How to Install Star Wars Empire At War Mods!

So you’ve purchased Empire war and you want to check out all the cool creations people have made over the years For this exact game for some it’s not exactly straightforward but in this episode of Ekta 2 I’ll run through the short easy Steps to install your favourite empire at Ward mod and for the people who already know how to install mods I’ll be showing you a few select favorite Steam Workshop Items you may or may not have tried out yet to clarify this section of the video is aimed towards users who have purchased Empire War gold pack on Steam if you’ve purchased by disc or GOG games then head on over to this Timecode below to see how you can install mods manually I do though recommend to get the Steam version an empire war frequently goes on sale for $5. So keep an eye out So upon installing Empire war head over to your library and click on empire war to bring you to its game page You’ll see a row of buttons below the green play button One of these is workshop hit that button and you’ll be immediately taken to the mod page now There is a lot of mods for this game. Well over a hundred in fact, so to sort by mods Most people are playing click the see all items button and you’ll have be taken to the list of most popular games Head on over to the overtime period filter and click on the drop-down Select all time and for page will update to the biggest Empire War mods offered For example, I’ll install for Republic of war mod. Click on the icon and then on its Steam Workshop page You should see a green subscribe button Hit that and boom you’re downloading and installing the mod Wait until the monta has downloaded and finished in your downloads page then head on back to library Click on Empire War and then click the play button Ensure that you’re running the forces of corruption Expansion pack and wait for the game to load When you’re in the game’s main menu head on over to the options button then hit mods You’ll see a list of mods that you’ve installed over Steam Workshop or added manually double-click the desired mod for example of a republic at Walmart I’ve just installed and allow the game to close and reopen with the mod now running and there you have it installing mods via Steam Workshop For the people who have the disc version or GOG version Head on over to the mod DB page of the mod that you wish to install click the files tab And then for download now button of that mod upon in downloading Extract for folder out of the zip and in copy the entire folder over to where you have the Empire war installed This is commonly found in my computer local disk Program Files x86 Empire war corruption and mods If you don’t have a mods folder just create one then follow the same instructions for ingame Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at some mods Fault revenge is likely the biggest Empire war mod to date and it’s frequently updated and offers loads of new ships Factions maps and game modes as well as giving a completely new Updated look for mod covers the Thrawn era and the ships associated with it because this mod has a ton of active players Joining either the x2 or Corey loses discord links in the description down below will easily help you connect with other players Willing to play another one of the biggest mods is Empire war remake now this mod wasn’t always on Steam But now it is Empire keeps close to the core game as possible But updates all the ships models planets and sky boxes Making the game look like it’s a decade newer. There is no ground battles in this mod However, so if you’re looking for a galactic conquest game mode without ground battles You’ll love this mod fall of the Republic is the system on to front Revenge created by the same team This mod covers for Clone Wars era and of the factions and ships associated to it This is one of the newest and biggest mods to come out for Empire war and honestly a great style mod It also just had a few new updates launched. So go and check out all its new features Yoda in mod is one of those mods that just keep giving there’s tons of content in this crazy expansion Covering ships and heroes from the sequel trilogy like the mega star destroyer to fan-made ships such as the ultra Star Destroyer Imperium heck you can even have multiple star forges in ground battles if you want to have a laugh or check out ships No one else is doing Yoda mod has you covered? everything for now guys If you found this video helpful Drop us a like let me know in the comments below what mods you’d like me to cover in the future, too And if you enjoyed what you heard today hit that subscribe button It really means a lot to us and goes a long way. Either way. I have been charlie This is x2 and I’ll see you in the next video laters

12 thoughts on “How to Install Star Wars Empire At War Mods!

  1. This will be so useful when I get Empire At War thanks 😊😊😊

  2. Great vid man. Glad to see you put both versions of how to install mods in here.

    Keep up the great work

  3. When I click the button that reloads the game to restart the game, most times it does not reopen… how can I fix it? ( I use Steam)

  4. My favorite mod is covenant at war, it's rough around the edges and there's no ground battles but it's super fun

  5. "Thrawn's Revenge is likely the biggest Empire at War mod to date"
    Awakening the Rebellion: Am I a Joke to you

  6. Man I wanted this game for years and I never think my old computer will be good enough to run it lol

  7. Corey also has a video detailing a method for easily and reliably launching mods installed from Steam without using the in-game mods menu. I also found it useful for creating desktop shortcuts to straight to the mods.

  8. On screen text of the mod's name would be nice. I can't make out whatever that last mod's name is from the audio track. Probably some proper name; I keep hearing 'Odin,' which both makes no sense nor can I find a mod by that name.

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