How To Find Good Deals: Tax Liens

You know, making money in real estate is
so freaking easy. Unless you have an excuse. And then those come in many
varieties shapes and sizes. And one of them is, “I can’t find a good deal.” So
listen, I’m going to make it so stupid easy. I’m going to walk you through it right now. If you actually click the link in the
description below, you can access a free account of PropStream and I want you to
do that right now and then I want you to follow along. This is a follow along
video. And if you just do what I do, I’m going to show you how to find really hot
deals. Today, we’re going to be finding deals through properties that have loads
of equity but they have liens. And for those of you that don’t know exactly
what that means, that means that someone has a property, they’ve got great equity.
Which means maybe their house is paid off or maybe it’s half paid off. But
they’ve got a lien of $10,000 or $30,000 or
it could be a tax lien. They haven’t been paying their taxes. And all of a sudden,
I’m telling you that when you own a house with equity and then you get on
the title, a lien that says you owe this amount in taxes. If they don’t take care
of that lien then the government comes in and what? They take your house from
you. They want their money one way or the other. So, these are people that have
problems. They’re looking for solutions. And that’s what I’m telling you guys all
day long. Real estate is not about property. Real estate is about people and
it’s people helping people and it’s a business of people. So, what I’m going to do
right now is I’m going to show you how it’ll help solve problems for people in
a way that’s mutually beneficial. So, if you have downloaded your free 5-day
use of PropStream… This is my number one real estate software that I use for
finding really good deals and then verifying that they are good deals
through checking the comps. –The comparables. And then I make decisions
and boom, I’m off to the races and I’m freaking out they’re crushing it. You can
do it right now with me. Follow along. Your screen probably looks something
like mine but your map looks a little bit different. And in the top of corner,
I’m going to enter in my zip code. It’s an area that I’m comfortable with.
I’m going to put in a county. Because I’m going to do a county search. Not a city or a
zip code. I could do that too. This is Utah County in Utah. This is the county
that I live in. And even though I don’t own almost any real estate in Utah…
Because I’m nomination wide. The reality is I know this market like the back of
my hand because I bought my first 50 homes here. So, I’m familiar with it. You can go ahead
and put in your zip code and follow along. Now by the way, first thing that
comes up, 13,000 listings on the MLS. 43 cash buyers. On one of my other videos,
I’m going to show you how to find all 43 of those cash buyers and contact I’m saying,
“I got a good deal, do you want to fund it?” And guess what a cash buyer will say?
“Hello.” That’s yes. Okay, so here we go. I’m going to go and click on filter as you are
clicking on filter because we’re doing this exercise together. And what I’m
going to be looking for is I’m going to click on leans under list type. Lean says
basically me saying, “Who’s got a problem that I can solve?” And are we
going to say owner-occupied? In this case, I am going to say owner-occupied. I don’t want
to deal with the corporation. I want to deal with a human being who has a house
that has a stake in it. They’ve got money sitting in that house and they’re bricks.
But they also have this lien. And if they don’t take care of the lien, the
government will take their house away. They need a solution, okay? By the way,
let’s check this out. Property Characteristics. Now on this one, do I
really care a whole lot about the home? Sure. I’m going to say that this is a
single-family if I click on property characteristics. I don’t care when it was
built for this example. On this one ,you know my system lease options whatnot. I’m
going to stick with a minimum of 3 bedroom, 1 bath. My square feet, I really
don’t care a whole lot about size. But let’s just say that it’s got at least a
thousand square feet. If you watch my other video, you’ve seen this. And then
we’re going to go to MLS status. And as far as listing amount, sure. Let’s say that….
We’re not worrying about listing about right now. We’re going to… Well, let’s just
say that this is a property that is listed for no more than $300,000. Let’s
solve problems for people with homes under 300,000 in value. Is this on the
market? The reality is it is not. So, I’m going to click “No” there. We’re going to skip
foreclosure status. Ownership status and we’re going to click on lien, bankruptcy,
divorce status. This is the unhappy tab because if someone is has a lien or a
bankruptcy or divorce. You know, it’s they’re probably not having the best day
of their life. Lien type, I’m just going to go for a tax lien. Do you see where I
just did that right there? And as far as lien amount this is super important. If
someone has a $500 lien, do you want to call that person? “Hey, I see you of a
hundred thousand dollars of equity. But you have a five hundred dollar lien. I’m
here to save the day.” Friends, they don’t need help with a five hundred dollar
lien. What are they going to need help with? Let’s say they need help with a $10,000-lien. Is that an amount of money? It’s you up to you.
What’s an amount of money that someone says, “Crap, that’s kind of unsurmountable.
Crap this is a problem that’s kind of bigger than I’m used to handling.” I’m
going to say that they’ve got a lien for $10,000 on up. And we’re
going to click on “Has the lien” and then on value trend, we’re going to focus… We’re
going to actually leave this all blank. All right, so let’s go ahead and hit apply
and check it out. We have 201 properties that meet our criteria.
Okay, we’re just going to start top of the list. Let’s look at what we got here. I
have a home in American Fork, 390 North, 600 East. So, I can see a top down view on
this. Alright, so here’s what we got. This is a property that if you take a look at
it, this home that the very first one that came up look they got $29,986 in liens. And that is super
risky to this piece of property. Do you know why? Look at it. It has a value of $287,319 but look
all the way on the far right. It has a mortgage balance of zero. So, this is a
home that is paid off. It’s worth $280,000 and
they have $30,000 of liens. What will happen to this family if
they don’t take care of those liens? They will lose the house. Does this person
need a phone call? Yes. Is there a way for them to stay in the home and maybe
there’s a way for you to resolve that lien and they’ll give you a big chunk of
equity in the home? Yes, that’s very possible. This is a family that might not
want to leave the home and that they’re afraid that they might have to sell it
as the only possibility. This could be a family that says actually, “We need to
sell this home and we are just looking for someone to take it off our hands.” You
don’t know what you’re going to find but here’s what I can tell you. This is a
person who has everything to lose but they have all this equity. They need help.
It’s owned by an individual. And look here. It’s owned by Bavard Stephanie. Dude,
isn’t it crazy that we have… That I ever address, I have all the information on
this house. I have the date that she purchased it. What it looks like. I mean
that is just an insane amount of information. Let’s look at the second one.
This one right here is in Mapleton, 1331 West, 2800 South. 3 bedrooms, 2 and a
half baths. 4,300 square feet. It has a $25,000 lien. Let’s
click on it. Okay. This is a home… This is important, check it out.
This has a home that has a value of 1 million 69 thousand dollars. What are
that… What’s their mortgage balance? $78,000. That home
has $990,000 of equity and they have a $25,000 lien. Are they in a situation where they can solve this
problem? I don’t know. But I can tell you that all their information is right here.
And this is a person who’s not listed their home yet and they have to find a
solution. So, what have we found here? $990,000 of
equity. Let’s look at this third one. The next one down here in
Saratoga Springs. 383 West, Casi way. There’s a home worth $387,000. And these people owe 309,000. This is $77,000 of equity. And they have a $23,000 problem. I don’t know if I’d want to get into a home in
that price range with such little opportunities. So, I’m going to just skip
that one. I’m going to scroll down. This one is in pheasant Ridge Trail. Check this
one out. This is a home worth $492,000. They
have a mortgage balance of 341,000. There’s a $150,000 of equity. Their liens, $37,000. For a lot of people, $37,000 is a really significant
problem. But they also have $151,000 of equity. So,
you have the chance to help go in there and strategize. Do they want to keep the
home or do they not want to keep the home? And then how do you help them
eliminate that lien? If they don’t eliminate that lien, it’s going to follow
them around till their dying day. So, you have a chance to swoop in here and help
be part of a solution. Friends, that’s today’s training. Showing you that this
system… I mean, we found 200 worth looking at. And if I actually followed up
on 10 of these, I’m going to find a handful of deals that I’m going to do. And
if my goal is to make 50 to 100 thousand dollars on each house, guess
what? Remember, 10 houses at a 100k a piece is a million dollars, right? One,
two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, a million. And real estate is just that
simple. I mean honestly, million isn’t probably
what it used to be. But making a million is so easy when you possess the
knowledge that I’m sharing with you right here. On the next video, I’m going to
show you how to actually find all the cash you could ever want for do
as many deals as you ever want using this exact same system. So, make sure you
tune in for that. And for those either saying, “Kris, this is amazing.”
And I want to work with your team and I want to get some help. Then I want you to
click the link below in the description and you’re going to get access to how you
can work with me, work with my team. And get out there and crush it in real
estate. Because guess what? Now you know it. The deals are
plentifully available in your backyard. Just get a mentor to help walk you
through it.

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  5. Awesome video back to back. Today has been a great day for tutorials and understanding real estate

  6. Awesome video back to back. Today has been a great day for tutorials and understanding real estate

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