How we can end sexual harassment at work | Gretchen Carlson

“All I wanted was
a much-deserved promotion, and he told me to ‘Get up on the desk and spread ’em.'” “All the men in my office
wrote down on a piece of paper the sexual favors
that I could do for them. All I had asked for
was an office with a window.” “I asked for his advice about how
I could get a bill out of committee; he asked me if I brought my kneepads.” Those are just a few
of the horrific stories that I heard from women
over the last year, as I’ve been investigating
workplace sexual harassment. And what I found out is that it’s an epidemic across the world. It’s a horrifying reality
for millions of women, when all they want to do every day is go to work. Sexual harassment doesn’t discriminate. You can wear a skirt, hospital scrubs, army fatigues. You can be young or old, married or single, black or white. You can be a Republican,
a Democrat or an Independent. I heard from so many women: police officers, members of our military, financial assistants, actors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, teachers … journalists. Sexual harassment, it turns out, is not about sex. It’s about power, and about what somebody does to you to try and take away your power. And I’m here today to encourage you to know
that you can take that power back. (Applause) On July 6, 2016, I jumped off a cliff all by myself. It was the scariest moment of my life; an excruciating choice to make. I fell into an abyss all alone, not knowing what would be below. But then, something miraculous
started to happen. Thousands of women
started reaching out to me to share their own stories
of pain and agony and shame. They told me that I became their voice — they were voiceless. And suddenly, I realized
that even in the 21st century, every woman still has a story. Like Joyce, a flight attendant supervisor whose boss, in meetings every day, would tell her about the porn
that he’d watched the night before while drawing penises on his notepad. She went to complain. She was called “crazy” and fired. Like Joanne, Wall Street banker. Her male colleagues would call her
that vile c-word every day. She complained — labeled a troublemaker, never to do another
Wall Street deal again. Like Elizabeth, an army officer. Her male subordinates would wave
one-dollar bills in her face, and say, “Dance for me!” And when she went to complain to a major, he said, “What? Only one dollar? You’re worth at least five or ten!” After reading, replying to all and crying over all of these emails, I realized I had so much work to do. Here are the startling facts: one in three women — that we know of — have been sexually harassed
in the workplace. Seventy-one percent of those incidences
never get reported. Why? Because when women come forward, they’re still called liars
and troublemakers and demeaned and trashed and demoted and blacklisted and fired. Reporting sexual harassment can be,
in many cases, career-ending. Of all the women that reached out to me, almost none are still today working
in their chosen profession, and that is outrageous. I, too, was silent in the beginning. It happened to me at the end
of my year as Miss America, when I was meeting with
a very high-ranking TV executive in New York City. I thought he was helping me
throughout the day, making a lot of phone calls. We went to dinner, and in the back seat of a car,
he suddenly lunged on top of me and stuck his tongue down my throat. I didn’t realize that to “get
into the business” — silly me — he also intended to get into my pants. And just a week later, when I was in Los Angeles
meeting with a high-ranking publicist, it happened again. Again, in a car. And he took my neck in his hand, and he shoved my head
so hard into his crotch, I couldn’t breathe. These are the events that suck the life
out of all of your self-confidence. These are the events that, until recently, I didn’t even call assault. And this is why we have
so much work to do. After my year as Miss America, I continued to meet
a lot of well-known people, including Donald Trump. When this picture was taken in 1988, nobody could have ever predicted
where we’d be today. (Laughter) Me, fighting to end sexual
harassment in the workplace; he, president of the United States in spite of it. And shortly thereafter, I got
my first gig in television news in Richmond, Virginia. Check out that confident smile
with the bright pink jacket. Not so much the hair. (Laughter) I was working so hard to prove
that blondes have a lot of brains. But ironically, one of the first
stories I covered was the Anita Hill hearings
in Washington, DC. And shortly thereafter, I, too, was sexually harassed
in the workplace. I was covering a story in rural Virginia, and when we got back into the car, my cameraman started saying to me, wondering how much I had enjoyed
when he touched my breasts when he put the microphone on me. And it went downhill from there. I was bracing myself
against the passenger door — this was before cellphones. I was petrified. I actually envisioned myself
rolling outside of that door as the car was going 50 miles per hour
like I’d seen in the movies, and wondering how much it would hurt. When the story about
Harvey Weinstein came to light — one the most well-known
movie moguls in all of Hollywood — the allegations were horrific. But so many women came forward, and it made me realize
what I had done meant something. (Applause) He had such a lame excuse. He said he was a product
of the ’60s and ’70s, and that that was the culture then. Yeah, that was the culture then, and unfortunately, it still is. Why? Because of all the myths that are still associated
with sexual harassment. “Women should just take another job
and find another career.” Yeah, right. Tell that to the single mom
working two jobs, trying to make ends meet, who’s also being sexually harassed. “Women — they bring it on themselves.” By the clothes that we wear and the makeup that we put on. Yeah, I guess those hoodies
that Uber engineers wear in Silicon Valley are just so provocative. “Women make it up.” Yeah, because it’s so fun and rewarding to be demeaned and taken down. I would know. “Women bring these claims
because they want to be famous and rich.” Our own president said that. I bet Taylor Swift, one of the most well-known
and richest singers in the world, didn’t need more money or fame when she came forward
with her groping case for one dollar. And I’m so glad she did. Breaking news: the untold story about women
and sexual harassment in the workplace: women just want a safe, welcoming and harass-free environment. That’s it. (Applause) So how do we go about
getting our power back? I have three solutions. Number one: we need to turn bystanders
and enablers into allies. Ninety-eight percent of United States
corporations right now have sexual harassment training policies. Seventy percent have prevention programs. But still, overwhelmingly, bystanders and witnesses
don’t come forward. In 2016, the Harvard Business Review
called it the “bystander effect.” And yet — remember 9/11. Millions of times we’ve heard, “If you see something, say something.” Imagine how impactful that would be
if we carried that through to bystanders in the workplace
regarding sexual harassment — to recognize and interrupt
these incidences; to confront the perpetrators
to their face; to help and protect the victims. This is my shout-out to men: we need you in this fight. And to women, too — enablers to allies. Number two: change the laws. How many of you out there know whether or not you have
a forced arbitration clause in your employment contract? Not a lot of hands. And if you don’t know, you should, and here’s why. TIME Magazine calls it, right there on the screen, “The teeny tiny little print in contracts that keeps sexual
harassment claims unheard.” Here’s what it is. Forced arbitration takes away
your Seventh Amendment right to an open jury process. It’s secret. You don’t get the same
witnesses or depositions. In many cases, the company
picks the arbitrator for you. There are no appeals, and only 20 percent of the time
does the employee win. But again, it’s secret, so nobody ever knows what happened to you. This is why I’ve been
working so diligently on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to change the laws. And here’s what I tell the Senators: sexual harassment is apolitical. Before somebody harasses you, they don’t ask you if you’re
a Republican or Democrat first. They just do it. And this is why we should all care. Number three: be fierce. It starts when we stand tall, and we build that self-confidence. And we stand up and we speak up, and we tell the world what happened to us. I know it’s scary, but let’s do it for our kids. Let’s stop this for the next generations. I know that I did it for my children. They were paramount in my decision-making about whether or not I would come forward. My beautiful children, my 12-year-old son, Christian, my 14-year-old daughter, Kaia. And boy, did I underestimate them. The first day of school last year happened to be the day
my resolution was announced, and I was so anxious
about what they would face. My daughter came home
from school and she said, “Mommy, so many people asked me
what happened to you over the summer.” Then she looked at me in the eyes and she said, “And mommy, I was so proud to say that you were my mom.” And two weeks later, when she finally found the courage
to stand up to two kids who had been making her life miserable, she came home to me and she said, “Mommy, I found the courage to do it because I saw you do it.” (Applause) You see, giving the gift
of courage is contagious. And I hope that my journey
has inspired you, because right now, it’s the tipping point. We are watching history happen. More and more women
are coming forward and saying, “Enough is enough.” (Applause) Here’s my one last plea to companies. Let’s hire back all those women
whose careers were lost because of some random jerk. Because here’s what I know about women: we will not longer be underestimated,
intimidated or set back; we will not be silenced
by the ways of the establishment or the relics of the past. No. We will stand up and speak up and have our voices heard. We will be the women we were meant to be. And above all, we will always be fierce. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. I have been inappropriately touched at my work by a colleague. I told him not to do that again, and he didn't.I've had a couple of other situations like that with other people… when I decided I wanted to talk about it with a senior, I was told that SHE( I knew it would be good to talk to a woman) was certain they did not mean in that way. But I don't care what they mean with it or what their goal might be… I just had to get it off my chest. Some female colleagues told me their stories too. which made me feel like we can do something about it. t's not my problem, it's a problem that's all over,everywhere. But even when I told another of my superiors, I felt like he thought I was just whining…Not thinking about a solution that could help others as well. It feels absolutely disgusting…

  2. Damn. These guys that this woman work with got some balls cause i be scared as heck to talk to a woman like that at work.

  3. May I ask what happens when A woman co-worker sexually harass men, well It happen to me and when I reported to HR it wasn`t taken seriously ,So I went to called 911 and 20 minutes later I was fired the same day .. Any one comments

  4. Hi there! I have a movie script about theree young ladies that have to pass through such experiences.
    The script is in Romanian but their experience is universal.
    Would you help me to make it reality, please!

  5. With all due respect, sexual harassment is not only women's problem. Having said that, it's not about sexual desire it's about using power in a bad way. What about children, foreigners, ppl with different religion, depressed, introvert individuals, every socially misfit person? I'm pretty sure we all have scars inside, sh.tload of old suppresed bad feelings, everybody has them. I'm just a little bit sceptical that only talking about it by itself would help us. Be that as it may.

  6. she like 50 👵 unmarried been hit the wall only person sexually harassing her is TIME🕜🕠

  7. Where can I get the source of when Trump said "They want money and fame" I know that's not word for word, but just wondering what source that came from because I never heard about it.

  8. The prostitution trade in the United States is estimated to generate $14 billion a year. A 2012 report by Fondation Scelles indicated that there were an estimated 1 million prostitutes in the U.S.

  9. The only way to solve this problem is to separate men and women all together. The women, 45 -50 years ago, specifically wanted to work and be around the men. Which is the mistake, because men and women are naturally and sexually attracted to each other. And men tend to think impure.

  10. It won't be long before computers and robots replace women at work.
    So not more sexual harassment… You can stay home with your cats and tv.

  11. This from a woman who played the game and used it to her advantage for decades. Now that she's in her 50s, she has turned "feminist." People in positions of power exploit and harass others every single day, and not just sexually. Straight male bosses harass other men to do favors for them all the time. Straight female bosses harass their women employees for the same reason. Power corrupts, whether in entertainment, sports, business, or politics. I am betting this will all subside in a short time, and begin all over again. People will just be more discreet.

  12. Its completely factual that many men in power prey on the women who are employed under their businesses. I don't get why that's hard for people to understand.
    I also noticed that many of the hateful comments disagreeing with this video happen to be from men.
    I believe this problem of workplace sexual harassment will never end until we see more women working as bosses instead of just employees

  13. She doesn't have an understanding of the science behind human societies and biology. There definitely is an issue here, but she is the worst person to be trying to solve it.

  14. Gretchen Carlson is a liar, there is no epidemic. Workplace sexual harassment has declined over time: from 6.1% of GSS respondents in 2002 to 3.6% in 2014 ( and keeps going down ).

    Feminists are just power hungry man-haters.

  15. just a thought

    i know it's much like having paranoia but t's a thought

    when going in to discuss anything .. keep a recorder recording the conversation

  16. I don't know what the heck I just listened to. But she was way to emotional, and not real enough. Why can't more people stand up for themselves when things like this happen? What does Human Resources say about sexual harassment cases?

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  19. This has never been a problem for blue collar or semi skilled jobs. My 25 years of working anyone accused of harassment is fired right away.

  20. Someone commented call police case closed. Yah you said it. Many times I called police and the case was closed even before it had started. Most times police don't believe or just don't care.

  21. Tell that to the dad who won’t see his kid again but has to pay child support loses his house and has to be criticized by other women for being a so called bad father even tho data shows that most devorices are caused by females

  22. She really explains it well at 1:50 when she starts to talk about how sexual harassment is about power. Most people who have not experienced sexual harassment don't understand this. They may have never experienced the powerlessness one feels when confronted with a comment from someone who holds power over you. They say things like, "Why did they wait so long?" They don't get that sometimes making complaints makes life much worse when the person you're complaining about has power over you. You could lose your job, your credibility, your husband may not believe you, your friends may think you're making a big deal out of nothing, other women may feel like you're just too sensitive because all women deal with this. Sexual harassment victims feel like they can't win no matter what… so they stay silent… UNTIL NOW #PreventSexualHarassment #EncouragingEquityatWork #RespectinTheWorkplace

  23. The drama and acting and examples (obviously inappropriate and nasty) detract from the message. What are you going for "me too"? Let's call attention to it, open dialogue, shame, identify and see how quickly it's driven from the work place. Forgive me if I sound cold but this sounds like your attempting an exercise in Catharsis. I'm sorry for what has obviously been traumatizing experiences and do pray you find peace love and forgiveness.

  24. Sexual harrasment is basically sexual advances from men you dont like….if you like them, then it becomes flattering and romantic….so in a nutshell the crime someone does is not being attractive enough..or powerful enough or rich enough for your tastes….once again….almost everything a woman says is just feelings.

  25. Fellas i've got the perfect solution, how about we make it illegal….oh wait

  26. You need help from men. Well our boys need to become men and as meny boys grow up in single mother homes, i'd say that the responsibly is on your head. Choose wisely, and stand by your man. Although he maybe damaged, you cannot fix this man; but you can inspire him to want to fix himself. (Well that how i feel)

  27. I'm sick of equal in the work place. Equal in the work place is lie, I'm equal to no one I'm the youngest work by far and im in good shape. As it take me less effort too move a box then my co-workers, so my co-workers work harder than me to do the same job. So should I be paid less than them?

  28. كلامها سليم بس حلولها غير مجدية تماما من صنع النظام هم الرجال فكيف تبغى الرجل يساعدها وهو اساس المشكلة؟!

  29. Oh I see why people dislike this, bc she called out Donald trump

  30. At my workplace, a lot of young women workers secretly crush on the 'handsome' male coworkers. And then they get angry and start drama when the male coworkers reject them.

  31. I work for the USPS I have been sexually violated by a 204b"beginning supervisor". I still have to work with him. A female supervisor said it's a man's world deal with it get over it don't let it rent space in your head. I threatened suicide to night they called the police pretend that they care.

  32. YOU call that men and women!! Human 's Men will always want women and use anything to get them! GET real Gretchen!!!

  33. you are so right. I left my job because of sexual harassment from my manager. He had tried to planted cheap ideas into my head, but I always shut him by logical reasons, to the point he could not talk to me back. But the next day he would be starting this BS again with some more BS. I changed my shift to daytime so that I would not be working with him. Then he came on his day off to talk this BS with me. I changed my time completely to not having any contact with him. Still, he blamed me with stupid accusation and non-stop problems. So I left my job. That was how stupid and sick he was. He made me felt so disgusted by his present every time when I saw him coming to the work place on his day off. I was so sick of this person that I need to find tasks required travelling so that I would not have to put up with his sick mind. Despite all my efforts, I still left my job, because of I did not feel safe anymore. Look at our society now, the music videos, movies, and fashion sending wrong messages to young girls, boys and men as if women were a piece of meat or women like to be treated that way. Come on! Where is equality? Men are still controlling the society and exploiting women by sending wrong messages to youth. I mean, some famous people move her butt and opening her legs wide, and flashing nearly all of her boost on tv, what the differences between that and a prostitute!!!?

  34. Wow, could she sound more fake? It looks and sounds like she’s playing a role.

  35. Fake, fake, fake. Does a Ted talk about sexual harassment and strikes a discordant tone by showing a questionable amount of off-the-shoulder skin. Melodramatic, breathless delivery. Sounds like a high school play where the drama coach didn't have enough prep time with the kids. This is a real issue — too bad they couldn't have found a 'real' person to speak about it.

  36. There is this creepy customer at my new job who is unemployed and about twice my age. And he SMELLS SO BAD. He comes in everyday about closing time and literally every day I work asks me what my schedule is and where I am working next. And IN MY PERSONAL SPACE. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I told my bosses and they say he's harmless he just doesn't have friends but if I feel threatened to come find them. He has called me beautiful, and to be honest I where a t shirt, sweatpants and no Makeup. Yeah I've delt wth creepy customers in my days many times. But apparently i found out this guy has asked the other two older women who work there their schedules over and over until he stops. MAYBE if this guy is so lonely and has no friends idk maybe you could at least shower and not hit on young women. Idk just an idea throwing it out there. So whats the moral of the story here ladies, if you want to get hit on by creepy petafiles, then just be a cashier!

  37. Yea you can wear what ever but why come to work dresses seductive are you their to work are get attention all women arent that innocent just saying women need to do their part

  38. shes actually more likable in this tedtalk and after her parting with FOX, shes a good actor.

  39. 1. You can't ask for reports of sexual harassment and then treat every story you receive as gospel truth and start basing statistics around it. Even if they aren't giving only part of the story, exaggerating or just making the who thing up only the motivated will respond. "I'm fine and the guys I work with are OK" just isn't the sort of story people feel the need to report.
    2. "9-11 if you see something say something" are you serious ?! Flirty guys are now Al qeda.
    3. "Mommy I found the courage to do it because I saw you do it!" "We are watching History happen!" chewing the scenery
    Only if you give men some exact and clear rules about what is and is not harassment and then stick to the rules, then we might have some chance at solving this mess.

  40. 1: Don’t look at women .
    Looking is the male gaze , or stare rape .
    Keep your eyes at shoulder level or above at all times .
    Do not maintain eye contact … that’s
    “ eyeballing “ her .
    Which is intimidation .

    2: Don’t speak to them unless absolutely necessary .
    Speaking to a woman is verbal harassment .

    3: Don’t touch them for any reason
    Touching of any kind is physical assault … even to assist , defend ,
    or render medical aid .
    Don’t do it … ever .
    Keep to the “ arms length or farther “ separation rule at all times .

    4: Never be alone with a woman , especially in a work environment.
    Never meet a woman from work off property unless you have witnesses.
    5: Never openly confront or contradict a woman at work .
    Air any grievance you may have in writing to her supervisor.
    Do not mention that you have lodged a complaint .
    That is up to the supervisor .
    Never threaten , just do .
    Do not try to reason with , negotiate , or explain anything to a woman .

    That is “ mansplaining “ .

    6: Record all interactions with a woman , especially at work .
    Small cameras are cheap , audio recording devices are tiny and easily
    deployed .
    To include Emails, text and phone calls .
    Screenshot everything .
    Download everything to a thumb drive that only you have access to …
    not a company device .
    Give copies as evidence , always retain the originals .

    7: Expect other males to be secret allies or White Knights for the women
    They will pretend to be sympathetic to you in order to set you up for an
    ambush , or gain intelligence a woman can use against you ,
    They will do anything to get a pat on the head from a woman .
    To include searching your files , records , workspace , etc.
    Trying to engage you in conversations where you may say things that can
    be reported to higher authority .

    8: HR is a woman’s best friend .
    Expect them to lodge many complaints against you and every other male in
    the workplace .
    It is standard procedure .
    HR is not your friend .

    9: Do not stand directly facing a female , always face slightly away .
    Keep your hands down , and do not make any gesture with them .
    Pointing , waving , etc .
    She can say you were physically intimidating her .
    Never make a gesture toward a woman at any time .
    She will claim it as a sign of disrespect.

    10: Never show emotion , or raise your voice .
    Remain civil , and polite , soft-spoken … even if you are not
    addressing a woman directly .
    Be as robotic as possible when a woman and her allies are around .

    11: Do not be “ helpful “ .
    That is how they sucker you in .
    If a woman is struggling , let her .
    She doesn’t need your help .

    12: Enter and exit the workplace quickly and quietly .
    Transitional spaces are where ambushes happen .
    You may have let your guard down , and be inattentive after your shift
    or not have your guard up yet .
    You may say or do something off the cuff which will cost you .
    They intentionally target you during these times .
    Just because the shift has ended , it doesn’t mean the danger has .

    13: Hide or clean all your social media .
    A woman that is targeting you will do her research .
    Do not “ friend “ co-workers .
    Give only personal information that is absolutely necessary .
    Do not talk about hobbies , sports , or interests .
    It allows women to profile you .
    She will have everything in place before she attacks .

    Remain aloof , cautiously suspicious , and highly aware at all times .

    Your next word ,tone , expression , inflection , or gesture can get you
    fired or put in jail .

    Do not engage unless absolutely necessary .
    I say again … do not engage .

  41. Well, women can start dressing appropriately and stop pretending dress codes don't apply to them. That's an excellent place to start! I have seen some women come to work that looks like she was standing on the corner prior to coming into work. I am NOT making that up either.

  42. Inspirational. Having the confidence to face up to end sexual harassment is something we could all learn. Men and Women.

  43. 0:20 ALL the men in your office? Really?

    0:55 So i guess women don't also have attractions to men, then?

    3:51 Citation needed for your "facts." How would you know for sure the percentage if it's unreported? And did you get that "1 in 3" stat from Mary Koss?

    4:08 Yes, this does happen. However, there's also people who need evidence before blindly punishing someone who might be innocent. Unfortunately, the latter often gets conflated with the former, as though anyone should be entitled to being believed in the public eye.

    5:32 "These are the events that suck the life out of all of your self-confidence." And yet here you are, passionately telling your story and bragging about being Miss America to thousands upon thousands of people. The way you talk reeks of attention seeking and self-aggrandizement, like you're trying hard pretending to be sad while secretly gleeful.

    5:41 "These are the events that, until recently, i didn't even call assault." Maybe that's because you didn't consider it assault? Also, women don't need SJWs telling them what to think and feel. Women are not a helpless, fragile monolith no matter how hard you want them to be. Just as men are not a monolith, or Blacks, or Whites, or Hispanics, or lesbians and gays.

    5:50 "And this is why we have so much work to do." Classic words uttered with each kick of the can down a never-ending road while others are getting on with their lives.

    8:32 "Women make it up." Not always, but it happens. 8:42 "Women who complain just want money or fame." That also happens. Being a "victim" has become a heroic act in many's eyes. There are a lot of opportunists out there. That is why evidence is needed before punishing the accused.

    10:33 How long before you bash said men as "misogynist" for trying to help? Or tell them women don't need men and can do anything he can but better?

    12:58 i'm glad she found the courage to stand up to her bullies.

    Sexual harassment is not something only men do or something that only women have to deal with. You've said "Women" so many times in this talk, all to describe women as victims and gender an issue that shouldn't be gendered.

  44. More laws and policies are not going to be enough for such a major problem, it's a cultural thing, attack Hollywood and the music industry.

  45. First of all the sweater your wareing is low on right side. Less make up .less frost in hair..funny how woman spread for cash. When they get what they want or power.. It harrastment

  46. does anyone laugh at a stupid remark anymore?? does anyone just stare with a smirk at a quick witted jerk? how many women jumped on the casting couch??? how many women dress provocatively, charm men until something they say unwanted happen? Many beautiful women seek power in fame and fortune go along with anything to get there? is it all really sexual harrassment???? too many questions left

  47. Lets see some real evidence wear a hidden camera and put the mini audio recorder on in your bag or pocket, the technology is now cheap and so readily available why not remove all doubt about your claims for the benefit of us all, as it sounds unbelievable!

  48. What about women who harass guys? They always very sexual to men even if they are not interested in them.

  49. Why should I believe her ? Why is she talking about only women ? …..millions of women but no men.I think Gretchen is mentally ill…I do not believe her.

  50. This is a man-hater…go make a nation for women only.
    I talked to 50 men who said then were sexually attacked by Gretchen…yes Gretchen is a predator.

  51. It is galling that this is STILL so common in the workplace… especially for women working in male-dominated fields.

  52. How do they know how many ppl dont report if they didn't report

  53. The separation is the solution!!

    In Islam working together men and women is prohibited unless they dress respectful clothes.

    Look at Sexual harassment video by professor Jordan

  54. Every Co workers 👫 should protest against sexual harassment.. For men & women… After all we need a respectful society for our children… If majority of women's stay home for this.. A country's development will lag behind.

  55. Sexual harassment laws are bullshit. we men are being target by these stupid laws giving to much power to women.

  56. Absolutely unacceptable!I've been having difficulty in New Brunswick. I was impregnated when a minor. The RCMP refuse to charge the individual for the crime (Jean Guy Maillet)although I have the math and the child to prove it! blatantly denying my human rights. Their attitude is similar. I am also terminally ill due to medical negligence Dr William Taylor, & Dr.(former) Jonathan Taylor, and physical abuse from spouses/thieves Gilles Malenfant etc..
    I am a Worldclass artist now not gonna last much longer, have a daughter and 3 grandchildren been waiting for my revenue for a long time. I am being systematically murdered. I was even threatened with an axe a few days ago and they will do nothing!!!! since 1993 for me.
    I have a daughter and 3 grandchildren, who are also being placed in harm's way.🤬

  57. Yea, it happens, but look how she peek-a-boo dresses to talk about sexual harassment …

  58. I am a man and have been told of loads of females to keep my opinion to myself so I don't talk anymore to females .

  59. I'm a 52 year old guy. One of 2 order takers at a high end Boating store. My counterpart is a 27 year old gal who looks like a young Sophia Loren. Our "boss" is the son of the owner – about my age, bald and overweight. He is constantly hitting on "Sophia" and criticizing me. "Sophia" answers about 2 calls a day and I'm on at least 15. "Sophia" constantly getting gifts, time off, etc. Who is the harassed one here?

  60. This woman lives in fantasy world, nobody would sexually harass her. If she focused on work rather than these outrageous claims (unproven claims!), she would not think everyone sexually harasses her.

  61. Watching the loudest voice now….. Naomi watts plays her perfectly 👍👌…. what an amazing lady, she broke the mould, took her power back from the old boys club !! Good on her 👏👏

  62. 13:09 had me in instant tears. A beautiful speech with such an important message

  63. Thank You Gretchen and God Bless! You Are Glorious!
    Thank God for Gretchen.
    His eye is on the sparrow
    Love Yourselves Sisters 💞🤜🤛✊💪✌

  64. The ugliest beauty Queen in history……………..tell us again and again and again how your a beauty Queen?

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