HOW TO Grow Your Business | Simon Zutshi

– In this video, I’m going to show you three ways to grow your business. So, Simon Zutshi here, and
I’m actually in Richmond, in my lunch break, I’m
attending a business event, and I wanted to share this video with you to help you understand three ways you can grow your business. So the first one is,
obviously, to network. That’s networking online,
to connect between people, and also physically connecting with people at events like the one
I’m attending today. Now this is important, because
the more people you know, the more successful you will be. They do say that your
network is your net worth. I’ll come back to this
point in just a moment. Secondly, the next best thing
to do to grow your business is put yourself in an environment with other like-minded people. You wanna connect, and reach out to, and be around other entrepreneurs. Because other entrepreneurs understand what you’re trying to
do with your business, whereas family, friends, who
maybe have conventional jobs, they don’t really get
what we’re going through as entrepreneurs. And the third tip is, don’t
try and reinvent the wheel. Don’t try and work stuff out for yourself. Look, I’m already pretty successful at marketing and internet marketing, but I’ve come to an event
to learn from someone who’s much better than
me, more experienced, and I can now take some
things that I’m not doing, and put those into place, and enhance some of the
things that I am doing, that I just need to do
a little bit better. So it’s really important to
do this if you possibly can. So, the way to grow your business is, grow your network, make
sure you surround yourself with other like-minded people, and finally, find other people
more successful than you and learn from them. That saves you a huge
amount of time and effort. So one of the things I’d
like to recommend to you is one of my personal
mentors, my business mentors, is a guy called Roger Hamilton. Now, he lives in Bali, but he’s coming to the UK in February, and he’s running two events, one in London and one in Birmingham. Now these are not anything about property, they’re for entrepreneurs. And it’s all about how to recognise what’s happening in this decade and how to get your business ready for it. Now, it’s a great opportunity
to build your network, to surround yourself
with like-minded people, and learn from people
more successful than you. So if you’d like to find
out more about that event, and actually get half-price tickets, it’s a very low-cost event anyway, but get half-price
tickets, just fill in the, click on the link below,
fill in your details, and I’ll send you information about that. So always remember to
invest with knowledge, invest with skill.

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