How to manage employee benefits in Dynamics 365 for Talent

Let’s spend the next few minutes getting acquainted with the benefits area in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. From the dashboard we can select the Benefits workspace. From within the workspace, I can see a list of benefits may company offers its employees. I can also understand pertinent cost information related to each of these benefits. For example, I can understand what my employer costs are, as well as my employee cost for each benefit, and understand if those costs are trending up, or down, and what those percent changes are year over year. In addition to viewing cost information, I can also easily see how many employees are enrolled in each of my benefits. I can also drill down on those numbers should I want to understand which specific employees are enrolled in those benefits. I can also drill down on the benefit, should I want to understand more detail about a particular benefit. In this example, I’ve drilled down into our dental benefit. It looks as though this benefit has been set up so that all workers are eligible. You can however set up eligibility rules in the system should you want to indicate that only certain employees are eligible for specific benefits. I can change my eligibility be rule based and then select from a variety of roles that I’ve set up in my system. In addition to rules-based, on each one of the benefits I could enter eligibility overrides should I have an employee that has been grandfathered into a system that may not meet those current eligibility requirements, I can add that particular employee and indicate that employee, and then indicate what their override start and end dates are. In addition, I can enroll employees to this benefit directly from the Benefit form. I can choose to enroll in benefits, enter my desired coverage start and end dates, and then add which employee, or employees, I want to enroll in this particular benefit. This allows me an easy way to enroll multiple employees in a particular benefit. If however, I want to enroll one particular employee in one more benefits, I can do that by navigating to the People hub. From within the People hub, I can search, or find, a particular employee that I want to enroll in benefits and then choose Enroll in benefits. This is taking me to Benjamin Martin’s benefit window where I can see all the current benefits Benjamin is enrolled in. To enroll Benjamin and a new benefit, I can choose the New option and choose the Benefit drop down. Only the benefits that Benjamin is eligible for are listed in the drop down for me to select. In addition, I can enter dependent or beneficiary information should it be pertinent to the particular benefit. Back on the Benefits workspace, I can also view a variety of analytics related to the benefits my organization offers. Using Power BI, I can see that 11 percent of my employees are enrolled in our 401K plan. I can also understand what my most and least enrolled plans are. In addition, I have a variety of information at the top of the form. I can see that I’ve got two benefits where I have those eligibility overrides indicated. I also have one benefit expiring this year and I also have five benefits where nobody’s enrolled. With each one of these options I can drill down on that number to view the information related to that. This gives you a brief overview of the Benefits functionality available in Dynamics 365 for Talent. (Thanks for watching!)

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