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hey guys ECR G here and today we’re
going to be talking about how to play office politics hey guys
ECR G here and today we’re gonna talk about how to play office politics and I
just want to apologize my mic is messed up so I’m recording this video raw today
so apologize is my audio a little off I’m gonna do my best to correct it after
I record it but we’ll see we’re not gonna dwell on that what’s most
important is the information I got coming to y’all today
we’ve got some great information here on how to play office politics and this is
a topic that I know people moan and groan about that we all hate we all hate
the politics of everything shoot I hate regular politics in general sometimes
but because there are people involved and people are primarily social
creatures there’s gonna be politics and everything and especially there’s gonna
be a lot of politics in the workplace so the people that can play politics really
well are the people that get promoted the best make the most money get the
best opportunities and are on the best projects so if you can play office
politics really well using some of the tips about to give you today and I’ve a
feeling that this could be a video we do all the time because you can never stop
learning how to play politics but if you enact these tips I give today then I’m
sure that you will get great benefit from it and hopefully advance your
career in whatever field you’re doing now in clinical research we have some
things that help mitigate office politics such as work from home a lot of
you work from home once you get to the managerial level which you know two
three years out of entry-level position a lot of position to have some work from
home and that seems to help cut down on the office politics but of course
there’s politics in general so whether you’re in the office or not but it’s
just mitigated a lot if you’re don’t to the office all the time so without
further ado I’ve got three tips for you today
two of them are offensive tips so it more about going on the offense and one
of them is more going on the defense so the first tip I have for you is really
two but the first one is you got to work hard and be nice to people and this
helps in numerous ways not only do people like you and they like people
that work hard typically and that are nice but it grows your network and we
talk about networking all the time on this channel all the time we saw about
networking if you get anything from this channel it better be networking but once
you grow your network it allows you to get company Intel it allows you to
understand what’s going on at different parts of the company it allows you to
understand where the opportunities are allows you understand how you can best
grow and what the company values to help further yourself in your career so you
grow that network you’re gonna get company Intel coming in from all over
the place and you want that Intel to help you
understand how to best move about the company who to talk to best so take that
advantage of being in the office to help further your career by networking we’ve
talked about that in our other videos if you go back and watch about watch of it
watch our video on the best place and network in the office and some of the
other places so you know working hard and being nice to people will grow your
network exponentially and also those two things will build your political capital
and that’s important to be able to wield your political capital to get things
that you want done to be able to leverage yourself into other
opportunities to be able to get on the projects that you want to be able to
shoot just get the project you want done so you’re gonna need that political
capital and if people see you as somebody that works hard and you’re
always nice to them you treat them with respect then you’re gonna have a lot of
built up political capital to either you know come down hard on somebody if
they don’t do what you ask them to do or if they’re not you know if you need to
coach them up for whatever reason or you know just for anything you need to have
political capital in store so you can use it to your advantage so that’s all
the things that working hard and being nice to people can do for you when it
comes to office politics so that’s just the first one and take take a second to
let that one sink in so the second one we’re going to talk about here and this
is another offensive tactic is you need to build multiple networks of people
throughout the company so the more people you know throughout the company
the more Intel you’re gonna have coming in because they’re gonna know people
that know people that are gonna have they’re gonna be telling them things and
then ultimately it’s gonna get back to you so you want people in the finance
department you want people in marketing you want people that are project
managers well people that are project directors you want you know you want
people that are CRA s they’re all gonna be getting Intel from around the company
and it’s all gonna feed back to you so you need to have networks at every level
too so you need some you need something you need a person at the executive level
if you can you need somebody at the managerial level if you can you need
people in the entry level if you can you need to have your ears to the streets at
all facets of the business if you can now this takes time and only is gonna
happen through time you’re not gonna get there week one and have multiple
networks but you know you build it through time you build these
relationships up over time and you know you’ll be able to have multiple networks
all over the company and it’s not just have knowing these people you need to be
able to build strong relationships with these people because it’s not it’s not
just knowing them saying hi in the hallway you need to get them to a level
where they’re comfortable speaking with you about things whether off the record
or on the record so you need to you know that’s gonna take time building that
so you need to be able to use those multiple networks to your advantage and
you know just building them in general so that’s one of the perks from staying
at a company a little bit longer than you normally would was being able to use
those multiple networks to the advantage and gain that Intel that you wouldn’t
otherwise have so those are two very important offensive tactics to playing
off office politics and I’d say I mean those are just two vital ones that that
you need in order to use to your advantage so the third one I have here
and it’s is this is a defensive tactic that you can use to play off and that
you can use to play office politics and it’s always cover your ass now you don’t
want you know bad things coming down on you unless you are completely to blame
there’s a difference between you know owning owning up to your mistakes and
doing whatever you can to rectify them and just letting people dump all the bad
things that happen at the company on you because that’s just not the case
everything that happens at the company that’s bad is not on you unless you’re
the CEO so you need to make sure that you always cover your ass whether it’s
documenting things or saving emails whatever it is you need to do you know
keeping track of budgets whatever it is you do that to cover your ass you know
you would know better than what I would know but you need to make sure that
you’re covering your behind so that you know negative things don’t stick to you
and you’re not to blame for everything and that’s gonna help keep keep a good
name for you and help build political capital for you as well so those are the
three tips I have for you on playing office politics and those those should
be extremely helpful love for you guys to throw down in the comment section
down below what you guys what kind of tips you guys have for office politics
this is a very lengthy subject and we’ll probably do more videos about this in
the future because I just got three tips for you guys on how to play office
politics those are the basics right there
just to go over those again work hard and be nice to people build multiple
networks at multiple levels and always cover your behind so that’s what I have
for you guys today throw down in the comments what you guys
think other ways to play office politics are some other tips you might have let’s
learn from each other let’s build this community and go ahead and like this
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