Implementing Employee Resource Groups

>>We have six networks as part of our diversity initiative supporting various, you know, groups within KPMG, for example, our Woman’s Network, our African-American Network on the Disabilities Network really focuses on our people who either have a disability or are a caretaker of someone with special needs, and our objective is one to support those people but also to foster and create an environment within KPMG where people with a disability or a care feel included, feel they can be who they are and feel supported.>>So we get together on at least a quarterly basis and talk about issues facing our various affinity groups. And we really can learn a lot from them. So, for example, our pride at KPMG group for GLBT, they have a lot of issues with self disclosure so people wanting to be and, you know, successful at KPMG but wanting to hide the fact of their sexual orientation. It was amazing to me how many connections the Disabilities Network has to them because we do have issues with people not wanting to disclose because they thought their disability may inhibit them from progression the firm. We started a success at KPMG, a series where we’ve — various people, including myself, as the first person, have come forward with their story and it’s been on our KPMG today portal to talk about their disability and how they make it work in the workplace. And so we’re hoping that that will build momentum such that other people will feel comfortable talking about their various disabilities so that they can be empowered and to embrace those needs that they may have.

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