How to Switch from Employee Mindset to Entrepreneur Mindset Q&A|001

hey guys it’s Rob grin aka ba de coche first of all I’d like to thank you all because we just hit 10,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel and it’s thanks to you guys who subscribe you guys are the ones who keep us going doing this if you haven’t subscribed please do there’s a couple of reasons one is because I’m going to be doing this new Q&A thing which I am doing right now I promised that I would do an episode on the question that was had the most thumbs up and that’s what I’m going to do this time as you can see behind me beautiful little town I am in the Dana in the Lofoten Islands in the far far north of Norway we’re up in the Arctic Circle but it’s actually really warm it’s like 20 Celsius today it doesn’t get dark here it’s like 24/7 which is really crazy but I love it here and it’s just so beautiful here we’re going to do another midnight hike to see the Sun which doesn’t really set it kind of goes down and then bounces up three hours later so it’s never never dark and get these crazy pink skies I’m actually going to go find a quieter place to do this there’s a lot of traffic here I’m standing on a bridge but check out the town it’s incredible so we actually hiked somewhere up there two nights ago we camped out it was absolutely amazing if you want to see more photos from my trip you can find my Instagram in the description so I’m trying to find a nice spot alright film sex oh it’s so sunny everywhere but I think I found something here check it out all right it is a nice spot so as promised I’m going to be addressing the most uploaded question from my first solo episode where I hiked up to the waterfall it was a two-part question I’m going to address the second part more interesting to more people and that is what is the first step that you can take to go from employee mindset to employer and entrepreneur mindset and that’s a really good question and it’s also not a really easy one I guess the first part of that you have to ask yourself do you really want it like you want to be fully fully responsible for your life are you ready for that are you ready to take 100% responsibility for your own life because that’s what being an entrepreneur is you know when you work for someone you get out of that office at 5:00 p.m. you can switch out because one of the biggest luxuries of working for someone one that I sometimes miss is that you can switch off because being an entrepreneur is 24/7 thinking about your business and it leads often leads to stress and anxiety so ask yourself are you ready to do that for me you know I wanted to be I wanted to be a entrepreneur which is I call being a want reproduce in sigh was twelve years old I wanted to be an entrepreneur and have my own business but it took me 12 years to finally get the courage to do something about it and that’s the difference between being a Juan Trippe reproduce so few people actually do something about it take action try fail get up try again fail maybe again and then succeed that’s what truly is being an entrepreneur is being able to deal with adversity taking the first step which is often the hardest and just doing something you know it helped me getting back to your question was getting over my fear which is the only thing stopping me from actually trying once I got us after I finished my master’s degree in Scotland I got a job at a internet startup in the Czech Republic my advice for anyone who is stuck in the entrepreneur phase was afraid get a job at a startup and learn on someone else’s cost learn how to run a business get involved with everything in that startup the finances the IT that you know the management the the operations I worked at the the Czech startup for a year and a half I joined as an intern I left as I quit when I was CEO and it was that experience it was like an MBA and actually running a company as opposed to all the that I learned in university that just I never used in my career actually people I office still ask me like Rob should I go to university I want to be an entrepreneur or should I just start I’m like just start band think of it this way like life is the most beautiful game in the world and education be it you know middle school high school or college it’s like a really shitty tutorial that’s supposed to prepare you for the most complex and beautiful game which is real life written by people these professors who never really you know did anything really related to business and that the only real way to learn is by doing yourself so that’s why I keep repeating in the autumn I suppose find something that you’re remotely passionate about and start working on that because your first startup will probably fail just like minded but you’re going to learn so much and even though you will fail once you take that path there’s no turning around it’s the most beautiful journey you can possibly imagine you will grow as a human being you will learn how the world really works and you will never regret it like what is the worst thing that can happen we have this ability to always fear the worst outcome but we don’t have an ability to fear what would happen if we don’t try because that’s the real tragedy you have to kind of change your mindset like okay if I try and I fail this could happen but if I don’t try what will my life look like I will be miserable I will not be living the life that I truly want and that’s the real tragedy I think and that’s what makes me like upset a lot of the time but most people like me for the majority of my life are afraid to do what they truly want to go after the life that they truly want the career they want to travel to the places they want kind of just living in fear I lived in fear being afraid to be myself and do what I really wanted so many years and then I slowly started to break through that and there’s no looking back like the most liberating thing when you finally completely accept 100% responsibility for your whole life all your surroundings you stop complaining you stop bitching you deal with problems you know with a smile on your face they treat them its challenges and just keep moving forward regardless if you have a good day or bad day you’re always trying to move forward and that’s the real key here is getting to that point and I think a good starting point if you’re still young and you’re afraid is get a job at a startup otherwise if you’re feel you’re ready to actually start a business set up a sole proprietorship wherever you might be based and just find something that you’re remotely passionate about you know when I was finishing school the internet which is kind of starting to blossom the idea of an internet startup wasn’t even really something very real yet this was Facebook had just come out and you guys have endless possibilities with the state of the internet right now you could choose any ridiculous idea that you might be you know remotely passion devour interested in and you could build a business around it something I’ve already mentioned I mentioned in the Berlin episode is conferences I went to my first conferences actually working for that that internet startup in the Czech Republic it completely opens your mind up to like just to endless possibilities so just list down list down some things you’re interested in Google some relevant conferences all it’s going to cost you is like the air ticket and maybe the entrance to the conference’s there’s a lot of free ones as well go check it out and you’ll be blown away by what people are trying to build out their crazy ridiculous startups and there’s really just there’s endless possibilities with the current state of the Internet and you know the only limitation is your imagination and if you’re able to set set aside fear go for it fail once fail twice see the failing is not so bad and you’re on the right path to becoming a serious entrepreneur so I started you know I still am afraid but I’m just aware of the fact that that fear is unfounded often times and I just set it aside like when I went skydiving it’s just not real so to sum up the question of how to go from an employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset is just do and here are the steps I recommend if you can get a job at a startup learn there get involved about with everything if you’re perhaps you know have some experience start going to conferences in industries that are of interest to you and get some ideas there you’ll be really surprised what people are trying to do these days and lastly like if you truly are ready to take the leap set up the business and start doing it’s like I said life is a crazy beautiful game and the only way you can really learn to play is by playing it by doing by living by trying by failing and that’s how you get better at it because if you keep like learning theory and stuff that’s like being stuck in the tutorial phase that’s what university is that’s what school is it’s a tutorial and you want to play the real game the secret is really just it’s doing taking action is starting to play the game and skipping ahead of the tutorial so that’s it for my first QA I’m going to be doing these more often than our regular vlog because it’s just easier for me to do that’s it for the first QA make sure to leave your your questions for the next episode in the comments section on YouTube make sure to subscribe turn on notifications so you know when the next video comes out so you have a better chance of getting your question seen at the top I’m going to be choosing the ones at the top I could first I don’t know five to ten questions two to address in the next episode one of them so make sure to leave your comment subscribe and I will see you next time get that coach over and out

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  1. Hi Rob, Again well done. Keep up the good work. I have a list of questions some of which you could answer next (they are not related to each other so pick any):

    1. Assuming one has a good product, how to let people know about this and spread the world about your product in order to gain customers?
    2. How did you price your product? How one should know what is the correct price to charge for their product/service?
    3. You are successful, what do you do with money you made in terms of business? Do you put back into the current business or do you diversify somehow or do you have any rainy day fund in case you need to build a different company and avoid keeping all eggs in one basket?
    4. I know you encourage risk taking, but are there any types of investments you concider safe and sound?
    5. How do you ensure your employees are doing the good job?
    6. To how many countries have you been so far and what is your favourite, what is the best expierence from traveling in terms of business?
    7. How to combine social life with running a business? any tips?
    8. Once you have all this money, do you think that more money would make any difference at the point you ar at now?
    9. What is the most important feature of a character of an employee from entrepreneurial perspective?
    10. Are you at this point relaxed and chilled when it comes to owning a business or do you stil constantly worry about the future of the business? How about thinking about some unexpected events which can hit any business? What is your mindset?

  2. Robert! mam 24 lata i prowadzę 3 firmy, bardzo mnie inspirujesz. Mieszkam niedaleko, wyskocz kiedyś ze mną na obiad :D!

  3. How did you attract overseas customers and manage to gain their trust into a Polish start-up?
    Did you make any decisions that you had regret later on?

  4. Rob starting company is one thing. What are your tips to grow small business. I have small social media agency. I want to make it big but I don't know how 🙂 Getting more clients it's one thing but maybe some more stuff from your perspective?

  5. Thanks Robert for the answer to my question! I'm currently doing this transition, and if all works out, it will be thanks to your inspiration. Inspiration that it is possible in Poland in your 20s, that there's someone who's been there and done it. The decision is taken and there's no way back. Will definitely let you know if you influenced a success, but now I gotta get back to actually making it 🙂

  6. What were your bigest problems that you had? Btw. sorry if grammar is wrong

  7. seems like a convo with an MIT grad working for a bts company ;P …. 😀

  8. Quora I wrote recently 😛 get on dat sci bandwagon tho bro

  9. If you guys know a better format for these Q&A vids let me know please! So far I see 10 questions from one dude, and a few others. I may just choose ones I hear often outside of YouTubes. But I'd love to do what may benefit the most people. Peace! 🤙🏼

  10. Here's one question for you:
    What was your form of business activity at the beginning, and how you protect your assets today?
    I know that Big Brother is listening so you can't give any details, but maybe give some general tips.
    Right now ZUS & US are killing me.

  11. Rob, thanks for your videos, they're great! I've got a question for you: did you have a clear vision of what you wanted to do in your future (achieve in business) or did you just go with the flow? My problem is that I don't have the vision and it really frightens me. Business is the thing that excites me the most but as I started a career in sales (financial services) which was super interesting at the beginning (I loved the idea of getting to know my clients' needs and motivations) after a pretty successful year I'm not that far from hating it. I'm not interested in this thing anymore so I'm not able to learn new techniques and to grow as a salesman because I can't stand watching the videos or reading books on sales anymore.
    The thing is, I'm afraid it'll be always like this. I won't find the "thing" that will make me grind all the time, stay at night etc. because I've encountered similar situations in the past.
    What was it like in your case? Did you know from the beginning this was "the shit"/did you have some other things that you were interested in but you grew tired of them overtime and became interested in what you're doing today/are you simply moderately interested in what you're doing but the whole business thing is fun for you so you do it anyway?
    It would be great if you've read my comment and replied to it, thanks and cheers!

  12. I would really like to hear, what are your advices on how to get with our product to the clients, how to make them interested in what we do, how to give them information, that we are alive and have solution for them.

  13. Say so about yours products please 🙂 why I should to use in my company and be interesting in it….

  14. Rob, powiedz co w chwilach słabości motywowało Cię do działania? Jak radziłeś sobie z chwilowymi problemami? Co było twoim podparciem? Pozdrawiam 🌲🌳🌴

  15. Czym kręcicie? Jak coś polecam Sony A7S II do vlogów 4K idealny sprzęt

  16. Od roku prowadzę własną działalność. Uwielbiam ta wolność która mam dzięki temu ze sama jestem dla siebie szefem. Cieszę się ze podjęłam to ryzyko i mimo stałej ciężkiej pracy idę do przodu bo wiem ze mogę i CHCĘ osiągnąć jeszcze więcej niż przez ostatni rok. Jesteś ogromna dawka inspiracji! Pzdr 😉

  17. can you describe more about first jobs that leads to entrepreneurs at the end, what to looking for and what to avoid, from your perspective as CEO, maybe you should open small deparment in Codewise for begining entrepreneurs xD

  18. Robert, jeżeli posiadam pomysł na aplikację internetową, a nie potrafię programować, jak zabrać się za realizację pomysłu?

  19. Awesome! Loved it ! One of the best one and really open up mindset towards entrepreneurship. I have got answers to some of my questions.

  20. hey Rob, could you make a video about self-management culture in your company ?
    Thank for the awesome vlog you make! 🙂

  21. Robert jesteś ogromną inspiracją, bodźcem do działania, by zmienić coś w naszym codziennym niekiedy monotonnym życiu na etacie, choć na co dzień zawodowo zajmuje się zupełnie czym innym… dałeś mi kopa! aby wyjść ze swojej strefy komfortu i zacząć działać, przełamać swoje dotychczasowe życie i znaleźć w sobie jeszcze więcej siły. Dlatego tez dzięki Tobie dzisiaj zdecydowałem się kupić bilet na warsztaty które mnie interesują, które mam nadzieje będą dla mnie dalszym bodźcem do działania aby zmienić swoje życie… stukrotne dzięki! Adam

  22. We all feel like we need one of a kind idea go start a business. In one of movies u said that is not the way. Could you please give advice how to overcome this biggest barrier?

  23. Dlatego wysłałem CV do codewise !! Chce się nauczyć jak działacie i zaczac własny biznes. Dzięki Robert !! Do zobaczenia

  24. The worst thing is when people listing success people are trying so hard to be like them, they most often fail. It is good to listen someones success stories, but to be successful you must create your own path. When I read all the questions about: Rob, how you did this or where to start I think these are the people that will never go fishing for their own entrepreneurial spirit. You all must find it in yourselves. No Rob, No Kuba or anybody else will give you the simple answer. All the films like this are only to show it is possible to go out and beyond of the boring office day. It is to make us soooo positively jealous of this financial freedom that 0.0001% of those watching might do something about theirs boring lives and be like Rob. 🙂

  25. Hi Robert, mam wrazenie ze duzo znaczenie maja inspiracje w Twoim zyciu. Daj znac jak w przeciagu Twojego krotkiego poki co zycia sie to zmienila i kto Cie inspirowal na przelomie lat. . Dzieki z gory & pzdr;)

  26. Robert, jestes mega pozytywnie zakrecony:) Moze niebawem zarekrutuje do Twojego biura:)

  27. When your business falls down and you have nothing money to day live, then it is BAD

  28. Obecnie prowadzę 2 firmy, w tym jedną IT (głównie budujemy sklepy internetowe), od kilku dobrych lat. Mamy zarówno pracowników na miejscu w biurze, jak ich kilka osób w USA (zdalnych). Działamy tylko na rynkach zagranicznych.Mimo, iż była przeciwniczką tego rodzaju pracy na odległość to muszę przyznać, że wielkorotnie osoby z innych krajów bardziej doceniają pracę, więcej wkładają od siebie, potrafią utożsamić się z firmą. Jeśli maja braki w wiedzy to chętnie je sami uzupełniają, chcemy stworzyć artykuł na bloga – to chętnie pomogą. Niestety z biegiem ostatnich miesięcy zauważyłam, nie tylko ja, że programiści w PL bardzo wiele oczekują, a niewiele chcą od siebie dać.Skaczą z firmy do firmy, bo myślą, że krótkie staże w 40 firmach będzie dobrze wyglądać w CV.Oczywiście nie wszyscy,ale mam doświsdczenie, że osoby grupo 30+, często mający już rodzinę, rozumieją, że wspólnie budujemy tą firmę i każdy ma z nas korzyści. A osoby 20+ niestety traktują to jak typowe etaty.Chyba są bardzo pewni siebie, bo wiedzą, że rynek IT ma wciąż olbrzymi popyt, a ilość ofert pracy i prześcigania się między firmami, kto ile i co da,aby zdobyć pracownika, jest kolosalna. Jak Wy sobie z tym radzicie? I chociaż jest niejednokrotnie ciężko- często w PL dziwnie na mnie patrzą jako na właściciela firmy IT, nie posiłkuję się kredytami ani UE, pracownicy często dają do wiwatu,to jednak jestem bardzo zadowolona i niechętnie bym wróciła na etat 🙂 Chyba, że do takiej firmy jak Twoja (rozwój jest dla mnie bardzo ważny) 😉 Ta adrenalina wprost uzależnia! 🙂 Dzięki Robert za Twoje filmy, bardzo pozytywnie mnie nakręcają do dalszego działania! Wierzę, że i w PL można odnieść sukces.

  29. I just turn 20, I'm heading for my third year at the University of Hertfordshire, studying computer science. I also expect myself to complete a master degree. So that leaves me at 21 when I'm done with the "tutorial faze" like you say, I will be out in the real world. By the time when I'm 25, I want to own my own business. Will I do it? Well we see, I'm saving this URL onto my website time counter ( ) and I will send myself a delayed email that I will receive on my birthday when I turn 25. When I make it, I will update you on this post.

    Hers my email to myself:

    Dear Kamil Bolka,

    My name is Kamil Bolka from the past, I've sent you this email back in 04/09/2018, you are 20 right now. By the time when you open this email, you will be 25, wow you getting old. You should also have your own technology company by this time, if not then what the fuck did you do all that time. If yes, then well-done brother, you have actually made it, you are my inspiration right now, wow I can't believe that this will happen to me, It going to be amazing. Please don't be afraid to share this on your social media, if you do you will inspire people like me when they are 20 years of age.

    Some questions I currently have to you bro:
    – What was the turning point in your life?
    – When did you actually start your business?
    – Did you do it alone? If not who did you do it with?
    – Are you motivating people around you?
    – Where do you live?
    – If you didn't employ your family members, please do!

    If for any reason you are not willing to motivate people around you, please start, you need to be the person that people around you want to be. You need to be the inspiration that people will look up too.

    Best Regards,
    It you from the past,
    Kamil Bolka 2018

  30. 6:15 – 7:24 Platinum, platinum of thought going for human freedom

  31. Rob mega inspirujące filmiki, kiedy będziesz prowadził jakieś szkolenia? Chętnie przyjadę 😁🙋‍♀️

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