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I know that was long.
That is because, today isn’t any other wednesday. Today is a very special wednesday.
You ask why? With today, it has exactly been 4 years
since the start of the channel. It is even more special that this day fell
on a Wednesday. I started wondering which were my most popular videos.
The most popular ones were all food related like Types of Eaters, Restaurants Vs Dhaba
and then Lunch Dabbas etc. So, since today is a special wednesday,
I decided to make a video on food. So, we are going to show you,
how we eat our food when we’re out with friends and how we eat the same food
when we’re in the comfort of our home. It turned out pretty funny and I’m petty sure
you’ll get entertained too. So, let’s start. Such nice weather. Tea with Osmania biscuit is amazing! I know what to do. So tasty!
This is the best breakfast! Guys, sanitizer. I’ll take a small one.
– Sure, eat whichever one you want. Isn’t it tasty?
– Yes, it is. Have this either of you.
I won’t be eating anymore. I don’t usually like crust as much,
but it is tasty too. Babe, pizza is here.
– I’ll come join, you dig in. – Alright. This one has more chicken pieces in it.
So, I’ll have this. I want more capsicum.
Sushant doesn’t like capsicum anyway. Sushant isn’t a big fan
of chicken on pizza either. I feel so full already, babe!
You can have the rest. Shall I leave you a piece or two?
– No, I’m full. This was supposed to be chicken pizza.
There is no chicken, no veggies and no cheese. What?
– I’m not in the mood to eat pizza. I’ll order something else. Cool.
– Hereon, I’ll order pizza home. Some pomegranate, dates,
some banana and milk. My breakfast is ready.
– What are you having? – Cornflakes. I was late so I didn’t have breakfast
at home. So, I’m having it here. Only milk and cornflakes?
– Yes, I’m having this daily. – Health conscious, huh? I can’t eat this without fruits.
I either need banana or apple or something else. So, it is cereal, milk and some fruit.
This is such a healthy breakfast. Sushant, I’m so hungry.
– Why? Didn’t you have dinner? – I did, around 7. I wanted to keep it healthy.
I asked you to get me popcorn, why didn’t you? I’m sorry. I was too tired.
– All restaurants are closed now to even order. I’m so hungry.
– Don’t we got anything at home? – I’m too tired to cook. Idea. What is that?
– Cornflakes. Thanks for the burger, bro.
And thank God it isn’t Maharaja Burger. It doesn’t even fit
in the mouth. This way, my hands won’t become greasy. Did you get this from the chinese stall
next street? Lovely! I’ll take a bite. Did they pack some sauce too? Sambar rice and curd rice is the best combo, bro.
We go made over biryanis, but Andhra food is the best. Is it tasty?
– It is. It is tasty. Curd rice is tasty too.
Want to try it? I will, after I’m done with Sambar rice. I hate to eat them both together. Sambar and curd together is amazing!
Don’t you think so? You think I exaggerated?
I believe it depends on our hunger levels. If we’re more hungry, we just dig in and get messy.
Sashi couldn’t control his laughter during the burger scene. Anyway, I hope you all are thoroughly entertained
with this episode. And before we finish I want to have a recap of the best bits
from our other food related videos. ‘So annoying.
I hope no one is watching.’ ‘My food has no safety in this country.’ You’ve had enough! Is this veg manchuria?
How oily! By veg, did the restaurant
mean only cabbage? Gau, aren’t we lucky.
We can eat both veg and non-veg dishes. Serve her a Bonda.
– Be here early from tomorrow. You’re always late. Who in the world
eats pani puri like that? So, tell me, what all do you cook well?
– I make good Pulao. Basically, I cook everything well. Your husband must be lucky.
– All right, that’s enough. Don’t you dare eat the chicken dish? Just one piece.
– Why? Aren’t you on a diet. You’ve to eat whatever you want.
Because YOLO! Food is life’s biggest gift. That is the last piece.
– The last piece?

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