How to Take a Nap at Work

How to Take a Nap at Work. Seinfeld’s George Costanza built a bed under
his desk, but we’ll tell you how to be a bit more subtle. You will need A spot to sleep An alarm And
20 uninterrupted minutes and big headphones (optional) (optional) (optional) (optional). Step 1. Find a place at work where you can sleep uninterrupted
for at least 20 minutes—your office or cubicle, the backseat of your car, an underused conference
room, the mailroom, under your boss’s desk when they’re away Major cities like New York
now have nap pods that you can rent for brief snoozes. Step 2. Consider options outside your workplace: a
department store with a nice lounge, the local library, a nearby park in nice weather. Just remember to keep your valuables under
wraps or you could wake to a lighter wallet. If you’re going to sleep at your desk, slap
on some big headphones and turn your chair away from visitors; people will be less likely
to interrupt if they think you’re listening to something. Step 3. Take your power nap between 1:00 and 3:00,
when energy levels are at their lowest. If you’re a light sleeper, try snoozing under
your desk. If you hear someone coming, just jump up and
say thank God you found your contact lens, earring, whatever. Remember to have the prop in your hand! Step 4. Set an alarm. You want to take a nap, not wake up when the
cleaning crew is vacuuming around your feet. Step 5. Check your appearance before you resume work
so you don’t arrive at a meeting with bed head and chin drool. Did you know NASA sleep researchers found
that a 26-minute nap boosts work performance by 34%.

44 thoughts on “How to Take a Nap at Work

  1. Yeah how about "how to take a nap at work… without getting caught by your boss."

  2. i can do this in a few words lol

    or if u dont have a door….

  3. almost as good as "how to get fired at work in a recession" thanks howcast your helping america

  4. hahahaahh funny sleep under your desk lmao! thats a sure way to get fired lol

  5. When I'm caught sleeping I say "The folks at the blood bank said somthing like this would happen"

  6. To nap at school you should tell everyone you're constipated and take a nap in a stall. Snoring people are on their own…

  7. Far easier to learn to sleep in the normal sitting position like penguins and to instantly come out of “standby” as necessary. It's amazing what can be learned. A pair of spectacles with false open eyes would help to start with.

  8. i sleep at school with out getting caught, how? i sleep with my eyes open. only way i ever got caught? my teacher moved somwere else and i just kept staring into space…i didnt wake up until the bell rang…ya…

  9. OR if you work in NYC
    there is a special floor in the empire state building
    where you can catch some zzz's for they offer beds for you to nap
    no really

  10. step1.shut the door.
    step2.tell your boss you have painful vomiting or diarrhea
    step4.get fired
    did you know i dont like you

  11. @JustinBieberGirl169 Put your hand against your forehead using you thumb and pointer and look down at a book. Make sure your eyes are covered. Works everytime. Got me through freshman year of HS.

  12. /watch?client=mv-google&hl=en-GB&gl=US&v=76IaG14v9YQ easy way to take a nap ..
    must watch ..dont miss

  13. how to sleep at work tell everyone to fuck off including your boss then leave go home take a nap get fired did you now dogs barks?

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