How to Succeed in Life (In Your New Job)

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy.
And in today’s video I’m going to walk you through the five do’s and don’ts on
how to succeed in your new job so that you can become an expert in your role
and thrive in your career Ready to get the job you want? Top Notch
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about that at the end of this video so you’ve just started a new job and now
you’re wondering what do I need to do to really make sure that I can stand out in
this position in this company and be considered for promotions in the future
well my five do’s and don’ts are going to help you to start off your new
position on the right foot so let’s get into it do know your learning style and
use it when you get into a new job you have to be able to absorb all of the
information that tasks the duties and the training that you’re provided like a
sponge but that means that you need to understand how you learn best by knowing
what your learning style is just like when you’re studying for exams in school
if you find that the best way for you to understand concepts and things is by
taking notes then by all means take as many notes as you need or if you’re
someone who’s an audible learner meaning that you can learn through listening to
someone give you instructions then make sure that they clearly articulate what
it is that they need to share with you or if you’re someone who’s a visual
learner and you like looking at diagrams or flowcharts to be able to understand
what it is that you need to do then by all means create diagrams and flowcharts
if you learned by observation then make sure that the trainer or the supervisor
that’s showing you what you need to do guides you through it by giving you an
example by doing it through example and you can observe and watch how they do it
you need to know what your unique learning style is and be able to
articulate that to the trainer or the employer whoever it is that’s currently
training you don’t be afraid to share that with them because this actually
shows competence and confidence in yourself and you’ll be able to absorb
the information that you need to know quickly and effectively do you
understand how your manager likes to Train does your trainer or manager
prefer it that you ask questions at the end after they’ve gone through the steps
with you or do they prefer that you ask questions as they arise
if you don’t know these things then it’s a good thing to bring this up right
before your manager or trainer starts getting into the information with you
so that you’re both on the same page and that you’ll be able to absorb the
information quickly and that leads me into the next one which is don’t guess
what to do because you’re afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure of
something ask now I get it you’re afraid to sound annoying you’re
afraid to annoy your new boss by asking them questions but here’s the key the
way to ask questions and not sound annoying is to make sure that you’re not
asking them how do I do this again that can drive any person up the wall because
they’ll feel that you didn’t listen instead
you want to ask them in a smart way and so here’s an example based on the
training that we did together you mentioned steps a B and C what I’m
confused about is step D this is my understanding and now fill in what your
understanding is regarding step D and then you can ask am I correct am I on
the right track or am I missing something
when you ask a question that way by going through what you already know
based on what you’ve been taught by the trainer or manager it shows that you
were listening you’re paying attention but yes you have a little bit of
confusion in a certain area and you just want to clarify it doesn’t mean that
you’re saying I don’t know how to do it I wasn’t listening so can you just
explain it all over again and this leads me into my next point which is do ask
good questions now the previous example I gave you was an example of a good
question but there are also other types of good questions to ask the key to
asking good questions is where you’re making a link from whatever it is that
you’re being trained to the bigger picture for example if your boss tells
you you need to create a report that states a B and C every week a good
question to ask would be okay and since this report is being presented to senior
management for decision-making what are key areas that I should always highlight
to make the report as value-added as possible asking your question this way
shows that you’re linking whatever it is that you have to do whatever Duty you’re
being told to the bigger picture and finally do set mini targets for yourself
and achieve them after you go through the training process start to set mini
goals for yourself on exactly what it is that you’d like to accomplish and then
go ahead and start accomplishing them set one goal for yourself each day
during those first few weeks and months that you’re on the job for example one
target could be making sure that you have all of your projects outlined on
your calendar and knowing exactly what your to-do list is for each and every
project or assignment and if that’s too big of a goal for one day then you can
then break that down into mini goals and you can say I’m gonna work on this
assignment this one day and understand exactly what my requirements are for
this assignment as you do this setting mini goals for yourself and
accomplishing them it’s going to help you to build your confidence and your
ability to do your job well and it’s going to also lay the foundation for you
to be able to make a bigger impact in your company because once you’ve
mastered the small things you’re gonna need a collab a ones and here’s an
inspirational quote that I feel is fitting for what we’re talking about
today there are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation hard work
and learning from failure by : Powell so there you have it my 5 do’s and
don’ts on what you need to do in order to succeed in your new job so that you
can become an expert and thrive in your career now if you’re someone who has not
yet landed a new job offer and you’ve been looking for the last little while
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50 thoughts on “How to Succeed in Life (In Your New Job)

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