Human Resources : The Employee Performance Appraisal Process

Hi, my name is Pat Goodwin with Pat Goodwin
Associates. The question today is, “What is an employee performance appraisal process?”.
Let’s talk about the appraisal process for an employee, and this is for their performance.
First of all, you want to make sure that new employees understand that they will be going
through a performance appraisal process. This is typically done within the first three months
of a date of employment, the sixth month, and then after they’ve been there for a while,
it could be yearly. But it could be during the year if there’s special concerns about
an employee’s performance. So, every employee should understand what is going to be provided
to them in the form of a policy and a procedure in that company, and when are performance
appraisal processes instituted. So, during the year, I would encourage the employee to
keep documentation of the work. Make sure that they are aware, and keenly aware, of
how they feel the work is done, and then the manager is going to be required to keep documentation,
or at least be aware of how the employee has been performing, so once the notifications
are out that we are now moving into the time of year that we do the employee performance
appraisal, then every company may do it differently. There are certain assessments and tools that
can be utilized, such as a 360, where the manager, there could be a colleague, there
could be a customer, there could be someone that’s a colleague inside the company, would
offer their opinion about that particular employee’s performance. And everyone would
be going through the performance appraisal process. Once those evaluations are back,
then there would need to be someone who is a psychologist or someone who is accredited
to read those appraisals, to put that together, and then be able to go over that with the
manager, or the manager would go over it with themselves, if they’ve gone through this process
before, they are typically very skilled at reading a performance appraisal, and then
they would set up a time with the employee to review their performance appraisal. They
would document the date, they would document comments, and they would have action items,
or goals set, for this employee to better perform in the months ahead. If there are
specific issues, and grave issues, that this employee needs to address, then they may be
put on a performance appraisal, where they will be given just a certain limited number
of days, or weeks, or months, to show drastic improvement or they would then have another
meeting with their manager and/or HR to make decisions about whether they stay with the
organization or not. But I think it’s a wonderful idea, and it’s certainly a great idea, to
have performance appraisals every year, for every employee, so they can then realize the
value that they bring to that company and be able to express the value that they bring,
and show appreciation for their position.

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