How To Thrive At Work And Home

– So besides being a business coach and doing fun videos like these, my other job, my day job as I call it is being an interior designer and I work with lots of other designers and creators on their business, but the interesting thing is there was a period not that long ago, where I was definitely that cobblers kid with no shoes right? I was living in a house
that we bought suddenly, we were so super excited about but we didn’t have time to remodel it right after I moved in. So I was thinking yeah six months, eight months, we’ll get it taken care of. Well two and a half years later the place was still so
dated and not remodeled. The interesting thing about this is not just the fact that
it was hard on my ego and I didn’t want to invite anybody over to see my work as I figured
they would think it was, that 1970’s brown paneling, but what I really learned
is that your environment is so important to the
way you live and work and really whether or not
you thrive every single day. So let me tell you a
little more about that. (upbeat music) So whether you’re an
interior designer like me or you’re in another field
it really doesn’t matter we’re all super busy right? There’s so much going on in our lives, there’s so much noise out in the world and we always on electronics
and things are moving quickly and we have a million
things on our to-do list and we can really exacerbate the problem if we don’t have our home environment and our office environment in order. So what really do I mean? Well lets dig into the number one, sort of elephant in the room for most of us and that’s clutter. A cluttered house, a cluttered desk, guess what guys, that
means a cluttered mind and clutter has really be shown to be one of the biggest
stressors for people but we really never talk
about it that way right? We don’t say oh I’m so stressed out because of the clutter in my house or my desk is really messy
but it’s really the truth and the good news is
it’s one of the easiest things to correct about your life. Now beside just the clutter itself which can be hard to tame for some of us ’cause it means we need to
get rid of a few things, what’s the big deal about clutter anyway? Well yeah it’s kinda noisy mentally but it also wastes a ton of time for us when we’re not organized
and we have too much stuff because guess what? The average American spends
almost three days a year looking for stuff that they can’t find and they spend billions, that’s with a B, billions of dollars every single year replacing the stuff that they lost. That’s a huge cost of
time and money right? But the bigger toll it takes on us is what it does to use
emotionally and to our mindset ’cause think about it, all those mornings that you can’t find the
car keys or your cellphone or the mate to the shoes that
you wanted to wear today, what does that do to your physci? How do you feel when you get to work and your kid was late for school and you’re flying by
the seat of your pants and you’re kinda pulling
in the parking lot if you work outside
the home on two wheels, what happens to your morning? It’s wrecked right? It’s hard to get control
of those emotions again and all of this could be cured by curbing the clutter in your environment and the clutter is just one part of the problem with our environment, so what else is there? Well if you’re talking about your home, one of the key things most of us really need is a good nights sleep and our environment is the very place that we make that happen. How do we do that? Well all sorts of ways,
what are your sheets like? What’s your mattress like? Is the room dark and cooled? Did you disconnect from
all those electronics? Maybe not, you’ve gotta think about the different parts and pieces of home and how they support your day. So yeah you’re like oh Tobi
you’re all this decorator talk but friends this has nothing
to do with decorations, this has to do with productivity. This has to do with profits. If you can’t sleep, you’re not
going to be focused at work and lets talk about some other spaces in the house, beside our sleep zones. What about the kitchen zone and other places that support
our health and wellness and what we eat and how we feel everyday? It is so connected to
the way we live at home and the way we produce at work. So this is not just a good decorator wanting your house to look great. I want you to feel great
because of your environment. So the next time you’re
feeling a little cloudy, you’re maybe not super focused, you’re just kinda not on your A game, look back to your environment. See if there’s some stuff you need to do. Do you need to work on your sleep space? Do you need to curb the clutter? What else can you do to really make you thrive at home and at work because you clued into those key spaces where you spend a whole lot of your time. It is so important that I
dedicated an entire month in my design new coaching program, to how to thrive at home and work and we go through every
part and piece of this to figure out how you
can surround yourself with the things you need to be your best. So if you wanna know about that or my design new coaching
program check out the links below and thanks for watching this video. I’ll see you again really soon. (upbeat music)

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