How to Find Christian Community at Work – Jesse Chang | TheoTech Podcast

CHRIS: A lot of people might feel like they’re so isolated. They, you know, they might look around their workplace and feel like
there’s no other Christians here, or you know, we couldn’t do something like this.
What would you say the people in that position, who long for something like
this but feel like they don’t have it, this community?
JESSE: Go start it! Right? You
know, if you–if it’s something that you want and something that’s not there, why
not start it, right?
>>What would they have to do to get started? (Yeah.) What’s the
basic steps? Like step one, two.
>>Step one: you know, find a way to find fellow
believers at the workplace, right. You know, just keep your eyes open, keep your
ears open, and hopefully you’ll be able to come across people. Maybe you’ll find
them at church, right, maybe you’ll see them in the workplace, maybe it’ll come up in casual conversation with your coworkers. But the key first step is to
just find your fellow believers. For me, it was searching on a wiki or searching
on email lists. “Christian.” Right? Now, I’m sure that there are things like that at
your workplace too.

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