How to handle someone crying at work – Crying

Adam? yeah Are you alright mate? Yep. Yeah, no I’m fine .Have you been crying? No? No I’m not crying You certainly look like you’re crying. Look that is not okay mate. We’re gonna talk about this. We’re having a meeting What guys we had a bit of an incident on the shop floor Adam was crying Adam were you crying are you okay? No… I just feel so overworked at the moment were working so hard and so – yeah, I’m gonna have to get a new rule No crying at work Rowan do you really feel that’s the best solution for this? Absolutely yuck. He was crying Oh, it was disgusting like if you should have heard I was on the shop floor I was playing Street Fighter and suddenly I’m hearing this Oh *imitates Adam crying* *evil mocking crying* And I’m like “oh” God Is that Adam? is he crying? Oh God, I’m gonna – has he stopped. No, he’s still crying. I’m gonna have to deal with this. Oh, here we go Yeah, so it was pretty disgusting Rowan instead of creating a blanket rule where we like not allowed to cry Why don’t we try and foster a work environment where we don’t feel we need to cry Uh, how do you suggest we do that Alan? Maybe by creating a safe work environment where we can talk about our feelings I don’t care about your feelings. I don’t Care, I don’t want to hear about it. Don’t bring that s**t to work. Yuck. Just keep it away Lock it inside or lock it or just whatever you need to do it so that it’s not part of the work Kind of environment, okay Okay. Well, what are you gonna do about it? I’ve got a solution that I think will appease everyone New rule You can cry in the bathroom. Oh wow I think I need to use the bathroom You need to use the bathroom? Don’t be long Do you want me to close the door? Adam Yeah, are you right? Yes, I’ll say that like a proper human. Yeah, we can’t be come on man. Blah blah blah blah blah blah Come this way – what side of the line are we on?

100 thoughts on “How to handle someone crying at work – Crying

  1. How to really handle someone that is crying

    Step 1: Dont get close to them as long is a girl

  2. I'm waiting for the episode where Alan reports Rowan to HR. OMG that's gonna be a great episode.

  3. I don't know how you keep straight faces through your skits. I'm sure you have to do multiple takes but I couldn't do it. I would start smiling and just start cracking up. Too funny!

  4. I normally laugh at yalls skits but this one didn't make me laugh it just made me sad because this is what people already do. If only he was crying because corporate had told him he was gonna have to take a promotion to Rowlands job. Then they both could of started crying and that would of made me laugh.

  5. Buahahahahaha. No crying at work. Lol. Rowan is like a retarded alpha male in charge of a bunch of virgin nerds. Lol. It's great.

  6. Just……. There there. I dislike when people talk and you and you pretend to care even though you really would rather watch the new episode of viva la dirt league. Or sit in a dark room

  7. … My actual boss at my old jobs was like Rowan in this episode. God I'm so glad I don't work there anymore. Not like I cried, but he did shit like that all the time.

  8. I thought Rowan would've said this

    Rowan: so new rule at work every time you cry there will be massive pay cuts for everyone except me….
    Alan: are you sure about this new rule
    Rowan: unbelievable…. *walks away shaking head….. unbelievable

  9. I dunno about yall, but Play Tech seems like an awesome place to volunteer at. Where can I sign up?

  10. OMG the poor crying guy!!! I legitimately feel so bad for him! I cry all the time XP

  11. Apparently if we cry at work we have to cry on the Deep fryer so it shoots up back at us.

  12. The real way how to handle someone crying at work
    : say stop crying and do thanos snap and they will stop crying

  13. Rowan can play such a dick character it almost pisses me off just that good.

  14. Hey but no using the restroom during work hours. Rowan isnt paying them to use the restroom.

  15. Yeah i think the bathroom might amplify the crying noise. Should probably just go with the no crying at work policy.

  16. Rowan is such a heartless man. Doesnt he know he needs a brave adventurer to put flowers on his wife's grave?

  17. That was a good compromise really. ๐Ÿ‘ Usually these have a big joke ending but look he has a safe space now. ๐Ÿคฃ

  18. This was a great scetch. Downside is, I truly believe some bosses will show this to their employees to show them the "proper procedure", which kinda sucks.
    Basically: it's funny cause it's true, but it's also said cause it's true…

  19. I genuinely believed we were going to see to character development for Rowan! I feel like Alan in the Christmas bonus episode.

  20. I used to work with someone like Rowan. Except she would come up and insult you and curse at you under her breath and then act like a victim when called out. I really wanted to give her a "knife wound to the neck" before I quit there.

  21. Just lick `em Adam! By the law of 'You Lick Him YOU OWN HIM' applies to work drama as well.

    He doesn't even do your cry . wav routine properly!

  22. If Adam did his NPC cry it would have kill me XD

  23. There should be an expression called "pulling a Rowan" meaning being a really bad boss lol

  24. Was Alan going for a thereโ€™s something about Mary hairstyle? Hahaha why has no one commented on his hair being stood up mid head?

  25. I wonder if Rowan is like this IRL. I wouldn't be surprised, the role fits him well.

  26. The ending got me. lol That's basically what I did when I had cried at work, but I cried for a different reason. At least my boss won't harsh like that though.

  27. I think my work's policy is, "If you see someone crying at work, degrade and emasculate them as necessary."

  28. How hard is it to kick Rowan's butt ? . Beat his ass . Its 2 against 1 … ahahahhaha

  29. adam you need to go find the legendary white shirt. only good people are strong enough and i know you are the one. you can carry the burden because you have a good heart and no evil in your body.

  30. For once I agree with Rowan. Don't mix professional life with personal life. If you're too distraught to work, ask for time off. If you can't take time off, use that time to calm yourself, and revisit those feelings in your personal time. No sense carrying around your emotional baggage all day.

  31. imagine walking into a store restroom and seeing that instead of a sign that says employees must wash hands

  32. Alan should be the manager here. I think it's long past due for some white shirt shenanigans.

  33. Bring back the white shirt but with the reminder that with white shirt comes great responsibility

  34. This… this just will not stand. No, I'm done. I won't take it anymore. It's about time that we let our fellow co-workers know that we all have lives and don't bring our sniveling dribble to the company's doorstep, right? Oh, no, wait… I meant that Rowan's a heartless d-bag. Damn it! Was really hoping to have your back for once mate, but no, you suck. ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. At this point I don't feel bad for anyone who is too much of a little bitch to stand up to Rowan.

  36. I always have loved this Bored series. The old ones are still a classic ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™Œ

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