How to Install Microsoft Office 2007

First open the package and put the CD into
your computer. This screen should come up automatically after you insert the disc. You
should be able to hear your computer reading the disc. Be patient as it may take a minute
or two for this screen to appear. As you can see the icon at the bottom of the screen indicates
the installation program is running. Here is where you input the product key code. The
key code should be located on the cover or case the CD came in. Type in that code here.
After you have typed the entire code, a green checkmark will appear if the code is recognized.
Then click continue. The Microsoft software terms and conditions
screen will then appear. Read it over, then click on the ‘I accept the terms of this
agreement’ box, stating you will abide by the terms and conditions. Then click on the
next button. The installation screen will then appear.
You can customize different aspects of the installation, but we highly recommend using
the standard installation, in which all you need to do is click on the ‘install now’
button. An installation screen will appear and you can see the progress of Microsoft
Office being installed on your computer. After it is complete it will take you to this screen.
Click on close to continue the installation. Now click on the start button located at the
bottom left of your screen. Highlight programs and a list of programs on your computer will
appear. Then find Microsoft Office 2007 and highlight it with your mouse. After you highlight
another box will appear with the different applications Microsoft Office has on it. Click
on Microsoft Word 2007 to open this application. After you open Microsoft Word, this screen
will appear again. Put in the same key code you did before. Then click on Continue. The
progress bar will appear again and after it completes, click on the close button.

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