ganks. MOM! I need wards! Why are you taking care of bot lane? Fuck bot lane! I need ganks!! This is how he becomes so self-centered and unempathetic It’s because he’s never heard the word “NO” And in some sense it is an effective strategy. Once Yasuo gets Infinity Edge and another crit item He’s going to have a hundred percent crit chance So what do you do in a scenario like this? You have to go kill his mom. His mother is the one enabling him, so you have to kill his mother. She’s gonna eventually have to help another lane and you have to be ready, you have to be there. Because Yasuo is just going to sit top He doesn’t give a fuck about his team. YOU have to make sure that you’re there for your teammates. If you help them more during the early-ish mid game They are more likely to want to help you during the late game. A champions Roam potential is determined on how much burst, crowd control, and mobility they have. Yasuo has all three of these things if he fills a Condition for each of them because just like a spoiled brat, he’s fucking nobody without People helping him he needs other people to knock up for him. He needs minions to be able to have real mobility he doesn’t have reliable CC without three hits of his Q This is why most Yasuo players even when they get fed. They still just sit in a single lane and split push. Now how do you deal with his split push? Think about what a shithead kid turns into when he grows up, a Shithead kid turns into a shithead adult and we call those people Criminals and druggies and rapists and stuff like that And how do we deal with those people in our society? we deal with them together. One of us asks for help because they have a problem They can’t deal with by themselves So the rest of us come in and divert resources To help this person. Now unlike other great split pushers such as Nasus and Tryndamere There’s a specific reason that you want to group up and kill this guy and that is that Yasuo does not have Survivability unlike these other split pushers. Once you’ve caught Yasuo once you’ve locked him down you have him You don’t actually waste as much time because he’s a low mobility squishy split pusher So you do still have quite a bit of time to rotate back to save your other objectives. Now what do you do against a fed Yasuo In teamfights? One of the scariest things that you can watch is watching all of your carries get knocked up by Yasuo and getting ulted by him But again same thing as before. it doesn’t matter which person on your team was responsible for feeding the Yasuo He is now a problem to all of society he is a problem to your entire team So your entire team has to pay their taxes, pay their ults pay their resources in order to deal with this guy Let’s take a comparison between these two team fights in this team fight Nautilus ignores Yasuo and instead goes for the backline Thus Yasuo was able to kill Nautilus’ backline And then they lose the teamfight. Had he peeled instead they might have had a chance Now let’s look at a different teamfight. This time around the Yasuo goes in gets a great knock up But this time everybody knows who to focus. Lulu and Lee Sin immediately burned their ults Nautilus this time around, runs back and peels first carries instead of going for the backline. When people say things like “Oh I didn’t focus Yasuo because I was focusing the carries.” Yasuo is the carry! Yasuo was the one that’s gonna carry this game by killing everybody else Doesn’t matter who created the shithead you have to collectively deal with him as a team. Now let’s talk about a scenario where he also doesn’t get crazy fed. One of Yasuo’s biggest strengths is in his early game He gets a 100 HP passive shield at level 1 that is Insanely good and very difficult to trade with. There are two different approaches to his early game We’ll talk about mid lanes approach first, mid lane mages have the hardest time against Yasuo. At Level 1 he also was just going to put a point into his E, dash through the Minion wave and Start cutting you. First use an auto attack to pop off his shield make sure you stay close enough to your own minion line So when the auto attacks he aggros the caster minions And then use your first ability to trade back with him and kite back so that he cannot continue to hit you Generally speaking as a mage you don’t want to push Yasuo in Because what happens is even though you make him miss CS By pushing him to tower you’re going to quickly run out of mana And Yasuo is a resourceless champion. Because this Karthus spent his level 1 shoving up the Minion wave When Yasuo also hits level 2 he can just immediately begin to dash on top of him and get a free trade Because of his decision to push Karthus now has a huge deficit in lane and eventually gets killed thus beginning a snowball for Yasuo In general You just want to let Yasuo shove you in and hold the wave near your tower. Now how do you gank Yasuo? Yasuo seems to be fairly Susceptible to ganks because he doesn’t actually have a real escape unless he has minions behind him But the best way to gank Yasuo is to let him gank himself. Every single Yasuo is extremely Aggressive in the early game, so whatever bait you throw at him however obvious almost, every single time He’s gonna take it It’s much easier to kill him when he’s just right on top of you. You can do something similar in the mid lane Imagine there’s a line an invisible line from here to here Yasuo’s love to go aggressive And if you stand on top of this line, Yasuo will just barely be in turret range Yasuo’s love being aggressive And will generally fuck up and make mistakes like this. One of the biggest things that parents aren’t doing anymore Is that they’re not allowing their kids to make mistakes instead, they warn them and tell them what to do. Don’t Let Yasuo make his own mistakes. Let him learn what it feels like when you tower dive stop giving him advice Don’t put your hands on the stove. Stop referring to that black man as “the nigger” let him make his own mistakes Let him know what it feels like to do those things That’ll teach him a more valuable lesson than you ever could. Now for most mages, You just want to go even with Yasuo As long as you didn’t give them a kill as long as you didn’t let them snowball you won’t be too far off Level 6 is when you have an opportunity Yasuo’s early game is great, Yasuo’s Late-game is disgusting and Yasuo’s mid game is Horrid. I mean it is awful unless fed It is one of the worst mid games ever because of one main reason He doesn’t have a reliable ultimate. Again, unless this brat has an enabling mother doing his knock ups for him He can’t reliably knock you up when Yasuo gets three hits of his Q he will hold a tornado for 10 seconds *now 6* in those 10 seconds, you just got to stay out of range of Yasuo, and that will likely mean missing out on a few minions Not just on their gold, but also on their exp But once he loses that tornado it will be another 7 seconds before he get another one. That means in that seven second window He doesn’t have an ultimate. This is when you punish the little bastard for all the fucking things he’s done to you this is when you spank him and beat the shit out of him top lane bruisers can do this and mid lane assassins can do this very well. As for top lane tanks and mid lane mages, those seven seconds are seven seconds of free harass Use ranged autos to get his shield down and bait out his wind wall so you can get more harass down and if you don’t Do those things you can push the wave in and try to out roam him, know what this twisted fate does he has Gold Card But he doesn’t throw it because he knows it will get Wind Walled so instead He’s auto attack cancelling to fake out Wind Wall, this Yasuo however is clever enough to not fall for it So instead he throws wild cards and allows those to get blocked and so it gets him that Gold Card and secures this kill Now you can do all these things and more but here’s the biggest problem that a lot of people face There’s a statistic that shows that the lower elo you go the longer the games last because people in lower Elos Don’t shotcall properly They don’t make the right decisions And they’re either too aggressive or just not aggressive enough.The average silver game lasts about five minutes longer than the average Master Tier game. Now I know five minutes Not- might not sound like a lot in a League of Legends game, but remember this is Yasuo. We’re talking about okay? He is a monstrous little brat. Most parents are uncomfortable leaving their kid alone for five seconds Imagine the damage this little fucker will do in five minutes?! Be proactive on the map Don’t just sit there and farm with him. Punish him, spank him at every single turn Don’t do stupid things yourself like chasing. People who chase kills are people who chase Bronze Remember not to fight him when he has his enabling mother with him, but most importantly make sure you snowball the advantage against Yasuo because while yasuo is a very good snowball champion he also gets snowballed on himself Extremely easily. He is not a great escaper. He is not tanky. He does not have range It is very hard for him to get back into this game once he’s out of it Don’t just sit in one lane and continuously kill Yasuo Make sure that this advantage spreads out so you can end this game faster But always make sure that you have enough time to punish this Yasuo. Yasuo needs to know that daddy can go into another lane, do good work But still come back home to beat his little punk ass so he doesn’t get too far out of control. Even if he’s one in ten, Daddy is still willing to use an ultimate on him Consistency is the key to parenting. That’s how you deal Yasuo

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  1. These videos are stupid as fuck lol making real life examples of champions. Yasuo is not op, people in low elo just dont understand how to play against him. Yasuos push 247. They can not not push because its so easy and after shoving they can roam for vision and other shit. So as long as there is no other wave on the way yasuo is an easy gank, so if youre having problems with yasuo just wait for ganks. However most match ups against yasuo are just skill match-ups and if you lose its due to them being a better player than you

  2. yasuo does not need ganks.. u just can't deal with him unless u have Rammus or Malphite in your team


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  7. I main yasuo and not feeding my self i carry my team,i feel kind of sad like no one play same as u said some one does but some one doesnt,i as a yasuo main feel sad ;-;

  8. Thank for this video, i can try to improve myself btw i'm yasuo main xD

  9. 1. use garen
    2. auto to remove his shield
    3. start spin when he gets to you, if he runs, use ur q to empower ur spin, u can easily catch him.
    3. ur q should hit after the spin is over, leaving him silenced
    4.if he stays and fights use ur w and then auto
    5.dont over extend.
    6. Rinse, repeat, ult.
    7.depends on how good the yasuo is tho..

  10. Every match, you have to ban him, if someone on your team wants to pick yasuo, you ban anyways because it always ALWAYS ends up being a fucking feeder. if you get yasuo on your team you lose, if he gets salty about banning it and troll picks, gg, BUT, if he picks a normal character, you have a chance of winning, if you ban him at least theres is a chance to win. So always ban him for at least a chance of winning, because you will be fucked if you have that trash ass character that doesnt do shit and plus nobody that wants to play him has a fucking brain.

  11. How i counter yasuo
    1 I pick darius
    2 take tank runes of sustain
    3 engage to him to bait him to come near me
    4 auto attack so i can proc his shield then W for the slow
    5 then when hes in your Q range then use Q make sure he hits the tip of the axe for that sweet sweet heal
    6 then use E for that armor pen
    7 when hes super low health finish him with your R for the dunk. If he escaped and recalls if you had enough gold to buy a phage then recall and tp to top and repeat the process until i kill him
    8 when his tornado is up. I try my best to doge it then well done

  12. If Yasuo needs others to help him, then why do sometimes we see 1v5 pentakills?

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  14. As a yasuo main i can say, if you want to win against him just play like a team, cuz when i playing yasuo in high div, i play on instincts that is the key of win but if you play yasuo like veigar(where every move should be considered), you will lose with yasuo…

  15. Yasuo mains here, taking notes about how to avoid being punished and counter theese tactics, cheers! 🙂

  16. How to deal with yasuo

    In lane: Dodge tornados

    Late game: do not engage 1v1 if fed


  17. It's Not that yasuo is shit, it's that the players who, play him…

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  25. U can't trade, he has shield and bone plating. You can't get cannons, he denies them with wind wall. You can't dodge his tornadoes which he gets more often than a support like janna. How ridiculous. I m glad I never have to play ranked vs that overpowered champion.

  26. I ban yasuo coz for fucks sake everytime I queue for top, I'm always ALWAYS against fucking yasuo

    I am so tired of facing against some "free gold champion" and me just 1v9 and demolish the whole enemy team

    Top lane needs diversity

    And that's why I ban yasuo

  27. I don't ban the champions I don't want to play against. I ban the champions that I don't want my team to play against.

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    Queue clip of him eating minions to get life steal and gong from 10% to 100% in literally one dash

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