59 thoughts on “If you buy a MAGA hat, where does your money go? | Campaign Money

  1. Who cares where it goes
    I'm flipping collecting them as we speak! WOOOOOO…TRUMP 2020!

  2. That was super unbias and unexpected….

    I like,
    Iโ€™m super exciite

  3. Nobody gives a flip where it goes…hoping tho that it does end up in his campaign ….but really it don't matter that much bc he's gonna win anyway. Id be willing to guarantee there's an outside reason she wants you to tweet her….thats ok I'll just go buy another hat๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™‹

  4. Trump is a Corrupted illegally president, stop lying gets money from Putin, with the Russian Mafia and steals money from the tax payers and our Government , from our Soldier's

  5. When the bobblehead is more handsome than the actual person ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Buy a DDT hat instead, let's promote an outdated insecticide;
    but wait, doesn't it mean "Defeat Donald Trump"?

  7. That does not answer the question. A real investigation would be from end to end sale cycle of the hats. Where are they procuded? How muxh they cost? Who is the intermediate between the manufacturer and the campaign association? How muxh money they charge to the campaign association, hiw much money is left ti the campaign, how is it spent???

  8. Here in Philly, people were getting sucker punched for wearing those modern day Klan Hoods!

  9. Trump rejected test kits from WHO because he wanted a company he has financial interest in to supply the kits. Always the Grifter.

  10. Thank you so much for the look into this. I hadn't given it much thought beyond casual curiosity. Thank you for being available for questions and looking deeper into things for us.

  11. Democrats are in total kaos wanting to become Venezuela
    Goodluck go live in Venezuela for the next 4 years then tell us how good it is

  12. This video just basically said watch out for knock off Trump merch. Way to give him more free advertising…

  13. No offense, but this did not say a word about where the money goes when you buy trump crap.

  14. Video Title: Where does the money out of the wallets of the worldโ€™s dumbest people go?

  15. The red trucker MAGA is the new white hood. Well played Trump supporters. Who supports a bigot and racist? Oh yeah. Bigots and racists.

  16. I found a Trump T-shirt in a junk car and used it to start a fire in my wood burning shop stove.

  17. But you did not answer the question…where does the money go? How much for the product? From where going to where. Sloppy story. Clickbait.

  18. I'm pretty sure anyone buying a MAGA or KAG hat or other merchandise don't care if the proceeds go to the reelection campaign of the greatest President ever!

  19. I would NEVER waste money on Trump brand garbage. Trump submitted his application to trademark the phrase โ€œMake America Great Againโ€ back in November of 2012. He has profited from the decision politically and financially ever since.

  20. If you hate Trump use his tactic of enriching himself off the ignorance of his base. Sell overpriced MAGA merch and donate to your candidate or a charity. Also GET OUT AND VOTE.

  21. Thanks now I know what MAGA is and means. I am certainly not a groupie or a fan of our miserable projecting daily, bankrupt many many times, or his endless constantly being sued both private and constitutional, the fake tvland prez.

  22. President Trump is Taking the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN to Court
    – Corona Virus is Deep State Fear Mongering Psy Op

  23. what are your thoughts on them having people from the 1800 who are dead and long have been voted to register this year in the 2020 elections?

  24. If you wear a MAGA hat, people will verbally (possibly physically) attack you.

    With that said, I encourage everybody to think for themselves! I donโ€™t care if you agree with me. Just get up, get out, and vote!

  25. Didn't answer a damn thing!. How much goes to the campaign? How much goes to the middlemen? How much goes to the (Chinese?) manufacturers?… and how much goes into Trump*'s pocket?

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