How to Hire the Best Employees: What I REALLY Look for in Interviews

– [Interviewer] So Neil,
when you do your hiring, what do you look for in a good employee and how do you interview that person? – Ooh, that’s a tough one. I look for a lot of things. So first off, during
the interview process, I don’t just interview people being like, “Hey, you know, what do
you think value you can “add to the company and why
do you wanna work here?” I first look at their previous employment. What did you do there? What were the results? Why are you leaving? Right, they have to have
a good concrete reason. It can’t just be like, oh
I’m looking for more money. I’m not saying we won’t
pay people more money, I’m just saying they have
to have a good reason. Like, oh I’m not learning enough or oh, something wasn’t promised
that I was being got, right. They have a good reason
to leaving and the reason I say that is any time you guys are hiring if you’re not hiring people,
if you’re hiring people who just keep leaving jobs,
they’re considered like hoppers. They’re gonna end up working for you and then they’re gonna go away. But if you hire people who stick around, from previous companies,
like they stay there for years, they’re much more likely to stick around with your business. You’re not gonna have to keep replacing. It’s very expensive to continue to hire new people for the same role. In addition to that, you wanna make sure that that person can produce. So, I ask ’em, “Hey, if
you’re doing this role “within my company, what would you do?” And I’m not looking for
overall arching strategies, I’m looking for specific tactics. There’s a lot of people who can read but there’s very few people
who can actually implement. I’m looking for executors. Then I want references
of their old employers. Of course, if they have a current job, I can’t call their current boss but I would call other previous ones and I tell ’em, I’m really gonna call ’em ’cause we really do and
we do reference checks. And, it’ll be funny ’cause
most people think like oh no one does reference checks. We do reference checks
and we actually find out about the person and you’ll
learn a lot of interesting things such as their
weaknesses, their strengths. You don’t go ask a former employer, “Hey, “what do you think about this person? “Should I hire ’em?” Most times they lie or they
won’t tell you the truth. We try to find out what
are their strengths, what are their weaknesses,
what do you see ’em as their ideal role
within an organization? Things that are more
actionable so that way we know where they fit
in and then we also have other people on the team
ideally, interview them for a cultural fit. Because if someone’s not a cultural fit, even if they’re amazing talent, they’re willing to take the pay
that you’re offering, you think they’ll do
well, but if they’re not a cultural fit, they’re gonna ruin the company atmosphere and
they’re not gonna last long. That is one of the most important things that people take for granted. But that’s our process for hiring and it takes roughly 30 days from when we interview someone before they start ’cause two weeks notice,
have to go through the checks and the balances, multiple people within our organization need to interview, but that’s how we hire people. And if you don’t do that,
you’ll have a lot of churns. So make sure you’re thorough,
hire slow fire fast. So if you like this video,
like, comment, share. I do appreciate it and if I can ever do anything to help you out, genuinely, even if it’s you know,
giving you some advice. I don’t care for the money, just leave a comment below and I will do my best to try to help you out and
answer all your questions. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Hi Neil
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  21. Hey Neil! Again another amazing post! Always learning something regardless of the subject.
    Just a quick question. It's not so much I'm looking for a job. However in my industry the job opportunities are on the rise. Especially when it comes to people who have seed to sale exp.
    The one place where I gained the most exp. And made me who I am today in this industry and now in a great position.
    However let's just say I was not running a company etc.

    This company I was with 2 years ago which lasted 3 years, we had a very bad falling out.
    I had made it to a position of district GM from just a (regular retail position).
    I'm a very ambious person and decided to start my own company on the side while still forfilling my duties as DGM-
    In my contract there was no compete claus.- and i also went and got legal advice, where i was told I was fine to start. When the owner found out he let me Go, and stomped on everything I had accomplished.
    That being said.. this company was my building blocks on how I am able to be successful and know bottom to top how to do things properly.
    Before I partnered up with my now new team.
    I had a very hard time finding a job in my industry and position of Manager or GM of other dispensaries.
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    This is the only reason I can think of that I'm not ever getting a call back.
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    Sorry for long post,
    What does one do when I only have this one referral for this industry and specific job position. Which is so key especially when I see a video like this saying great bosses and hiring management will most likely call the previous job that reflects the cannabis industry. 3 amazing years stomps on and my name and everything I did for the company.

    ** side note I have 10 moleskins of notes and my day to day work I recorded while working there as well as the numbers ( how I increased the revenue from $1.5k daily to 8k-10k daily (a year later.)

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  32. I find the whole concept of 'cultural fit' bit peculiar. If the new employee doesn't drink and your org/startup has a social event every friday/fortnight, thus 'ruining company atmosphere'. Is that a big hindrance to your company culture? Does this fit your definition of cultural fit, if not what's the standard definition of cultural fit? I am not huge fan of it since it can be used, and has been used, as a pretext in corporate america for certain demographics within your country: U.S.

    I'm a Brit and have seen some newly funded startups using this concept/idea over here, but it's usually just to imply and exhibit excitement and contemporary to prospective employees and investors; merely buzzwords. In an ideal world, the concept is great and pragmatic, however, in the real world it has advantage and disadvantages. The disadvantage out-weights the advantage. You sound like genuine and someone who judges on meritocracy. So, I know you have good intentions – at least that's my surmise from following for few years now.

    Nevertheless, apart from this, I like all your recommendation and completely agree with them.

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