“I believed my only option was to deal with it (Anxiety) every day…”

Hi my name is Sinead, and I just completed
The Thrive Programme with Niall. I came across the programme when a friend had actually
recommended it, so I had watched a few testimonials and after watching I
thought “wow these could, you know, this could actually really benefit me…”
I’ve been suffering pretty severe anxiety, just constant worry and overthinking and
just avoiding situations all the time. I had myself convinced that this was just way
my life was meant to be, I believed the only option was to deal with it and cope
with it every day. I simply just wasn’t enjoying life, so I went for my free
consultation and after meeting Niall I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Every
session I had was eye-opening – he helped me and believe in myself again, he taught me
so many skills just to cope with anything life throws out me. Within a few weeks
I had noticed massive changes and myself and even others around me noticed too – I
was just so much more calm…just relaxed and just enjoying life again. After completing the course I can say I’ve just overcome so so much I
couldn’t be better I am just forever grateful for all Niall’s help… I couldn’t recommend this enough to
anyone suffering any mental health issues it is just life changing

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